Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 7 Performance : 21st Century

American Idol Season 10

Top 7

21st Century

Scotty McCreery – Swingin’
Scotty, you are really charming when your sing. Unfortunately, you only used your charm in this performance. That was nothing special with that performance. I just like sit in the cafĂ© see a cute and charming boy singin’ for me, but I didn’t notice to his performance, what a song that his sang and when I got home I just wondering what song that he sang and I struggled to remember because it was forgettable. That was I think about Scotty performance, nothing special and forgettable.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 8 Performance Review - Movie Soundtrack Week

American Idol Season 10

Top 8 Round

Movie Soundtrack Week

Paul McDonald - Old Time Rock & Roll
(Didn’t watch)

Lauren Alaina – The Climb
This is such a great song and this song is one of my favorite songs. Based on the voice, if we compare to Miley Cyrus , Lauren won. However based on the connectivity with the song and deliver the message to the audiences, Lauren lose and failed, Miley is better in this area. Lauren just gave her all emotion in the end of the song and that was the best part of her performance. In the beginning, she too much act in the stage, so make her performance very obvious or ordinary from beginning till the middle. This song doesn’t need too much act in the stage. This song just need you to focus to the song, connect to the song, felt every word, deliver the message and just give it all your emotion burst out from your heart and if you sing this song with great and awesome, that performance will be great!!. For me Lauren performance just alright for this week.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Result Show Top 9 : Very Shocking Result, Pia Eliminated!!

American Idol Season 10

Result Show Top 9

Very Shocking Result, Pia Eliminated

Result Show top 9 in season 10 is very shocking result show so far in entire show. Why?? because the first seed of the most favored to become the winner eliminated. Pia Toscano eliminated?? I still can't believe it.

As always the result show opened by welcoming the judges, the host and all the contestant remaining in season 10. After that Top 9 hit the stage with medley song. They sang songs like "I Love Rock n Roll", "Sweet Home Alabama" and maybe there's a song that I miss. I like the performance of top 9, the medley is awesome.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Top 9 (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)

American Idol Season 10

Top 9 Performance

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Jacob Lusk – Man In the Mirror
Jacob you make me move!!! That was cool performance from Jacob Lusk. I like that performance and Jacob did marvelous job. Everything is in the right pocket. What should I say more?? Nothing… because there’s nothing wrong in Jacob performance. Great Job!!!...

Haley Reinhart – Piece My Heart
From now, everybody in top 9 must be careful with Haley because this girl definitely can take the title. Last week she did amazing job and this week she did amazing job again!!. This woman is headed to win this competition. I’m on your back Haley. Be Consistent, Haley… bring the best performance every week, if she do that, Haley will take one spot in top five. Great great performance again from Haley…

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pink - Perfect

Song Inspirational

Pink - Perfect

It's been a long time I'm not give music recommendatio to all of you. Since 2010 is over, I struggled to update this blog. Bad connection make hard to online and update blog. I hope I can be a consistent person hehehe...

Back to the business, at this time I will talk about a new song who really give inspiration in my life. Pink with Perfect definitely give some inspiration in my life. The real title of this song is F***in' Perfect, yeah not good to see word of F***in in the title of the song, but the meaning of this song is deep and good. The video also tell the story so much. This song is one of my top favorites in 2011.