Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol : R&B Week With Usher

Aaron, Andrew, Casey, Crystal, Didi, Katie, Lee, Michael,Siobhan & Tim will go to the tour around America. This week, they facing R&B week with star of R&B, Usher.

So far 2 girls out from the competition. Will be one girl again out this week?? or one guy will out?? or nobody will going home?? Just see the result show tomorrow night. Now let's enjoy tonight performance, okey?? ^^

Tonight the show a little bit different because they show the backstage. I love the backstage show, when the contestant interviewed based what they did in that stage and how they feel about the criticism. That interesting part...

And this is the recap.....

Siobhan Magnus - Through To The Fire
Randy : I don't know this is still the shining moment. Not your best performance.
Ellen : I thought it not your best performance.
Kara : Not strong enough. End of the day still a great singer.
Simon : Your out of breath it's all over the place. Your weakest performance so far.
ArD (Me) : For me, your performance tonight a little bit weird. Sometime the sound is not good. You're doing again the shout moment, sounds good but not really really work for me tonight, Siobhan... I'm Sorry, I didn't like your performance.

Casey James
Randy : This is was another hot night for you. Perfect selection choice for you.
Ellen : Consistent. A little bit generic. Nothing wrong with that performance.
Kara : You got more..
Simon : This week in my opinion, the strongest week you have so far. Really really impress with you this week Casey.
ArD (Me) : When you perform with guitar again... In my thought, Oh! no.. why?? this will same like previous performance. But I'm wrong. That performance is my favorite so far from you, not the best because based on the vocal Heaven is much better. But what I like from your performance is your act in that stage is much better, I lot critics bout that and now you can fix it, one thing you must fix it again is you facial expression. Very enjoyable. It's so comfortable to see your performance. Great Job Casey!!

Michael Lynche - Ready For Love
Randy : very sensitive song, you in the zone, I love every performance dude.
Ellen : That was beautiful, I like it.
Kara : You did an incredible job. It was taste full.
Simon : For the first time I can take you seriously as an artist. I believe that performance is terrific.
ArD (Me) : This is your zone and you in the zone. So if you not have a good performance in this week, I will be very shock, stun and confuse. It's a little bit dark and to sad sensitive song, but that's okay. Everything in that performance is great. You got the moment, you can show off your voice... vocal. Great Job for you Michael.

Didi Benami - What's Become Of The Broken Hearted
Randy : I love the song. The whole song is flat line for me. Wasn't great. I didn't get it.
Ellen : It was dramatic. The way dramatic not your best performance.
Kara : You've change. You lost your way. I don't know who you are anymore. Leave me puzzled.
Simon : So old fashion. So out of melody. You lost your way.
ArD (Me) :You pick a great song, Didi. Better song choice than you did last week. I think the part before the end, you can do much more in that, because I expect more from you. It's kind a flat?? yes, I must agree with Randy. The end of the part is great and I think that's your moment. Overall not so bad performance, I can feel what you want to deliver with that song. But your homework is how to creating a lot moment in your performance. You can sing, you can connect with the song, but you must improve your ability to creating a moment, okay?? Keep on Fire Didi!!!

Tim Urban - Sweet Love
Randy : At least you sang in tune. Not vibes. It's nothing. It's feel flat for me again.
Ellen : You're adorable (I don't know what she said, pointless what she said for Tim hehe)
Kara : Uncommercial. Why you keep doing this??
Simon : You not gonna win. The audience will vote for you. Nobody care. You will be here next week. Well Done..
ArD (Me) : This is more flat than Didi did. But overall it's okay performance and like karaoke singer or wedding singer or restaurant singer and something like that. I don't know this performance can brought you to another week, but another aspect from you I thing can make you save for another week.

Andrew Garcia - Forever
Randy : Andrew is back. The outfit is great. This is your best performance for me in a long time.
Ellen : Really amazing strong performance. I love when you smile.
Kara : Nothing make me happy than one giant league in the right direction. He's back in the game.
Simon : Miles miles better than couple last week. You must showing much personality. I don't know anything bout you as a person.
ArD (Me) : That was the best performance by you and everything is in the right part. Before the end of the part, I think you can do better than that. You shoot the high note and make more moment in there. But it's okay, that already happen. This is what I love about you. Doing an acoustic, singing well, enjoy and how you feel it that song. You're back Andrew. You show us what you want to be as an artist. I believe you know who you are as an artist... Just keep going in what you want and what you believe Andrew!!

Katie Stevens - Chain a Fool
Randy : The best vocal of the night. You have vibes. Nice vocal. She's got the potential to be a Christina.
Ellen : The vocal is great again. I hope song a little more current. You sang it very well. You so mature.
Kara : You best vocal performances. Back to the young and commercial. Good job in the vocal. The vocal is getting better.
Simon : It very robotic. My problem is I don't believe Kara advise is right and this zone not the right zone for you. Take the advise from me.
ArD (Me) : Yep still hot performance from you Katie. Look more mature but it's okay because you perform your vocal in a dammed great. I believe Simon wrong, this is your zone Pop-R&B will make you much better as an artist.

Lee Dewyze - Treat Like A Lady
Randy : Unbelievable. That was a bomb.
Ellen : Best best performance of the night. Unbelievable.
Kara : Amazing.. Amazing
Simon : This is your problem, you did not believe in yourself. This is the night may change your life forever.
ArD (Me) : That was the best performance by you so far in this competition for me. Your progress tonight is very very huge. A great performance and copy word from Randy and Ellen Unbelievable and the best performance of the night.

Crystal Bowersox - Midnight Train To Georgia
Randy : I love the outfit. I love you sing with piano. Another great performance by you.
Ellen : You always great.
Kara : I'm so glad you took that risk. I just still can't wait what you gonna do next week.
Simon : Just do what a comfortable for you.
ArD (Me) : I'm very surprise when you up from that piano. Outside from the guitar, you still have a great star presence. Your voice sound very very good and beautiful. Agree with Usher perfect song choice for you.

Aaron Kelly - Ain't No Sunshine
Randy : Start a little rough. Just alright.
Ellen : I though a good song choice. Good job.
Kara : I still like it.
Simon : Like a cup cake. It wasn't good like last week. Zero chance for you to leave this show, it just okay.
ArD (Me) : For me, you drop the ball tonight, Aaron. It's not a great performance from you. A little bit disappointed because I think this kind of music is your zone but you not show great. I think my criticism influenced by you the last performance tonight and many contestant before you doing great than you did tonight. Second influenced is I ever heard better arrangement and contestant singing this song great. Very mediocre Aaron, but you still my favorite.

Tonight is a great show, many contestant doing a great job. Just few contestants have a bad performance and maybe will be in a danger situation tomorrow night.

After seeing 10 contestants singing tonight, for me the superstar tonight between Andrew Garcia or Lee Dewyze. Finally the guy take the throne from the girl.

So The superstar tonight is.......................


My Rank for tonight performance :
The strong performance tonight are......
1. Lee Dewyze
2. Andrew Garcia
3. Katie Stevens
4. Crystal Bowersox
5. Casey James
6. Michael Lynche

The mediocre....
7. Aaron Kelly

Almost good but it wasn't...
8. Didi Benami
9. Tim Urban

The bad performance of the night and very surprising it goes to....
10. Siobhan Magnus

Bottom three for tomorrow, I believe will be Didi Benami, Tim Urban and Siobhan Magnus. The person will leave... I really really want Tim Urban leave the show. But for Siobhan and Didi be careful because you have a great chance to going home too. If Siobhan out, the judges maybe will save her. But if Didi out... I don't think the judges will save her.

Based on last week result show. Katie Stevens who has a great performance last week, can join in the bottom three group. So there still a chance to another contestants who have a great and good performance join in the bottom three. But based on performance Didi, Tim and Siobhan should be in bottom three. Another person who have a big chance to join in the bottom three is Aaron Kelly.

Don't forget to watch the result show in Star World for Asian People at 5PM or 7PM (for Indonesian and Thailand People)........

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Rude Boy" Make Rihanna Conquer The Billboard Hot 100 by 2 Consecutive Weeks

Until now, Rihanna release four single from her new album called "Rated R". "Wait Your Turn" become her first single to conquer the world, "Russian Roulette" become the second choice, "Hard" Rihanna third pick, and the last but very new is "Rude Boy". Three previous single not bring her to the top like "Umbrella" did. Finally the last single from her can repeat the success she had previously.

When she released her album "Rated R" in last year 2009. "Rated R" debut in number #4 with 181.000 copies in first week, Rihanna highest selling debut in USA. That was the highest position "Rated R" did till now. Now "Rated R" standing in number #20, up 2 level from last week. Hopefully 'Rude Boy' can increase the sales of 'Rated R' and make position 'Rated R' in Billboard 200 much better.

"Hard" peak position just reach position #8 in Billboard Hot 100. Now "Hard" still alive in Billboard Hot 100 standing in #69. "Russian Roulette" and "Wait Your Turn" I recall did not reach the top spot too. So far "Rude Boy" performance is the best. At least, Rihanna can make one single from "Rated R" arrive in number one spot in the toughest chart in the world. That make Rihanna new album "Rated R" quite well in world music industry. Although not well like achievement that her get from "Good Girl Gone Bad" Album.

Rihanna performance in chart MTV Southeast Asia, MTV Chart Attack. not quite well too. Although Russian Roulette can alive in the chart for a long time approximately more than 10 weeks, but till now all single from "Rated R" still not arrive in the top of the chart. Rihanna hope only in "Rude Boy" to create one single from his new album "Rated R" arrived at the top.

So far, performance Rihanna with "Rated R" and all single from that album not quite great like previous album "Good Girl Gone Bad". "Good Girl Gone Bad" makes her one of the superstar artist in the world. At least with "Rude Boy" Rihanna can breath relief, because that new single make her a "star" again.

By the way.... Congratulation to Rihanna for her achievement. Get a number one in Billboard Hot 100 by 2 weeks consecutive with her new single "Rude Boy".

Watch this : Video Rihanna - Rude Boy

Official Website Rihanna

want to buy her album :

Want buy her new single "Rude Boy"

Buy Rihanna Single "Hard"

Buy Rihanna Second Single "Russian Roulette"

Rihanna First Single "Wait Your Turn"

Refference :

Friday, March 26, 2010

Paige Miles Leaving The Show.....

TOP 11

It's Predictable...........


PAIGE MILES Must Leaving The Show

Second person must leaving the big stage is Paige Miles. The result is predictable that Paige or Tim will be out from the competition and both of them in bottom two, America very very right to put them in bottom two.

For me, Paige never show the very best performance when live show is began. The best performance by her for me when she sang for the last time in the competition, I mean when she voted off last result show. She singing a song from TOP 24, when she perform first time in live "All Right Now".

I don't know what happen with Paige this week. She really lost not just by choosing song, but how to sing well too. She look like first time singing ever in her life, very terrible. She lost too about to be herself, She try to be Mariah when sing the song, C'mon Mariah it's great singer you not arrive that now Paige. Feel poor to Paige...

The biggest issue for Paige, I think about confident and really know herself. When the judges said to her that she made it to top 24, Simon said to her, "I'm telling you that you are better than you know". So Simon already see before top 24, that Paige has issue about not have a big confidence and not really know who she is as person and also as an artist before.

Paige you're a great person, you have a great personality, and you have a great voice (Simon tell her that she one of the best voice in the competition too). Just confidence to yourself and let people know who are you as a person and also an artist. You have a great asset Paige, use that Paige.

I feel so sad for Paige because I really want to see Paige perform very very great and be the strongest on that night and to prove the people of America that Paige is a great as an artist, but Paige journey must end this week. One thing you should prove too Paige, When you sing a ballad you did a terrible job. When you sing "Smile" in TOP 8 girls and "Against All Odds" in TOP 11, all is bad, you must must learn how to sing ballad well. You always pitchy all over the place when you sang ballad. Don't forget to get a connection to song too, that's very important in Ballad.

Paige keep doing this, as I said before you have a big asset in music industry, your voice is so amazing. I will miss your voice Paige, your sexy voice will be so memorable. Luph u Paige and wish u all the best for you... I hope I can see you again later in music industry. ^^

History performance of Paige Miles....
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - All Right Now
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Walk Away
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - Smile
TOP 12 - Hunky Tong Women
TOP 11 - Against All Odds

Watch history performance of Paige Miles

See this too : Paige Miles Says Goodbye


Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Idol : Result Show Recap.....

After Lacey be victim last week. This week somebody will be having a same faith like Lacey.

The show begin with performance by top 11 sang "wake Me Up Before You Go Go".....

After that the result is read and the first person save and goes to the tour is Siobhan Magnus....

Tonight we got the ridiculous moment when the result were read for Lee and Casey. Lee and Casey just standing over there and Ryan goes to Paige and Tim. After the result for Paige and Tim read, Casey and Lee still standing over there, The show going to commercial break. So that was ridiculous moment and so clumsy you know... hahahahaha big show like American Idol can make a mistake too hahahaha funny moment!!

Yihaaaa bottom two is Tim and Paige because they are is the worst in TOP 11. I prefer Tim to out because no more chance for him, he's talent in singing is stuck and hard to grow up. I think he will never have a bright career in music industry, maybe you should try to be an actor or model, maybe like Zac Efron did.

Not longer after that, Miley Cyrus took the stage. Wow she doin' great on that stage. So much better than last year when she sang "The Climb", because too much pitchy when she sang it. The connection, the pitchy, stage presencce all is in the right track and all is good!! good job Miley!!

Aaron, Didi, Michael n Crystal are save. So just left Andrew and Katie to fill one spot in bottom three and it goes to Katie Stevens. Katie in bottom 3 tonight??? I can't accept that, She so good yesterday night. Huhff I'm glad she save and go to the tour because she very deserve to get that, yesterday performance should must bring her to top 10.

Before we know the result, Joe and Demi took that stage. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato singing a song called "Make a Wave", and both of them have a great chemistry in that stage. Demi... you have a great voice, What you doing in that stage so great n fabulous. Sound great, look great, Stage presence is wonderful, your body language (act) so awesome. Everything about your performance is wonderful!!. I'm a fans of You!! ;)

So we arrive to the result..... The person leavin us tonight is Paige Miles. We can't see anymore Paige Miles in the show. It not shock result, everything is predictable tonight except Katie go to the bottom three. So tragic to see Paige treated like that, she even not give a chance to sing for another time, Simon immediately tell the result to Paige, oww hard to see that. Honestly tonight wasn't a sad result and Paige close the show with a beat song from her performance in TOP 24 called "All Right Now" when Simon said "you have the best voice around this girls group" not "Against All Odds".

Before I end this post. I want to going backward for a while, because I've got something to you for remember. When Ryan talking to Crystal about criticism yesterday night, about Kara said try not to playing guitar and Simon said don't change anything still playing guitar. Ryan asking who advise would you take???, and you know what.... What she said??? she said "Me"... That pretty awesome question and very true answer about whole this competition. If whole the judges give the criticism and make you (contestant) confuse, and everything they said you feel wrong, don't follow that just do it based what you believe and doing the right thing, but don't be stubborn too, If u do what you believe again and again but it still bad and not bring a good performance, so that must be something wrong happen with you and take a lesson from the judges. All judges just want to help you.. I mean the contestants, but the person who really know the contestants is them self.

My advise for all the contestants is just be yourself and do what you believe right, but don't be stubborn if judges give advises, If you think right just take it and if you feel not right don't follow that advises. ^^ Good Luck for all contestants in TOP 10.

Good Luck for you too Paige... may God always Bless You in every way you take ^^

Don't miss my next post, talking about Paige Miles... See You...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol : TOP 11 Performance (Billboard Number #1)

Goes to top 11, the competition is getting hot!! because just 10 people can join the tour. If someone not bring a great thing tonight, We will said goodbye to him/her.

"people is getting selfish to get their spot", Ryan said.

You know what?? the mentor is...... Miley Cyrus!!!

I little bit surprise, because she's too young and sometime she sing pitchy. I hope she doing good and not mess up.... The result is... She did a pretty good job with the contestants

Lee Dewyze - The Letter
Randy : It's cool you choose a blouse song. Knocked out of the box. Good to start
Ellen : my favorite pens is back. That was fantastic
Kara : the progress is termendous (I don't know how to spell that word >.<), you're getting better!!
Simon : you sounded good. Not make you a contemporary artist and not good to recording.
ArD (Me)
: I'm happy see Lee not using the guitar and act stage performance is better although still rigid for me... sounded good and good to starting the show. Better than last week. I like it!!

Paige Miles - Against All Odds

Randy : honestly that was terrible, pitchy everywhere
Ellen : ...I will give a critics to Kara n Simon
Kara : you stop competing, you stop listening, it worst vocal from you n whole this season
Simon : progressively worse. You will be serious serious trouble tonight. You stop believing to yourself. The song is kill you.
ArD (Me) : Paige some moment I feelin good bcoz you can connect to the song, but many moment I'm not feelin good. Too much pitchy and for me you trying to be Mariah with sing like that, Mariah sing with smooth and you trying to sing smooth too and it didn't work. You very very Lost!!

Tim Urban - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Randy : Vocal was so boring, It's so bad karaoke
Ellen : you have huge fans, but it felt like audition in highschool. I didn't get it
Kara : You didn't change up the melody. You a lot of work to do.
Simon : I don't understand why you did that?? pointless n silly, zero chance to winning. Silly silly song choices.
ArD (Me) : It's good to see you doing some act in the stage, it's so refreshing to see the contestant doing like that. But the vocal not really outstanding and you didn't get the beat. It's a beat song but I don't want to move, It so flat vocal and the way you sing is too heavy. Didn't work out for me.

Aaron Kelly - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Randy : not a perfect performance, Thanks GOD because Two before you makes me what's goin on tonight, i like you, you really talented, I'm a fan
Ellen : Perfect song choice for you, such amazing voice, I see career your already, it's amazing
Kara : best song choice of the night. Week to week you know how to pick a song, show consistency, vocal not perfect and we know why. more stage performance from you.
Simon : very brave, my criticism for you... making you old fashion, zero chance to going home.
ArD (Me) : Are you sure Aaron wanna doing this song??? I really scary watch he performance. Start is good, reff a little bit down, after that you sold it man!!! For me the way you sing is a little bit save and a little bit struggle reach the high notes, but overall good man!! and I think you being a frontman in this competition Aaron!!! you so consistent!!!

Crystal Bowersox - Me & Bobby McGee
Randy : That was called a star!! I'm so happy that's what all about..
Ellen : Nothing wrong with that performance, a little more connection take it all in.
Kara : I wanna see you let go anything
Simon : I don't wanna change anyhting. The good version like Pink did. You just took a song, "nailed it" (am i right with this word??? >.< )
ArD (Me) : You really really an artist Crystal. I like the arrangement, the vocal, everything about that performance I like it. Just one thing I dislike, too much da da da words, why the improvement choose that Crystal?? okay don't answer that, it really doesn't important. You're Great!!!

Michael Lynch - When a Man Loves a Woman

Randy : you really know who you are, R&B soul dude.
Ellen : great great voice and this woman love that man.
Kara : I love you, technically good, boring.
Simon : Over too much. You ton of charisma and people like you.
ArD (Me) : I disagree with some judges. This is a kind music you must record Mike!! when you doing "a woman's work" it's so great and you doing kind that music again and that's great Michael!!! I really like when you sing a song about woman, you great to interpret that kind a song. You really adore woman mike!! and I'm impress about that.

Andrew Garcia - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Randy : for me it wasn't good. Pick a wrong song choice, It's not really who you are.
Ellen : Not good song choice.
Kara : I feel bad for you. You don't know what to do up there, you confuse. You must go back to that moment when you did "straight up"
Simon : The problem is the arrangement. The problem you don't know who you are as an artist.
ArD (Me) : Your stage performance so rigid you know. Picking a song like that.. Motown.. I think that a wrong choice. Overall it just okay with no special moment. It's kinda boring to wait you finish sang it, very forgettable. It's just okay Andrew and I feel so sad with you. I really really want to upgrading you Andrew... C'mon Andrew you can do this!! I believe in you!! You very talented and the talent never fade just try the way to shine your talent okay??? C'mon catch the other contestants and kick they butt next week, okay??

Katie Stevens - Big Girls Don't Cry
Randy : A little pitchy, At least you listening
Ellen : I thought it was best performance so far, you sounding great, you like dakota fanning of American Idol
Kara : This is a different Katie, This is where you belong, you still get a pitchy issue
Simon : It was a good performance
ArD (Me) : You picking a right song choice. Very young, sounded great. That's my favorite performance tonight!!! Great Job Katie!!! The best performance by you so far!!! I'm so happy to see you doing that!! You looks like a superstar... very comfortable, so enjoyable, your persona is so shine.. yeayy!! great!!!

Casey James - The Power Of Love
Randy : Bad song choice but sounds good.
Ellen : The best vocal of the night
Kara : you're in the zone now.
Simon : Old fashion, there's no effort no originality.
ArD (Me): Starting good but goes to the end is boring. Again your stage act performance is so boring. I must agree with Simon, Arrangement not make me crazy, no effort. You have so much persona, but you lose your persona goes to the end. Didn't work for me.

Didi Benami - You're No Good
Randy : I love the idea, very pitchy all over place.
Ellen : I just didn't get that song choice.
Kara : It feels not you, like playing some character. Very dramatic. It just left me confuse.
Simon : Like a musical. Didn't sound it like you. Like Lacey doing last week.
ArD (Me) : For me you still in the right track Didi. I agree with the Randy, The idea is good and interesting, I think just the pitchy all over place make your performance not really really good. I must agree with Kara too, you like playing a character on that performance but different with Kara felt, I'm not confuse, I can feel it. Agree too with Simon you like Lacey performance last week, everything is so organize, let go Didi!!.

Siobhan Magnus - Superstition
Randy : You so fearless.
Ellen : You're so good, I love you.
Kara : I think you more comfortable in there than any place out there.
Simon : Some people will like it, many people will dislike it. You start pushing yourself, for me not a good night overall.
ArD (Me) : I never watch this song preform by girl. Dammed you look fabulous again tonight!! very beautiful!! I love your vocal so much, when you hit the high note and the low note, so great!! you getting improve in your body language and your move too. You getting better, but a little bit predictable too. In the end of the part, I can guess you, you will shout again. Just think that thing will useful for next week or no... because if you doing week by week like that, everybody will guess it. Try to be unpredictable, okay?? like you're doing before. Love you!!

Superstar Tonight For Me Is...........


My Rank for tonight Performance :
Four strong performance tonight are.....
1. Katie Stevens (Katie has a huge progress this week, deserve to be number 1)

2. Crystal Bowersox (Although Crystal doing great and give very strong performance for her, but sorry Crystal I must give the throne this week to Katie)

3. Siobhan Magnus (Still great, but not great like last week, little bit predictable this week, So deserve in number 3)

4. Aaron Kelly (The best for the boys, become the frontman especially for the boys, the best boys performance of the night)

Almost strong but not enough....
5. Michael Lynch

Mediocre but still save for another week...
6. Lee Dewyze

Very ordinary, have a chance to be in the bottom 3
7. Casey James
8. Didi Benami
9. Andrew Garcia

Will be in danger n serious serious problem....
10. Paige Miles
11. Tim Urban

Overall tonight performance not good like last week. Too many contestants perform ordinary n not give enough special moment. Five contestant performance lack of moment like Casey, Didi, Andrew, Paige and Tim. So probably this five kids will be in bottom three. If Paige n Tim not in bottom 3, I will be shock, because they really deserve in bottom three and one of them should going home tomorrow night.

One left spot and Casey, Didi and Andrew will pursuit for that one spot in bottom three. For me... I really want Andrew in bottom three, to make him wake up n become a great artist, because that event will slap him so much, But not to make him going out from the competition.

So who will be in bottom three tomorrow....

Of course Tim Urban n Paige Miles..... and one spot will be for Casey/Didi/Andrew... but maybe will go to Andrew... So this my prediction :
- Andrew Garcia
- Tim Urban
- Paige Miles

My prediction who will out is....
TIM URBAN --->> enough chance for him, like Simon said he zero chance to win and must take a singing lessons, and very not deserve join the tour.

Watch out Result Show American Idol, Tomorrow at 05.00 PM only in Starworld (Asian People). Will be a shocking result again??? or predictable result??... let's find out tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who I Am - Nick Jonas & The Administrator

Every people especially girls will know if I said Jonas Brother. This group is filled by blood ties with Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas as the person in the group. This group has released four album till now. Their hot single like Burnin Up', When You Look me To The Eyes, Tonight, Paranoid and many more.

Enough about Jonas Brother, because we gonna talk about new artist called "Nick Jonas & The Administrator". Nick Jonas & The Administrator just release their album called "Who I Am". Their first single same with the name album too, "Who I Am". In Billboard chart their album debut in number three, this is a pretty good job for new artist. What I want to talk in here is about their first single "Who I Am". This song for me give a inspiration in my life and make myself addicted to this song.

This is the lyric song of Nick Jonas & The Administrator "Who I Am" :

I want someone to love me
I want someone to love me
For who I am
I want someone to need me
Is that so bad?
I wanna break all the madness
But it’s all I have
I want someone to love me
For who I am

Nothin makes sense, nothin makes sense anymore
Nothin is right, nothin is right when you’re gone
I’m losin my breath, I’m losin my right to be wrong
I’m frightened to death, I’m frightened that I won’t be strong

I want someone to love me
For who I am
I want someone to need me
Is that so bad?
I wanna break all the madness
But it’s all I have
I want someone to love me
For who I am

I’m shaking it off, I’m shaking off all of the pain.
Breaking my heart, breaking my heart once again

I want someone to love me
For who I am
I want someone to need me
Is that so bad?
I wanna break all the madness
But it’s all I have
I want someone to love me
For who I am

Are you gonna love me, yeah
For who I am

I want someone to love me
For who I am
I want someone to need me
Is that so bad?
I wanna break all the madness
But it’s all I have
I want someone to love me
For who I am

Yeah, who I am

I love that lyric. Especially this Lyric "I want someone who love me for who I am, I want someone to need me is that so bad??, I wanna break all the madness but it's all I have, I want someone to love me for who I am" Wow I love that part so much..
I believe everybody in this world exactly want to be loved like that. In this era to be loved as who we are is really hard, because many demands to someone that we love. Must do that, must do this, if we didn't the love will be fade.

True love not like that. True love is if you can love somebody as himself/herself. True love, it's not all about your girlfriend or boyfriend but everybody... like your friends, family and other people around you. You know what?? is so hard to love other people who not we expect, But it can?? of course it can. Nothing impossible in this world, everything is possible if we want to make it happen. So the way to love somebody like herself/himself is learn to love them and learn to accept any minus personality, physical, background n all minus things. Nobody's perfect!! other people love you because they can accept your all minus things. Don't be selfish in love each other. So accept all minus things too... not just positive things, if u can do this to other people I believe other people will do that too for you.

Just so you know... Basically nobody in this world want to be loved like other people say, everybody want to be himself/herself, and want to be love as herself/himself. So... love somebody as who they are as himself/herself. For me that the message from this song, with the way I interpret.

I want someone who love me for who I am, I want someone to need me is that so bad?? I wanna break all the madness but it's all I have......

Friday, March 19, 2010

Say Goodbye to Lacey Brown


We Must Say Goodbye to..... LACEY BROWN

American Idol turn to the Big Stage and first elimination in big stage goes to Lacey Brown. It always hard to see people going home week after week, especially to see nice contestant like Lacey going home. For me it's not a big shock or big surprise see Lacey going home because based on her performance last night she proper to going home, but still sad to see Lacey going home.

For me Lacey has a great personality and also has a great look too. She's pretty, have a great skin, and very fabulous in dress. Other than that, she a nice person n bring a happy aura to that show. She always smiling even all judges give hard criticism to her. We will miss that personality in that show.

Talk about Lacey journey in American Idol, she has a great journey in American Idol. It's hard to get a rejection for somebody and Lacey get that in last season, when she is really close to Top 36, but she must lose head to head with Megan Joy. It's great to see Lacey back in this season and say I know I'm not good enough last season but I really ready for this season, It's true!! she made it pass final judgement in Hollywood Week and goes to TOP 24 this season. I'm happy too when she made it to top 12 and her journey end in top 12.

Four performance in live show, for me Lacey never bring her best performance. First week is terrible job goes to second week she perform better and goes to third week she's getting better. Goes to the big stage I mean TOP 12 performance, she's more getting better. I think the best performance by her in the top 12 based on live show performance, although I believe she can doing more than that.

Before TOP 12 performance held, I make a prediction based on top 24 till top 16 performance. Honestly my prediction for Lacey not like this, because it's too fast journey for her. In my prediction she will have more chance in Big Stage performance. In my prediction she has more one or two week from top 12 performance. I mean she will cut off in TOP 11 or TOP 10 and have a chance to get tour around USA, but American People has decided n Lacey Brown journey must ended in TOP 12.

Wish u all the best for you Lacey!!! ^^

Keep doing this Lacey, because you have a great asset in singing world. You have a great voice, unique voice, you got a style and of course you have a fans out there. One advice for you Lacey, You must explore yourself again to find out how to sing a song not sleepy n bored n also give something special moment to your performance, because you love sing a ballad song like you doing last two weeks in that show. Just keep going Lacey!!! Gud Luck for you!! With Love from ArD ^^

History Performances of Lacey Brown
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - Landslide
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Kiss Me
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - The Story
TOP 12 - Ruby Tuesday

Watch history performances of Lacey Brown

Watch video curtain call of Lacey Brown Exclusive in AmericanIdol.Com

God Bless You, Lacey Brown ^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TOP 12 Performance - Rolling Stones


Michael Lynche - Miss You
Randy : good every week
Ellen : the way start to night
Kara : being hot on stage n you did that
Simon : you sang it well, dancing tiny little bit desperate
ArD (Me) : For me... Last week performance is better than today you doing... but that performance is till good, you are very consistent Big Mike!!!

Didi Benami - Play With Fire
Randy : One of the best
Ellen : That was great
Kara : two step with right right direction, two weeks you show who you are as an artist, the sweetness of your voice n a little bit dark performance......
Simon : very very solid performance not brilliant
ArD (Me) : Well Done!!! I like that performance, great job two weeks in the row you doing a good job n you already find who you are as an artist, so my advice keep up the good work n being consistent in this competition.

Casey James - All Over Now
Randy : you're back for me
Ellen : i think that was fantastic
Kara : tonight you are the rock star, this is best performance since we met
Simon : not guy just standing in center of the stage, just be a star
ArD (Me) : This performance is much better than last two weeks and I think this is the best performance from you so far, because you show the other side of you. You have a sweet voice that you show in heaven but now you being a rock star. You show much character and charisma at there performance, so of course the girls will crazy over you. My advise for you, I agree with Simon you must use this big stage not just standing in the center of the stage bcoz It's make your performance bad and looks clumsy and kind of boring if you doing like this week by week.

Lacey Brown
Randy : very interesting, one of most interesting of the night
Ellen : little bit sleepy, I'm fan of yours
Kara : I think you can do better
Simon : stop over thinking, nothing wrong with the vocal
ArD (Me) : Wow you are getting better Lacey and of course you like doing a song like this, because all performance you show in live approximately the same. I think if you want to be an artist like this you must more more explore yourself, because sometime your performance is interesting but sometime your performance is boring n sleepy. So explore more Lacey!!!

Andrew Garcia - Give Me Shelter
Randy : It was just pitchy everywhere
Ellen : Best performance yet
Kara : The connection out of that performance
Simon : You gave it 100%. I hope you survive for another week
ArD (Me) : Happy to see you put the guitar, but your act performance little bit clumsy Andrew. Overall that was a good performance, not the best tonight but the best by you in live show bcoz you doing a different, you doing rocker man, you improve Andrew but you must fast improve next week, okey?

Katie Stevens - Wild Horses
Randy : very strong performance
Ellen : you sounded amazing, what a great song, good choice
Kara : it's never technically perfect with you, better than last week
Simon : This is the first time you connect with the song, you gave it 100%, well done
ArD (Me) : Wow many contestants back and you doing it too Katie. The best performance so far by my opinion for you in live show. Great song choice, good job n more improve for you next week, okay?

Tim Urban - Under My Thumb
Randy : It just weird for me. I don't like that.
Ellen : Didn't just wow for me.
Kara : Doing a different with the song, that's incredible.
Simon : it's kinda boring song and it didn't work. Crazy decision.
ArD (Me) : Not best like last week, but in my opinion still good performance by you with not compare to other contestant performance tonight, okey??. At least you have a moment in there.

Siobhan Magnus - Painted Black
Randy : that was hot Siobhan
Kara : The best interpretation tonight
Simon : stand out performance tonight
ArD (Me) : You looks so glamorous, beautiful n so classy tonight. The vocal is so great Siobhan n make me Wow!!! n make me so surprising n agree with Kara make remember to Adam Lambert. But for me you have an issue too, when the music turn to up beat, your body language not turn to up beat too it's too slowly, so make your performance clumsy and little bit weird, but after that you slap me with you're doing in the end of the song, Crazy performance from Siobhan!!! Love it or Hate it!!!

Lee Dewyze - Piece of Burden
Randy : it was doubt n better performance from you
Ellen : a little less from I'm expected
Kara : termendous growth
Simon : i like you personally, forget able song choice, stop thinking other people better than you
ArD (Me) : Again.... enjoyable n likeable performance from you Lee. The issue is not have a lot moment in there Lee, so two hour after this show that performance will forget able. Agree with simon 100%

Paige Miles - Hunky Thonk
Randy : I like it man!! you must put more energy
Ellen : you sounded great
Kara : The young Paige is back
Simon : You did great and hit a big notes, very old fashion, at least we heard big voice when see you in Hollywood Performance
ArD (Me) : Love see everybody going to the right direction. You too Paige, you move to right direction now. It was a good performance, I like Paige like this, But I agree with Randy you must put some more energy to that performance.

Aaron Kelly -
Randy : you born to sing. I like you and i think that was hot
Ellen : stand out so far tonight
Kara : really great
Simon : you choose 100% the right song, the strongest performance from you today
ArD (Me) : a little bit rough when it start but it's more good to the end of the song. Everything is enough with your performance like the emotion, and the time when you sang bcoz if that five minute performance I will be bored. Great job!! n very glad to see you being consistent in this contest.

Crystal Bowersox -
Randy : I love you, you not disappointed me
Ellen : you born to be on that stage
Kara : you so comfortable up there, it easy to watch
Simon : 100% the clear favorite, for the first time you beaten by someone, Siobhan.
ArD (Me) : That was very enjoyable and likeable. So cool performance!! even you just standing in the center of the stage but you can make people enjoy your performance n forget everything n just remember how cool your performance.

Superstar Tonight is :


My rank for tonight performance :
1. Siobhan Magnus
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Aaron Kelly
4. Didi Benami
5. Casey James
6. Paige Miles
7. Katie Stevens
8. Michael Lynche
9. Andrew Garcia
10. Lacey Brown
11. Lee Dewyze
12. Tim Urban

overall tonight it's a great show, happy to see many contestant back to the right direction. Season 10 show the swagger tonight, and make the competition is getting hot n getting harder. So of course everybody must give it the best shot every week.

If Tim not out tomorrow night, I will shock again because none other contestant proper to out instead Tim, Tim has enough chance to prove that he good enough in this compeition and he's not good enough n this is the time he must go. Lee bring not good performance too bcoz lack of moment in his performance, but he deserve for another chance because last three performance was good. Lacey for me she's getting better week after week, so very deserve for another week. Andrew... hhmmm I know until know he not show the great performance like Straight Up but his performance tonight more improve n agree with Simon, I hope he give another shot next week.

So who will be in danger??? Tim, Lee, Lacey, n Andrew

Another 8 contestant give the strong performance tonight and absolutely deserve through to the next round......

Just find out tomorrow night who will out?? Tim??? Lee?? Lacey?? Andrew?? or another shocking elimination???

Saturday, March 13, 2010

American Idol 9 : Say Goodbye To The Best of The Rest

The part of TOP 24 has ended. We move to the top 12 and we also to the big stage, but we leave the tears and sad in small stage. Some people must crying because they journey in American Idol must end before go to Bog Stage.



The journey of 12 contestant hope full American Idol must be end. In the first week we must sad because Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Joe Munoz, and Tyler Grady out from the competition. Second week in small stage we must be eye witness from John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor and Haeley Vaughn going home. Last week in top 16, we must be shocking because some great contestant must be eliminated from the competition, and they are Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott, Todric Hall and Alex Lambert. Here they are :

1st Week
Janell Wheeler

She has a great vocal, the sweetness of her voice make Simon like this girl and hope she can survive for another week, but America decision is different. I think she out of the competition because picking a bigger song and she can conquer that song. She is the most beautiful woman in TOP 24 American Idol season 9, Dammed!! so beauty!! but now we can't see this woman again. Good Luck for you Janell!!

Ashley Rodriguez

She is my favorite since audition. Many people predict that she will go to top 12 and have a incredible journey in this season, but all prediction goes wrong. In first live show, she must going home and make my heart so sad. Lose my favorite in the beginning, it sucks you know?? bcoz she deserve to get another shot in the competition, but what else to do?? it's already happen. Wish u all the best, Ashley ^^

Joe Munoz

I don't know this kid till TOP 24. I just know He sang "Man In The Mirror" in Hollywood week 3rd performance. When He sang a song called "You and I Both" from Jason Mraz, I think he did a pretty good job. I really enjoying heard n watch his performance, I think he will through to next round, but America decision so different. American same with simon not really like his performance, so make his journey ended.

Tyler Grady

I like the style of him, very seventies!!. He first performance in live show for me so terrible, because of that he really deserve to be eliminated. The judge said that he performance is predictable, because of that maybe the reason he has eliminated from the show. Definitely he has a great potential.

2nd Week

John Park

The one and only Asian boy in American Idol season 9. He never show the best performance in the live show. He issue is never connect with the song, He just sang with him unique voice. Two times performance in live show with no different and same issue. The best moment for him is when he doing the audition with Shania Twain, unforgettable moment.

Jermaine Sellers

I think he will be the frontman in the guys group, but my prediction wrong. Same with park two times performance in live show with no different and same issue. The last performance from him is "What's Going On" with very bad arrangement, so no surprise when he's out of competition.

Michelle Delamor

She has a great technique when she sang. Basically she can sing, definitely!!. Last performance by her in TOP 10 girls is too risky, She sang a song from creed called "when the arms wide open" with her own arrangement. The judges praise her because brave to change the arrangement like that, but her brave make herself in danger position and must leave the competition. She very fashionable and most fashionable girl in season 9.

Haeley Vaughn

Simon said she a little bit arrogant when her sang. She very young and very talented, I think she must have more time in this industry, she's not ready for this competition. First performance in live show with song from The Beetles, I think she did a really good job. Goes to second performance in live show, she pick a big song from Miley Cyrus and she did a terrible job with that, pitchy everywhere. The elimination is very sad and so touching, especially when she sang the climb in the end of the show, oww.. that's really really touching.

3rd Week

Katelyn Epperly

Katelyn Epperly sang "I Feel The Earth Move" in TOP 8 girls. Kara said she like no compete. Kara said this because she performance very ordinary and nothing special in her performance. Sang with play piano make her performance so worse, Because of that she deserve to meet her family in home.

Todric Hall

The most creative contestant in this season. So shocking when he's out of the competition. If he going home in TOP 12 guys or top 10 guys, I'm not really surprise, but after he sang "Somebody To Love Me" he really deserve to the top 12. Great vocal in that performance and randy feels that too. He can sing, can dance, so creative, he got all the thing to be a great star I mean superstar in music industry. Gud Luck For you Todric n May God Bless You Always.....

Alex Lambert

The journey of shy boy must ended too. Week by week He's getting better. He definitely has a great voice and very typical. The best performance by him in TOP 10 guys when he sang a song from John Legend "Everybody Knows". He really have a chance to be American Idol this season if he since first live show not too shy and doing the best he can since the live show begin. You have a great asset in music industry, keep doing this Alex, you just need more time to be a star, Wish u all the best, Good Luck and God Bless You olweis...

Lilly Scott

This is the most shocking elimination so far!!! After Hollywood week is over, She became the front runner in this competition. Goes to top 24, she still prove that she is a front runner in this competition. Week by week she fight with Crystal Bowersox to be a best performance. I believe many people predict her will be in top 12 and have a big chance to win this show, but people of American said different. They choosing to sent Lilly Scott home.

Almost every season when top 12 will be announce, the result exactly shocking!!... In season 9 the last result show when top 12 announce is really shocking. In season 8, the result is shocking too, but a happy shocking because in that season for the first time big stage will be fill with 13 contestant and the person who make the result so shocking is Anoop Desai. In season 6 too, the result is shocking too because Sabrina who did a pretty good job must out n Haley Scarnato who really struggle with her performance to get a praise from the judges going to top 12, not just that The contestant that Simon hate Sanjaya Malakar also in to the top 12.

American Idol is reality show so because this is reality, the result not always will be fair, and sometime will be very shocking. We will see what happen next... whether the result like what you want or the result will be shocking again??? just watch the American Idol next Wednesday and the result show in Thursday only in Starworld for Asian people in 05.00 PM

Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol 9 : Please Welcome Your TOP 12

TOP 12 American Idol has been announced. Six girls and six guys will perform in big stage. In that stage too, one by one contestant will facing elimination until just two contestant standing and one of them will be crown American Idol 2010.

TOP 12 contestants in season 9 almost everyone under 25 years old, only 2 of them above 25. Let me introduce you to TOP 12 season 9 contestants :

Aaron Kelly16 Years Old
Sonestown, PA

Andrew Garcia
24 Years Old
Moreno Valley, CA

Casey James
27 Years Old
Fort Worth, TX

Align Center
Crystal Bowersox
24 Years Old
Elliston, OH

Didi Benami
23 Years Old
Knoxville, TN

Katie Stevens
17 Years Old
Middlebury, CT

Lacey Brown
24 Years Old
Amarillo, TX

Lee Dewyze
23 Years Old
Mount Prospect, IL

Michael Lynch
26 Years Old
St. Petersburg, FL

Paige Miles
24 Years Old
Naples, FL

Siobhan Magnus
19 Years Old
Cape Cod, MA

Tim Urban
19 Years Old
Dunanville, TX

That's all contestants season 9 in TOP 12. They will compete to get the title American Idol.

Based on TOP 24 performance, I make the prediction for them. This is my prediction in American Idol season 9 :

1&2. Crystal Bowersox & Michael Lynche
Based on top 24 performance Crystal & Michael will be in grand final because both make a great performance in TOP 24. So they have a big chance to get the title in season 9 and of course both of them are frontrunners now.

3,4&5 Lee Dewyze, Siobhan Magnus & Aaron Kelly
Based on top 24 performance, this three kids will be very close to the grand final and very deserve to get into big 5 based what they did in top 24 performance. Very consistent performance make this three kids deserve to taste the journey in BIG 5.

6. Didi Benami, 7. Casey James, 8. Katie Stevens, & 9. Andrew Garcia
This four kids have a incredible job before top 24 performance and make all judges blew away in Hollywood week. Didi with Kara song, Casey contestant favorite Kara, Katie make all judges proud with her performance and make Kara said "possibly win the competition" and Andrew with Paula song "straight up". Goes to top 24 they going backward.

Based on performance top 24, Didi Benami deserve in 6 spot because she did a pretty good job in last performance TOP 8 girls. Casey deserve to be landed in 7 spot because He did a good job with "Heaven" in first live show American Idol although two performance after that very ordinary. Katie can be landed in 8 position because She follow the direction from the judges although make her so confuse and "Breakaway" performance in TOP 8 girls make her deserve landed in top 8. Andrew just only can make it to top 9 if he didn't show the performance like in Hollywood week.

10. Lacey Brown & 11. Paige Miles
Lacey never show great performance in TOP 24, very ordinary. So very tough to her to compete in this competition, Go to top 10 and join the tour will be hard battle for her although she has a big potential. Based performance in top 24, Lacey journey will be ended in top 10 performance.

Paige Miles, she has a great potential and Simon said she have a great vocal. Based on top 24 performance, She hard to win this show although she has great potential. "Smile" performance in top 8 girls, makes her looks so bad and two another performance not very spectacular too, so my prediction for her will be in TOP 11 performance.

12. Tim Urban
If he doesn't out in TOP 12 performance, I will be shock!!! Definitely He no chance to win this competition. Can perform in big stage that a pretty awesome journey for him, so feels good to see him goes so fast in this competition. If He can pass from top 12, He will become Sanjaya in season 6, have a bad performance but not out from the competition.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top 8 Guys is top of the heat.... Who will out??? Confusing!!!

Tonight performance almost color by guitar. First performance till fifth performance all using guitar. Just last 3 performance not using guitar n the best performance in the last 3 performance. The last 3 performance are Aaron Kelly, Todric Hall, n Michael Lynch. If one of them out from competition I will shock!!!. I relief my favorite Aaron n Todric doing pretty good job tonight.

So.... This is my recap performance for the guys n my opinion too for guys performance....

Lee Dewyze - Fireflies
Randy : it was strange song choice, a couple pitchy problem. it work out.
Ellen :i like it you make a little rock. i though it was great.
Kara : you look confident tonight. make a better song by your interpretation. very sold it
Simon : i don't think you have a moment
ArD (Me) : Tonight He sing fireflies, one of my favorite song, and He did pretty well with that song because doing different from the original. Week by week I more like his performance, I hope he goes to top 12 and still consistent with the performance and see Lee in top 5.

Alex Lambert - Trouble
Randy : it good song choice. A little to fast for me.
Ellen : You are consistently and getting better and better. I love your innocent. Don't be cocky banana.
Kara : Let go...
Simon : We never see you relax. Let yourself go
ArD (Me) : A great song choice from you. The best performance by you so far in this competition. I must agree with Simon that you not totally relax, but that a character performance and I like it!!

Tim Urban - Hallelujah
Randy : you did a pretty good job
Ellen : that was fantastic, you sounded very good
Kara : i thought you will going home few weeks ago. that a honest. all about the emotion, and you show it.
Simon : this week very very smart, best performance so far by you.
ArD (Me) : WoW!!! really surprising by Tim. I really want he go home two weeks ago, but after that performance.... hmmm... I think he has a big chance to through the next round, I mean top 12. But still remember if He through to top 12, He must doing like that if you want to stay a little bit longer in this competition, because you still the underdog in this competition. So keep up the good work.

Andrew Garcia - Genie in the bottle
Randy - it didn't quite work for me.
Ellen - i though that a great song choice, i still thinking people will like it.
Kara - it just wasn't great
Simon - just okey, a little bit desperate. Going backward in the moment.
ArD (Me) - Enjoyable performance. Best enjoyable performance by you in live show performance, because you look more comfortable with that performance. Cool performance and audience like it!!! but what I'm worry is.... whether that performance will make you to the top 12??? I'm not sure... so... wish u all the best.

Casey James - You'll Think Of Me
Randy : very save choice
Ellen : i thought it was great, you so much comfortable, you sounded great
Kara : this is was better than last week, honest, sing from your heart, definitely move in right direction
Simon : better than last week, you sounded great
ArD (Me) : it's a good performance but doesn't have very special moment in there. This time you must have a bright moment and strong moment, if don't.... I don't know you will make it or no to top 12... because lack of moment make the performance forget able. Same with Andrew Wish u all the best.

Aaron Kelly - I'm Already There
Randy : that was really good, dude can sing, job well done
Ellen : i think you sounded much better, i don't think that was terrific
Kara : not relevant with that song
Simon : it's beautiful song, right song must to do with you,
ArD (Me) : The best performance tonight so far by my opinion ^^ For me you very consistent and I want you to keep a good performance week by week. Keep up the good work Aaron!!

Todric Hall - Somebody to Love
Randy : Todric is back, you prove you can really sing. That was a best vocal tonight n couple week.
Ellen : you brave. you did it a good job.
Kara : it was a good singing. it so dramatic n gospel little bit.
Simon : tell us who you are, it's a good song choice
ArD (Me) : that was hot!!! great job!!! I relief you have a great performance and make all judges blew away by your performance. If I said Aaron the best tonight... I'm wrong... You are the best performance tonight....

Michael Lynch - This woman's work
Randy : that was hot!!!
Ellen : one of my favorite song, so beautiful
Kara : it's amazing, it's so relevant, n brought me to cry
Simon : you came out with difficult to sing, 100% nail it, the best performance live show so far
ArD (Me) : You close the show with outstanding performance, so that performance will be so hard to forget able, so it was fantastic n again that is the best best performance tonight, if you not through in top 12 i will shock!!!

This is my rank for Top 8 Guys performance :
Strongest performance tonight taken by........
1. Michael Lynch (Againnn... for second time Michael Lynch took the throne in guys club...)
2. Todric Hall (Finally!! judges like him n praise him)
3. Aaron Kelly (Aaron very consistent since beginning live show competition, till now for me He always in the top of the chart)

The underdog show the swagger....
4. Tim Urban

Good performance but few other contestants make them performance in mediocre performance tonight
5. Lee Dewyze
6. Alex Lambert

This two guys will be in trouble tonight.... but I'm not sure too they journey will end this week because.... out there they have so many fans.....
7. Casey James
8. Andrew Garcia

This Friday show... will be very tense, because it so hard to predict who will out... especially in guys group. Casey n Andrew have a bis chance to out because not show the great performance, but once again they have a radical fans out there.... so it will be so tense who will out.... hopefully not my favorite out ^^ I mean Aaron n Todric through to top 12. If Casey and Andrew out of the competition... it will be a Shock Friday night.... but make the competition getting interesting...

Don't forget to watch Friday Elimination Show.... Only in Starworld (for Asian People) ^^

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 8 Fantastic Girls... Who will go to the BIG STAGE???

Top 12 girls in season 9 so incredible. They all have a great voice, but the problem stuck them is song choice. Every girls out from the competition because not pick a right song choice so they performance just gone bad. Now goes to top 8 girls, the heat is getting high n hot. Who will cry?? who will perform in BIG STAGE??? don't miss the elimination show at Friday only on starworld (Asia only) ^^

This is my rank for performance in top 8 :

3 girls who have a bright spot in top 12 are......................

1. Crystal Bowersox – Give me one reason

Randy : Love you, love the song, love the honesty.

Ellen : Best performance of the night

Kara : You are the people who knows who they are.

Simon : You are one million billion percent will in the top 12 next week, what you get now you get a confidence.

ArD (Me) : Best performance so far, you more prove week by week that you are a great artist and hard to beaten

2. Lilly Scott

Randy : good job, well done

Ellen : love it, love you

Kara : it was contemporary

Simon : pretty brave choosing that song, it was cute, corckrey, risky thing to do

ArD (Me) : I really fan of your voice, you sing whatever song it sounds refreshing and unique. One of the strongest performance tonight.

3. Didi Benami

Randy : It’s definitely better than last week. I’m not sure have a wow moment in there.

Ellen : It was lovely performance. I thought good job.

Kara : Favorite moment so far in this season, really my favorite moment

Simon : I must agree with Kara, for the first time you prove you are the artist

ArD (Me): Sweet performance by Didi Benami and the best performance so far from Didi Benami in live show performance.

This two girls who have quite good in performance but some judge not quite happy with their performance.....

4. Siobhan Magnus

Randy : you taking a risk, that is hot

Ellen : you're a spectacular

Kara : you are so unique n different

Simon : I was under impressed, no moment in there, a little bit dark

ArD (Me) : Siobhan you so unique, quirky, and I like that. You unpredictable?? yes... it give you positive and negative too. The negative what kinda artist do you want??? because you change all over the week...

5. Lacey Brown

Randy : Best performance, it was very cool.

Ellen : Best performance by you today.

Kara : Effortless singing, this is a record you must be do it, She's back.

Simon : You sing it very very well, it's danger to be forgotten.

ArD (Me) : She very like performing that kinda music. For me it's too little bit boring if I must hear about 3 or 4 minutes, but thanks GOD I just heard about 2 minutes. Based on singing or vocal great.... you show quirky voice n falset voice that I love from you and you show that tonight... good job!! n you back to the game?? yeahh you backk..

3 girls will be in the danger this week are........

6. Katie Stevens - Breakaway

Randy : karaoke to me, it didn't works for me

Ellen : great song choice, I didn't see it (personality)

Kara : I don't think you know who you are as an artist

ArD (Me) : You picking a right song choice, because make you looks more young. For me not very very bad performance, but not great too. Just okey because you not connect so much. So just wish u all the best Katie

7. Katelyn Epperly – I feel the earth move

Randy : great song, nothing special about that

Ellen : I don’t know that song will make people vote for you

Kara : I’m not feel your compete

Simon : I like your hair, not do it special, mistake for u tonight

ArD (Me) : For me Katelyn pick a right song choice. She’s the one who has a consistent performance week by week. at least not a bad performance just okay performance, bcoz lack of connection. What I’m worry is whether the performance is enough to through??? I'm not sure...

This girl will have a hard chance to through top 12 is.....

8. Paige Miles – Smile

Randy : It just didn’t work it all. The song way to big

Ellen : you have a great personality and it’s not shine in that performance. The right song for you to choose

Kara : it’s all wrong

Simon : Terrible song choice. Arrangement is awful. You have so much potential, but you not know who you are as an artist. This could be the end of the row.

ArD (Me) : Weird performance from Paige. I think last week is better and two weeks ago is more more better, it didn’t work so much paige… hope the best for you...