Friday, November 4, 2011

Four American Idol Finalists Ready To Rocks The World!

Before this article, I was talked about Scotty McCreery album and also about the album who can sit in number one of Billboard Top 200. In this post, I will talk about another finalist in American Idol who recently released their new single and their new album. I have three finalist of American idol that I will discuss in this post, definitely not Scotty McCreery because I already have a special post for Scotty McCreery album and his achievement in Billboard Chart.

The three finalists that I will talk are from Season 1, Season 7 and Season 10.

From Season 1 is Mrs. Kelly Clarkson. Superstar from American Idol just released her new single called “Mr. Know It All”. That single taken from the latest album of her and it called “Stronger”. Clarkson really ready to rocks the world music industry and also hit the chart with her new album and single. Here it is her new single from her very catchy and so easy to remember and also still pop and contemporary….. enjoy…

Kelly Clarkson -  Stronger
1. Mr. Know It All
2. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
3. Dark Side
4. Honestly
5. You Love Me
6. Einstein
7. Standing in Front of You
8. I Forgive You
9. Hello
10. The War is Over
11. Let Me Down
12. You Can't Win
13. Breaking Your Own Heart
14. Don't You Wanna Stay
15. Alone
16. Don't Be A Girl About It
17. The Sun Will Ries

Let’s move on to the American Idol Winner in Season 7 and that is David Cook. David Cook also just released his new album called “….” And with his first single from the album “The Last Goodbye”. Cook still stay at his main genre and it is rock song. Enjoy the cool rock song from Cook…… not so catchy song, but it is still good to be heard and the video also fun to watched and a little bit funny in the end…. Enjoy…

David Cook - This Loud Morning
1. Circadian
2. Right Here, With You
3. We Believe
4. Fade Into Me
5. Hard To Believe
6. Take Me As I Am
7. Time Marches On
8. The Last Goodbye
9. Paper Heart
10. 4 Letter Word
11. Goodbye To The Girl
12. Rapid Eye Movement

The last contestant that I will talk is from Season 10, the same season with Scotty McCreery. It was surprise that she just arrived in 9th place in that season, and she is Pia Toscano. Toscano has a what it takes to be a winner of American Idol. She never perform bad in American Idol Season 10, but the viewer vote very low to her and make Pia eliminated in 9th place. Pia recently released her new single called “This Time”. I still check about her album, is she already release her album or not?, but unfortunately Pia’s song “This Time” not really happening in USA because I can’t find the song in billboard chart and I knew this song from V Channel. If your song not happening in USA, just come to Asia, maybe you have a better result in here Pia…. Who knows? Hehe….. In my opinion, “This Time” is a nice song, nice to be heard and still good to in to the playlist for your ipod or mp3 list in several weeks. Enjoy the song and the video…. And Pia looks so hot in this video, love her in the video… just check it out

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