Friday, February 21, 2014

American Idol Season XIII: Review Top 10 Guys Performance

Caleb Johnson – Stay With Me (By Faces)
Another great opening performance, after Majesty open the girls group with great and now Caleb open the guys group with great too. He picked a right song choice for him so he can show his personality and also show range of his voice. Strong performance right in the beginning of the show.

C.J. Harris – Shelter (By Ray LaMontagne)
Nice performance by C.J…… The song choice is not a big song, but C.J deliver the song with nice, I don’t know this performance is strong enough till the end because I want to see wow factor, yes there is  wow moment but no so much and intense. This performance is sweet and nice, it safe performance for him..

Emmanuel Zidor – Best of My Love (By Emotions)
I really believe that he can perform really great in the live show and I have high expectation with him, but he just did okay. I hope he pick a better song choice. So it was a disappointment for me because I already put high expectation to him but he just did okay. I hope he through to another round because his voice is insane!!.....

American Idol Season XIII: Review Top 10 Girls Performance

American Idol Season XIII: Review Top 10 Girls Performance

Majesty Rose - Happy (By Pharell Williams)
She really brings the house down right from the beginning of the show. The right song choice for her, she really enjoy in the stage, not really over the top performance, I love Majesty performance.

Kristen O’Connor - Turning Table (By Adele)
A little bit nervous in the beginning, but goes to the end, she in the zone and she nail it. When she stop sang, I don’t want to see her stop singing because she really great and I want more. Love this performance, really solid and I got goose bumps all over my body. Great performance!!!...

Briana Oakley - Warrior (By Demi Lovato)
When she start to sing, in my mind “Oh My GOD, the coach really right, the eyes so blank like fear of something and stiffness also in her” but after she felt the song she really in the zone and another goose bumps is coming in all over my body. Still love this performance, great job Briana….