Thursday, June 24, 2010

Both Kimberley&Kimberly From Season Two American Idol, Ready To Rock The World!!

Do you know the both Kimberley that I mean?? If you are a fans of American Idol, I believe you know. Yep! they are finalist from American Idol, specifically season two finalist. Kimberley Locke is the second runner-up and Caldwell arrive in seventh place.

In Asia, I'm not sure that both of them is really famous especially for Kimberly Caldwell. Kimberley Locke had released album and the single "8th Wonder" famous enough in Asia. For Kimberly Caldwell unfortunately not really famous in Asia because she never released at least one album, so in Asia her name really not famous and maybe there some people never heard her name.

Now both of Kimberley&Kimberly ready to rock the music industry, I hope the music industry around the world. Kimberley Locke already release first single from her upcoming album called "Strobelight". Jason DeRulo also release a song who name like that.

For Kimberly Caldwell, Caldwell also already release the first single from her upcoming album called "Mess Of You". Caldwell album actually must release in month of April, but maybe there is some problem so make the album delayed to release. In the next month Kimberly Caldwell will release an album and this is a debut album for her.

I love the songs from both of them, but if I must compare between a song from Locke and Caldwell, I more fell in love with a song from...... Kimberly Caldwell. Not only Caldwell more sexy and more beautiful than Locke, but also the song more easy to liked based on my opinion. This song really fit for Caldwell because she unique voice really shining in this song. Caldwell really like Pink, the voice is husky and added some rock flavor in a song.

If you want to move and dance, I suggest you that you prefer choose Kimberley Locke song because very the song really make your body move. If you a fans of R&B song or pop-dance or clubbing, I believe you more like Kimberley Locke song called "Strobelight".

Unfortunately Kimberley Locke doesn't still release her official video for "Strobelight", but don't worry I still give you the video although the video just face of her hehehe..... enjoy.... ^^ (I hope I can share in this blog if Locke release the official video for this song)

After locke, It's turn for Kimberly Caldwell with "Mess Of You". She damned gorgeous in this video, very sexy, hot and so beautiful. Enjoy this video :

Sorry I can't share the video in this post/blog, so just click this link to see the video... thanks!

See you in the next post......

*I hope I still can update this blog because I already work in a company, not a easy job, but I will give it my best to this blog.... ^^ see ya!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shakira Feat. Freshly Ground - Waka Waka

In my recent post, I ask to you about the meaning of "Waka Waka", right?? Finally, I know that meaning.

In this song you will find the unusual word like Waka Waka, Tsaminamina, zangalewa and many more. I will tell to you all about this.

1. Waka Waka means do it/do the job – as in perform a task. Waka is pidgin language meaning walk while working.
2. Tsaminamina means come.
3. Tsaminamina Zangalewa means who asked you to come?

4. Waka means it is mine.
5. Zambo means wait.
6. Anawa means I did/ Yes I
7. Y vamos por Todo means and we are on the whole (dan kita berada di seluruh)

I think Shakira make this song because she got the inspiration from a song in 1986. The original song is titled "Tsamina" or "Zangaléwa" by a makossa group from Cameroon called Golden Sounds, who were beloved throughout the continent for their silly dances and costumes. The song was such a hit for Golden Sounds that they eventually changed their name to Zangaléwa, too. Most of the Band members themselves being former soldiers produced the song as a tribute to African soldiers (known as skirmishers or irailleurs) who fought in Second World War.

The song is still used today by soldiers, policemen, boy scouts, sportsmen and their supporters, usually during training or for rallying.

Waka Waka is still a popular Cameroonian marching song. The song is also popular in Colombia where it is known as "The Military" having been brought to the country by West African DJ's. This popularity is surely revived by the voice of Colombian Shakira.

The relevance of Waka Waka to football is that the game is often synonymous with doing battle. This historic 19th FIFA World Cup is also a victory for the African Continent since it is the first time in the history of the tournament that the games are held on African soil. The 2010 World cup may be hosted in South Africa but musical collaborations stem from the entire continent including the hit Waving Flag by Somali born K'naan.

I've got some inspiration too from this song, like the word that said "the pressure is on, you feel it, but you've got it all, believe it". Uh! that was so inspiring me!!!! Although you feel the heavy pressure just believe that you had it all to pass through the pressure. Just believe you can do it!!!.

This is the rest of the words that inspiring me so much :
1. "When you fall get up"
2. "This is your moment, No hesitations"
3. "If you get down, Get up"
4. "Today’s your day, I feel it, You paved the way, Believe it"
5. "Listen to your god, This is our motto, Your time to shine, Don't wait in line"

Enjoy the video and the lyric..... ^^

You’re a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You’re on the frontline
Everyone’s watching
You know it’s serious
We’re getting closer
This isn't over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you’ve got it all
Believe it

When you fall get up
Oh oh…
And if you fall get up
Oh oh…

Tsamina mina
Cuz this is Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Listen to your god
This is our motto
Your time to shine
Dont wait in line
Y vamos por Todo

People are raising
Their Expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today’s your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Believe it

If you get down
Get up Oh oh…
When you get down
Get up eh eh…

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Source from : Waka Waka 1 & Waka Waka 2
Lyric taken from and video from

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miss Perry With Snoop Dogg Vs Father and Son Bieber and Usher

Hi what's up guys!! ^^

At this time, I will share to you two new videos. First video came from Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg with "California Gurls" and second video came from father and son that is Justin Bieber & Usher with "Somebody To Love".

First let's talk about Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg in "California Gurls"......

This song already sit in the highest throne of Billboard Hot 100 chart. Katy Perry didn't take a long time for take a number one seat only need five weeks for Miss Perry sit in number one spot for at least two weeks in that position. Katy Perry took the highest throne from Usher with "OMG".

In another chart, Katy also sit in the highest number in Digital Album chart and ringtones, number five in Pop Chart and number three in radio songs.

About the video...... The video is very funny and very sweet and also a little bit naughty typical of Katy Perry :D haha..... I love this video so much!! ^^ If I watch the video makes me want to eat candy, sugar or something sweet to eat. haha

Enjoy the video.....

Let's move on to the second video.....

The second video came from father and son, I mean Usher and Justin Bieber. The reason that I said father and son because Usher like a second father from Bieber, although in the real world Usher is mentor of Bieber.

Bieber and Usher will be the biggest threat for Katy Perry because not an impossible thing for Bieber and Usher to take the throne from Miss Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg. Who will win?? Perry&Dogg or Bieber&Usher??? let see...

Now JB with "Somebody To Love" has arrived in number 48 in Billboard Hot 100 chart (not a version remix with Usher, just alone JB). In the five weeks Katy Perry can landed in first position, but JB in five weeks just arrived in number 48, so far Katy Perry journey with "California Gurls" is better than JB. In AOL Video Bieber already arrived in number one spot.

Let's talk about the video....

I liked the video because very dance video, from beginning to end you will watch the dance from Bieber, Usher and all dance crew. One thing that I miss from this video is why there is no battle dance or dance together between JB and Usher?? why?? but forget it....

Just enjoy this video..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

20.10 ArD Playlist June Edition

June edition filled by various artist in around the world. There are American artist, Somalia artist, Philippines artist, Korean artist and also 10 artists from Indonesia. Also some song taken from world cup soundtrack like Knaan, Shakira, Akon, 2AM and Super Junior.

Enough talking, this is I give you 20 songs from International artists:
1. Knaan – Wavin Flag
Knaan is Somalia artist and now he already famous in around the world. The song “Wavin Flag” is taken to be the soundtrack World Cup 2010 by Coca Cola. Also this song has been made in several versions throughout the world, of course with the uniqueness of each country. This is the same as with coca cola theme song before that is "open up for happiness". Not just that, this song also dedicated to Haiti and sung by many artists who called Young Various Artist.

2. Shakira feat Freshly Ground – Waka Waka
Do you know the meaning of “Waka Waka”???

3. Akon feat Keri Hilson – Oh! Africa
If Knaan song “Wavin Flag” is taken for Coca Cola theme song, Akon feat Keri Hilson song with “Oh! Africa” is taken for Pepsi theme song. Unfortunately this song is not famous like Knaan song or Shakira feat. Freshly Ground “Waka Waka”.

4. Charice feat Iyaz – Pyramid
5. Iyaz – Solo

If I’m not wrong this is a second single from Iyaz. The first single from Iyaz is Replay like name of his first album. Unfortunately this song not really success in Billboard hot 100

6. Will Young – Leave Right Now
If you follow the career of Will Young, you will know that this song not a new song. This song already released if I’m not wrong 2003, but in American this song seems not to be famous and became a famous song when American Idol took this song to be a soundtrack for video journey of contestants American Idol season 9. This song also make a achievement by make a debut in billboard hot 100.

7. Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed
This is a new single from Miley Cyrus and also this is the second time Miley added to my playlist. In this video, Miley acted like Britney Speas when Britney go to more mature, when Britney release “I’m A Slave For You”. Miley is more wild, more liar and kind of follow Britney attitude when left the teenagers life.

8. Katy Perry – California Gurls
9. Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber – Eenie Meenie

I just released three playlist and as always Justin Bieber place one spot in my playlist per month. Now Justin Bieber duet with his best friend Sean Kingston in the song called “Eenie Meenie”. This song so catchy with the unique word “Eenie Meenie”, that’s word will caught in your head.

10. Carrie Underwood – Undo It
11. Super Junior – Victory Korea

Super Junior is boy band from Korea. This song is dedicated to Korean soccer team who compete in World Cup 2010. What a great song for support a soccer team. Victory Vicotry Korea!!!

12. Kris Allen – The Truth
13. Demi Lovato feat Joe Jonas – Make a Wave
14. Colbie Caillat – I Never Told You

Finally!! Colbie Caillat released her new single. If I’m not wrong this is a second single from her second album. If you never listen to this song, you must!!. This song definitely resembles song “Realize” (a song from her second album) because ballad song with tender moment and sweet moment and also a deep emotional song.

15. 2AM - No.1
2AM is another Korean artist, I mean boy band. This song dedicated also to World Cup 2010. The information that I found said that this song is one and only Asian songs who will fill one spot in World Cup album 2010. “There’s no number two” a piece of words from this song. Great song!!

16. Adele – Hometown Glory
For the second time Adele fill ArD playlist. After Adele sensational first single “Chasing Pavements”, now I give you her other single called “Hometown Glory”. This song still can bring out the uniqueness of Adele. For me, this song is very cool to listen because feels so different. Just So You Know: This song also got the nomination in Grammy Award 2010.

17. Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight
Many people said that Christina became a wannabe of Lady Gaga, but I think that statement is pointless. I can’t feel anything same from Gaga and Christina. Both of them have their own uniqueness. If people said Gaga Vs Christina maybe more right and more proper because both of them is spectacular singer and will be a hot battle in music industry. If I must compare I more like the song from Christian in past called “Ain’t No Other Man”, but this song still good to listen.

18. Crystal Bowersox – Up In The Air
After Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia fill ArD playlist last month, now it’s time for runner-up American Idol season 9 with her single who will take one spot in her first album called “Up In The Air”. In my opinion, this is the best performance of entire performance in season 9.

19. Drake – Over
This song is one and only HipHop/Rap song in this playlist. Honestly, I really fast got bored if I listen to the rap song very often. Like this song, when I heard in the first time I’m a quite like this song, but hopefully I’m not get bored very soon with this song and become a first song I dumped out from the playlist. Listen to this song, when I heard in the first time, I’m quite like it!!.

20. Lee Dewyze – Beautiful Days
This list closed by Lee Dewyze. The winner American Idol season nine will include this song to his first album. Yeah a perfect song for the winner “Beautiful Days” ^^

and here it is.... 10 Indonesian artist:
1. Soul ID – Telfon Aku
I fell in love with this song. The lyric is really stuck in my head and really hard to forget, like “Bicara denganmu tak cukup satu menit, dua menit, tiga menit” and the other words too. Oh! I’m so crazy in love with this song. Definitely you must listen to this song, this song is great!.

2. Soul Vibe - Antartika
I fell in love with this song. This song is really me. I really liked R&B/Hip Hop song and this song is kind a like that. This song very groovy and can make my body move, but a little bit weird in the lyrics.

3. T2 – Ku Punya Pacar
4. Vierra – Jadi Yang Kuingin

Vierra released many great single from their first album, from “Dengarkan Curhatku”, “Bersamamu”, “Perih”, “Rasa Ini” and now “Jadi Yang Kuingin”. Vierra already released five single from their first album, what a great album, right??. Unfortunately the voice from the vocalist is bad, I hope the vocalist can improve her voice to become more good and sounded well.

5. J-Rocks – Madu & Racun
6. Mikha Tambayong – Bekas Pacar

After her first single success in the market, now Mikha released her second single called “Bekas Pacar”. This song is an upbeat song, so different than the first single because the first single is a ballad song. Just So You Know that she is not yet release an album.

7. Ecoutez – Maafkan (Ku Tak Sempurna)
8. D’Masiv – Sudahi Perih Ini

This song is really booming now. Many people really liked to this song. As usual D’masiv song is a ballad song because this thing is special ultimate for them. I belive you will liked this song.

9. Indonesia Unite – Rindu Bersatu
Indonesia Unite is group filled by famous singer in Indonesia like Giring Nidji, Charlie ST12, Ryan D’masiv, Tantri Kotak, Sherina, Gita Gutawa and many more. This song tells about unity in Indonesia. “Rindu Bersatu” in English word mean “Miss United”. Very inspiring song!!

10. Lyla – Detik Terakhir
New single from Lyla band and this song is really good to listen. This song is still a ballad song, but still good to listen for one month ahead. I believe you will liked it!!!

*Sorry if I really late publish this post…… ^^ enjoy!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Indonesian Idol Top 8 Review, Broken Heart!! & Keyko Leave The Show

Igo – Kesalahan Yang Sama (The Same Mistake)
Igo, I think and I believe that you are ready to make a record and if Igo make a record he must make a record like this. You’re voice very sounded great, Igo and I believe he will be a great artist if he’s singing like this consistently week after week. I think in the last part, Igo just show how to make a dynamic in this song and show a great emotion to the song. Two thumbs up!!...

Citra – Merindukanmu (Miss You)
Wow! Citra, you’re comeback to your best performance. That was so great, so creative, sounded so great, everything so awesome and really blew me away with you voice, with your persona and your charisma. That’s very refreshing!!!! And make a song from D’masiv feel new and feel so different. That was one of the best performances from you, Citra and one of the best and strongest performances in this whole season.

Windra – Jalan Terbaik (The Best Way)
Windra performance is not better than last two contestants who already performed, in my opinion. Windra is starting really rough, but in the first reff Windra show his great voice. As always very little pitchy moment in Windra performance and Windra can more take a risk by doing some improvisation in his performance. Overall Windra performance is not spectacular performance, but still good and show progression.

Gilang – Dosakah Aku (Did I Sin)
Does Gilang show a progression in that performance?? Yes, you did. Overall I’m not really enjoying with Gilang performance because a little bit flat for me and I think you can more do than that like hit the high notes and any other improvisation. I think Gilang just play safe, but still good performance.

Ray – Terlanjur Cinta (Already Love)
In recent weeks, you really disappointing and this performance is huge better. This performance is not the best performance from Ray because I believe that you can more perform than this like more deep in the emotion and more in your voice. I don’t want to lose my favorite again and also lost the last pop-opera contestant in this competition. So Ray performance next week must be better than this, must give a great progression and hopefully can show the best performance in next week. I’m still your fans and keep believing in you, Ray. Jiayou!

Tesa – Pujaan Hati
Tesa, in recent weeks you really blew me away because I’m so stunning with your great progression, Tesa. That performance is not show a big voice from you, but still show that you have a great technique. I still can enjoy with Tesa performance although Tesa give a weird emotion with the song, I don’t know the song feels about what… the sad?? Or happy?? But overall for me that still good, but not the best performance from Tesa.

Keyko – Tinggalkan Saja (Just Leave)
Keyko when I watched you in first live show, I feel you have a terrible performance and never expect that you can be like this. Now look at you, Keyko. You can sing with good, how you connect with the song is so awesome, more beautiful and your aura more shinning week after week. That performance is still good for me, although not spectacular. Keyko strong element is how connect with the song because any song that you brought, you always can connect to the song with awesome, it is your strength, Keyko.

Rio – Tersimpan (Stored)
Rio, at some moment I feel good, but many moment I feel you did a terrible job. There is too many pitchy moment and you didn’t get the klimaks moment. I think you will be in trouble tonight because other contestant performed well and I think just you performed not really well. So be careful, Rio.

My superstar for tonight absolutely

My rank for top 8 performances:
Strongest performance of the night
1. Citra
2. Igo

Good performance, but still have issues
3. Windra
4. Gilang
5. Ray
6. Keyko
7. Tesa

Worst performance
8. Rio

So I think Rio will be in trouble tonight and Rio has a big chance to out and leave from the competition. My bottom three : Rio, Tesa and Keyko. Keyko and Tesa save, but for Rio sorry to say you must going home tonight.

The result has announced by Daniel and bottom three are Rio, Tesa and Keyko. Wow! my prediction was right for bottom three in top 8 performances. Although like that, my prediction about who will going out is wrong. The result that is Keyko must leave the competition, again one girl must leave the competition.

Keyko, you have a great talent, just keep doing this, you are born to sing. My advise for Keyko just explore herself again to find the uniqueness in the way Keyko singing. Keep up the good work like how Keyko connect with the song with very awesome, the unique husky voice and emotion to the song too. Jiayou Keyko!!!

Want to watch Top 8 performance again just visit to :
Indonesian Idol Official WebSite

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best Performance By Top 12 American Idol Season 9

 Aaron Kelly – You’ve Got Away
From fourteen performances did by Aaron Kelly alone in American Idol, in my opinion Aaron has four performances that I really remember well and I still remember that Aaron had a bright spot in there performances. The four great performances are “Here Comes Goodbye” (Top 24), “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” (Top 11), “You’ve Got Away” (Top 6), and “Fly Me To The Moon” (Top 5). I pick “You’ve Got Away” to be the best performance by Aaron because with this song Aaron can come back to the game (competition) and can through into the big five.

Andrew Garcia – Forever
From eleven performances did by Andrew Garcia alone in American Idol Season 9, I just can remember three performances by Andrew. Three performances are “Straight Up” (Hollywood Weeks Round 1), “You Give Me Something” (Top 20), and “Forever” (Top 10). I pick “Forever” to be the best performance did by Andrew because for the first time in the big stage Andrew got praise from the judges, cool performance, very groovy, so memorable and I really liked it!.

Casey James – Jealous Guy
From seventeen performances did by Casey James alone and one duet with Michael Lynch in American Idol Season 9, only three performances from him that I can remember. Three performances are “Heaven”(Top 24), “Jealous Guy” (Top 9 First) and “Don’t” (Top 6). I pick “Jealous Guy” to be the best performance did by Casey because for the first time I feel the superstar performance from Casey and also for the first I really crazy liked with Casey James performance.

Crystal Bowersox – Up To The Mountain
From twenty performances did by Crystal Bowersox and one duet with Lee Dewyze in season 9 competition, I liked four performance did by Crsytal Bowersox. Four performances are “Me & Bobby McGhee” (Top 11 & Top 2), “People Get Ready” (Top 7), “Black Velvet” (Top 2 Second Performance), “Up To The Mountain” (Top 2 Third Performance). I pick “Up To The Mountain” to be the best performance by Crystal because that was a perfect performance in American Idol Season 9, hot vocal performance, great emotion, everything about that performance is great, also this performance became a close performance in American Idol Season 9, so the peak moment is right in the end of this competition.

Didi Benami – Terrified
From nine performances did by Didi Benami, only three performances that I can remember and she had a shine moment in there. Three performances are “Terrified” (Hollywood Weeks Round 1), “Rhiannon” (Top 16), and “Play With Fire” (Top 12). The best performance did by Didi is “Terrified” because the song is very fit to her voice, she can feel the song, sang with well, combination between guitar and voice also good and the last thing is give her own interpretation to that song.

Katie Stevens – Let It Be
From eleven performances did by Katie Stevens, I have many favorite performance from this girl, I still remember five performances from Katie Stevens till now. Five performances are “Breakaway” (Top 16), “Wild Horses” (Top 12), “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (Top 11), “Chain a Fool” (Top 10), and “Let It Be” (Top 9 First). I pick “Let It Be” to be the best performances by Katie because everything is right, the song choice is great, vocal performance very well, emotion good, and also not old performance.

Lacey Brown – The Story
From seven performances did by Lacey Brown, I just can remember two performances from her. Two performances are “Kiss Me” (Top 20), and “The Story” (Top 16). I pick “The Story” because she can did well enough, she can show her quirky voice, and also can show her range vocal, but very honest she not show a spectacular performance in live show competition.

Lee Dewyze – Treat Her Like A Lady
From twenty performances did by Lee Dewyze alone and one duet performances by Crystal Bowersox, I can remember many performances from him, more than five performances, eight performances exactly. There are “Fireflies” (Top 16), “Treat Her Like A Lady” (Top 10), “Hey! Jude” (Top 9 First), “The Boxer” (Top 7), “You’re Still The One” (Top 6), “That’s Life” (Top 5), “Hallelujah” (Top 3 Second Performance), and “Everybody Hurts” (Top 2 Second Performance). I pick “Treat Her Like A Lady” because from this performance the superstar aura came out from Lee Dewyze, after this performance his performance is more consistent and getting better week after week.

Michael Lynch – This Woman’s Work
From seventeen performances did by Big Mike alone and one duet with Casey James in American Idol Season 9, only four performances from him that I liked. Four performances are top 20 performance, “This Woman’s Work” (Top 16), “It Only Hurts When I’m” (Top 6) and “The Way You Look Tonight” (Top 5). I pick “This Woman’s Work” to be the best performance did by Michael because if this performance show in top five or top four definitely can bring him to the finale, this performance is so great, so wonderful and very spectacular, the vocal performance is so terrific and the emotion so amazing deep, hard to forget this performance, one strongest performance in this season nine.

Paige Miles – All Right Now
From eight performance did by Paige, Paige just did one spectacular performance when she’s out and sang for the last time in Idol stage, at that time Paige sang “All Right Now”, that the best performance by her because she really show her vocal ability like what, great!. Although like that, I like three performance by her “All Right Now” (Top 24), “Walk Away” (Top 20), and “Honky Tonk Women” (Top 12).

Siobhan Magnus – Think
From thirteen performances did by Siobhan in entire competition Season 9, Siobhan show two spectacular performances and overall I liked five performances from Siobhan. Five performances are “Think” (Top 20), “Paint It Black” (Top 12), “Superstition” (Top 11), “Suspicious Mind” (Top 9 Again) and “Any Man Of Mine” (Top 6). The best absolutely “Think” because this is the first time she show the scream, she can blend to the song, she can get the groovy, make me wanna move, sang really well, everything is good and memorable!.

Tim Urban – Can’t Help Falling In Love
From twelve performances did by Tim Urban in American Idol competition history, I can remember three performances which is he show to us how he is good. Three performances are “Hallelujah” (Top 16), “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Top 9 Second Time), and Better Days (Top 7). The best performance by him definitely “Can’t Help Falling In Love” because he can give a great arrangement, sang really well and I love how he connect to the song, also definitely can deliver the message in that song.

This is a little recap about performances that I liked and I still remember until now :
1. Lee Dewyze – 8 – Treat her like a lady
2. Katie Stevens – 5 – Let it be
3. Siobhan Magnus – 5 - Think
4. Aaron Kelly – 4 – You’ve got away
5. Crystal Bowersox – 4 – Up to the mountain
6. Michael Lynch – 4 – This woman’s work
7. Andrew Garcia – 3 - forever
8. Didi Benami – 3 - Terrified
9. Casey James – 3 – Jealous Guy
10. Tim Urban – 3 – Can’t help falling in love
11. Paige Miles – 3 – All right now
12. Lacey Brown – 2 – The story

That’s my opinion about best performance by top 12 contestants American Idol. Everything based in my taste. So how about you??

All pictures taken from :

-Don't forget to catch my article talk about TOP 24 PERFORMANCE OF SEASON 9, later-

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kris Allen - The Truth

Kris Allensince win the contest American Idol last year (American Idol Season 8), he already release his first album. After the single "Live Like We're Dying", Kris is not yet released a new single. But I got a feeling that he will release single "The Truth" for second single because he performing that song in the result show grand final American Idol.

I hope Kris Allen as soon as possible release a second single because it's too long for him not release a new song from his album. What song must he release next?? Up to him, but my hope "The Truth" or "Before We Come Undone" or "Written All Over My Face" or "Bring It Back", I liked to that four songs.

Let's talk about the song called "The Truth". This song could be talking about with our partners, spouse, sweetheart or with our families, especially parents. This song talking about how very difficult to say the truth and sometimes only ignore every problem with feel everything alright, but the truth wasn't like that and more worse than that because we not say the truth. I must admitted that not easy to telling the truth, we must have a courage to say the truth, but everything is more better and more relief if we say the truth although we must accept every consequences.

How about your interpretation??? ^^

If you never read the lyric and never heard the song, I will give to you in this post, so after you listen to the song and read the lyric, tell me about your interpretation or the meaning that you get from this song, okay? deal? hehe ^^

Do you ever heard the song of "The Truth"??

I will give you the video from American Idol finale when Kris Allen took the stage and sang this song, here it is.... enjoy!

after the video this is the lyric:

Lyin' next to you
Wishing I could disappear...aay
Let you fall asleep
And vanish out into thin air..aay

It's the elephant in the room
And we pretend that we don't see it.
It's the avalanche that looms above our heads.
And we don't believe it.

Tryin' to be perfect
Tryin' not to let you down...ooww
Honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now...yeah
while the floors underneath our feet are crumbling
The walls we built together tumblin'
I still stand here holdin' up the roof
Cause it's easier than telling the truth.

I still keep your photographs
I remember how we used to laugh
I can keep on losin' sleep
If you're okay with being torn in half.

It's the elephant in the room
And we pretend that we don't see it.
It's an avalanche that looms above our heads
But we don't believe it.

Tryin' to be perfect, tryin' not to let you down...oww
Honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now...yeah
While the floors underneath our feet are crumblin'
The walls we built together tumblin'
I still stand here holdin' up the roof
Cause it's easier than telling the truth.

Stop ignoring that our hearts are mourning
And let the rain come in.
Stop pretending that it's not ending
And let the end begin.

Oh yeah...

Tryin' to be perfect, tryin' not to let you down...yeah
Honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now...yeah
While the floors underneath our feet are crumblin'
The walls we built together tumblin'
I still stand here holdin' up the roof
Cause it's easier than telling the truth.

It's easier than telling the truth...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Indonesian Idol TOP 9 Review

This week Indonesian Idol stage filled by Love, so every contestant will sing a love song. When Daniel introduce the judges for this week, Daniel also announce that three judges Indonesian Idol success in award event called Anugrah Music Indonesia (AMI) (Indonesia Music Grace). Anang Hermansyah win two awards, Erwin Gutawa win two awards too and Agnes Monica more great by taking home three awards. That was a great achievement which is inscribed by the judges Indonesian Idol.

Windra – Kuingin Selamanya (I Want Forever)
Definitely I disagree with all judges. Windra can’t handle this song with great. He just sang well with lack of emotion. This song has a deep emotion and Windra just give a little emotion to this song, look his eyes?? Empty emotion in there, the body language so rigid and can’t describe the emotion of the song. Just okay performance, very safe and I think Windra performance will killed by performance from other contestants.

Gilang – Cemburu Menguras Hati (Jealous Heart Drain)
Wow!! Nice performance from Gilang. Honestly, I impress with Gilang performance. This is the best performance by Gilang and I’m not must ignore anything or one thing from Gilang performance like when Gilang sing “Nakal” from Gigi. Good job Gilang!! I hope you safe for another week and can be better in the next week.

Citra – C.I.N.T.A (L.O.V.E)
Definitely I liked your performance, Citra. Citra performance is so sweet and cute. I know this is not the best performance from Citra and a little bit safe performance from Citra, but that performance is so refreshing, very enjoyable and I believe many people will liked with that performance. Citra performance is better than last week and I enjoy it. Great job!

Keyko – Saat Kau Tak Ada (When You’re Not There)
Again! Better than last week. Keyko performance is better than last week. The emotion, the way she sang, everything was great. Great, great and great!!!...

Ray – Hidupmu Hidupku (Your Life My Life)
Ray performance was good, but I thought he can more than that. He can more with his voice that is hit the more high notes, more with the emotion that is more deep and touching. Overall this is wasn’t Ray best performance, but that was good and I know Ray can more than this. Hopefully this performance is good enough for tonight.

Igo – Mantan Terindah (Beautiful Former)
Igo got the tragic emotion and also got the peak moment, good. I just didn’t like in the early part when Igo starting to sang, Igo like a weak man with lack of power because it’s too soft, but after that Igo is getting better. I got weird moment too with front part and last part because Igo give a huge different emotion between front part and last part, Igo change from weak man to powerful man, that’s a little bit weird emotion for me, but overall that was good.

Tesa – Gejolak Cinta (Fluctuation of Love)
Overall Tesa performance was good, but I don’t think that spectacular performance and best of the night, just good. Tesa sang with well, very sounded good to my ears, she also got the groove and for the first time I see Tesa walk around the big stage. Good!.

Diana – Rasa Ini (This Sense Of)
Diana performance was better than last week when Diana perform with Cinta Laura song. The song that Diana sang is not really fit for her condition. Diana really must prove to all audience in Indonesia that she is great, but with that song the greatness voice of Diana didn’t really come out, the song is not the song can make people feel goosebumps or can show the bigger voice of Diana. The song is sweet, but Diana can bring the sweetness come to her performance. She sang really well if compare to last week, but not great performance to pay last week terrible performance and not strong enough performance for top 9.

Rio – Wanita Terindah (Beautiful Woman)
Rio, I’m happy to see your progress in this competition. The last few weeks, Rio did a good progression in this competition. Rio performance in this week is the most favorite performance so far in this competition, for me. Rio sang so cool, Rio act stage performance was so cool, everything was so cool in that performance. Great job Rio!! Keep up the great work!!

My superstar for top 9 is Keyko. This is a second time that I give a superstar throne of the week to Keyko. Congratulation Keyko!! You’re getting better week after week.


My rank for top 9 performances:
Strong performance

Mediocre performance

Weak performance

I think two pop-opera in this competition not show a great performance in this week because of that I put both of them in the bottom two. So my bottom three is Windra, Diana and Ray. Sorry to say Diana must going home because I more want to see Ray in this competition than her and Windra will safe because not the worst performance and not the weak performance too.

The result declared that one girl again must left the show and she is Diana. I really disappointed with Diana performances in last couple week. Last week the worst performance by Diana and I can understand that the song is really tough for her, but in this week I mean top 9 with theme of love, she must be great and can nail the song and also prove to all people in Indonesia that she is great and deserve stay in the competition, but she didn’t because of that she eliminated from the contest.

Diana whatever happens, I still the fans of you. I know that last two weeks you can’t give the best performance, but nothing gonna change anything because I’m still you fans, Diana. I hope you can success in the Indonesia music industry and give a new color to Indonesia music industry that is pop-opera. Keep learning in technique singing and never give up, I know you can be the great singer/artist. Always being success, Diana. God Bless You.

Until now I’ve lost two favorite in this contest that is Dea and Diana, now just left two my favorite in this show that is Ray and Citra. I hope Citra and Ray can success reach top five. My dream team in top five: Ray, Citra, Keyko, Igo & Tesa.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup is Tonight!!! & This is 21 OST World Cup 2010

World Cup opening show is tonight. Do you excited?? I believe you. I'm very excited to watch the opening of World Cup 2010, definitely will be spectacular!! It's time for Africa!! to shine.....

As always if World cup being held of course there are the original soundtrack. In this post I will give you the original soundtrack for World Cup 2010 that I knew. Honestly many song made for World Cup 2010 both official and unofficial, both support for Africa or support for his country.

This is the twenty original soundtrack of World Cup 2010 :

I found that this thirteen songs is the songs who will made into the album, here it is :
1. R Kelly - Sign of a Victory
2. Shakira feat. Freshly Ground - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)
3. Nneka - Viva Africa
4. Matisyahu Feat. Nameless - One Day
5. Salvo - Shosholoza 2010 (Presented by Kella Sound Berlin)
6. J Pre, Wyclef Jean and Jazmine Sullivan - Ke Nako (Africa's Moment = Ke Nako Ke Nako)
7. Angelique Kidjo with Bono and John Legend featuring the Bill T - Move On Up (Jones' FELA! Dancers. Directed by Kevin J. Custer)
8. Judy Bailey featured Uju - Spirit of Freedom
9. Pitbull feat. TKZee & Dario G - Game On (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Mascot Song)
10. Maware Maware
11. Claudia Leitte & Lira - As Mascaras (South Africa 2010 to Brazil 2014)
12. Hope (w/Nelson Mandela)
13. 2AM - No.1 (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Asian Song)

That's not all because out there I still found many songs for World Cup 2010, and here it is the rest of soundtrack for World Cup 2010 :
14. Stan Walker - Stand Up (All Whites Supporters Song, All Whites is the nickname for New Zealand)

15. Dizzee Rascal & James Corden - Shout For England
England honestly make me confuse because that country publish many different songs for World Cup 2010 like the song from Elvis - If I can Dream, Come On England, It's Our Time by WonderDogs, England's Pride, Sing It For England, and maybe many more than that. So I just pick one from Dizzee Rascal and James Corden with Shout For England, they performed this song in Britain Got Talent.

16. Kelly Rowland feat. Rhythm of Africa - Everywhere You Go (Rhythm of Africa are 2face, Samini, Chameleone, Krotal, Rola, Zuluboy, Awadi, Slikour & Kwesta and Jozi)

17. Super Junior - Victory Korea (Supporter Song for South Korea)
18. Akon feat Keri Hilson - Oh! Africa (Pepsi)
19. Martin PK - Stand As One
20. Robbie Williams, Russell Brand, Frank Skinner & Daniel Baddiel - Three Lions 2010
21. Te last but not least, Knaan - Wavin Flag (Coca Cola)

"Wavin Flag" song from Knaan was dedicated to Haiti and sung by various singers called the Young Artist for Haiti. Knaan also duet with many artist around the world like Will.I.Am & David Guetta, Nancy Ajram (Arabic Version), Ipank (Indonesian Version), David Bisbal (Spanish Singer), Sunny Choi (Performing by Piano) and maybe many more than that.

That's all my knowledge about World Cup soundtrack 2010. If you have an information that can make this article more complete, please let me know by write the comment in this post, okay?? Thanks for your attention.... and let's enjoy the World Cup!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Country's Top 25 Artists of The Past 25 Years

25. LeAnn Rimes

She was 13 years old when she arrived on the Country Songs chart in 1996 with "Blue," quickly drawing comparisons to Patsy Cline (for whom the song had been written decades earlier). Rimes, now 27, has notched twelve top 10s on Country Songs through 2006, and her career U.S. album sales stand at 20.3 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. After enduring recent tabloid scrutiny for an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian, Rimes has released a cover of John Anderson's signature song "Swingin' " as a preview to her forthcoming album.

24. Travis Tritt
With shoulder-length hair and a deep love for southern rock and outlaw country, Tritt's breakthrough hit was the unapologetically unsophisticated "Country Club" in late 1989. Although the Georgia native fancies himself an energetic country rocker, his biggest hits have ironically been his ballads. He topped the Hot Country Songs chart for the first time when the gripping "Help Me Hold On" shot to No. 1 in 1990. In fact, all of Tritt's five No. 1 songs are ballads. His reedy baritone is equally compelling on hard driving fare like "Put Some Drive In Your Country," or his most recent No. 1, the tender "Best of Intentions" (2000).

23. Martina McBride
Martina McBride used to sell t-shirts on the road with Garth Brooks while her husband worked the tours as a lighting and sound technician but the McBrides left all that behind when Martina had her first smash with "My Baby Loves Me" in 1992. The Grammy-winning Kansas native's biggest hits are often heart wrenching and profound, but she's just as capable of delivering chart topping hits with whimsical and light-hearted fare. She gained her biggest country crossover hit with "I Love You" in 1999, which spent five weeks at No. 1 on Hot Country Songs. She's been a member of the WSM Grand Ole Opry since 1995.

22. Dwight Yoakam
Few country artists in the past 25 years have enjoyed as much multi-faceted success as this traditional singer/songwriter. In addition to 39 visits to Country Songs, including two No. 1s, Yoakam's resume includes 180-degree acting turns as an abusive alcoholic in "Sling Blade" and a terrorizing home invader in "Panic Room." (And, have you tried his "Bakersfield Biscuits," available in the frozen section at your local supermarket?)

21. Ricky Van Shelton
After winning the Academy of Country Music's 1987 top new artist award, the singer/songwriter collected 10 No. 1s on Country Songs through 1991, including the Dolly Parton duet "Rockin' Years." The Grit, Virginia-raised Shelton retired from touring in 2006 and these days, according to his website, enjoys time "flying his airplane, working on his 150-acre farm, gardening, repairing his collection of classic cars and antiquing."

20. Brad Paisley
In 1995, then-23-year-old Paisley was brokenhearted after his girlfriend had left him for his best friend. He went to see the film "Father of the Bride II" by himself and, upon seeing Kimberly Williams on-screen, he thought, "She seems like a great girl." After he became a mainstay on country radio in 1999, the two began dating in 2001 and married in 2003. Paisley's country music career has been equally-storybook, with career U.S. album sales of 9.5 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and 14 No. 1s on the Country Songs chart.

19. Keith Urban
Australian Keith Urban didn't taste immediate success as the lead singer for The Ranch, but that all changed when his breakthrough solo hit, "Your Everything" blasted into the top five on Hot Country Songs in 2000. Guitar wizard Urban landed his first No. 1 with "Your Everything" in 2001. Since then, he's earned 22 top 10 songs (half of which have spent time at No. 1 on Hot Country Songs), three No. 1 albums, and actress Nicole Kidman's hand in marriage.

18. Dixie Chicks
With Bluegrass-influenced instrumentation and a knack for finding big smashes with poignant songs, the Dixie Chicks became country music's first new superstar act since Garth Brooks when debut single "I Can Love You Better" shot into the top 10 on Country Songs in 1998. The group's biggest selling single was the irreverent "Goodbye Earl," which proved to be way too wild for country radio - peaking at No. 13 on Country Songs in early 2000. 1999 album "Fly" went 10 times platinum, and 1998's "Wide Open Spaces" rang up 12 times platinum according to the RIAA, but it was during the tour for 2002's "Home" that the infamous "ashamed [George W. Bush] is from Texas" comment added 'political activists' to their resume.

17. Vince Gill
Aside from having earned a reputation as the nicest guy in Nashville, the Country Music Hall of Famer's versatile tenor vocals and instrumental prowess has made him an international fan favorite, and an often cited influence on many of today's younger artists. His country hit making career began in the mid '80s when "If It Weren't For Him," a duet with Rosanne Cash, became his first top 10 on Hot Country Songs in 1985. His solo breakthrough hit was the Grammy winning "When I Call Your Name" in 1990. He has 27 top 10 singles, including five No. 1's on that chart.

16. Faith Hill
Hill is among the most celebrated women in country music history, with ACM, Country Music Association, Grammy Awards and People's Choice Awards honors among her haul since her arrival in 1993. She married Tim McGraw in 1996, and four of her duets with him contribute to her 42 career entries on the Country Songs chart, where she's notched nine No. 1s. "My career... has been amazing," Hill told Billboard in 2005. "I've had an incredible climb and done things that I could never dream that I would ever do, but I have remained the same person."

15. The Judds
The Judds became country music's only successful mother-daughter duo and practically owned the country charts during the 1980's. Naomi and Wynonna shot to stardom with a cover of Elvis Presley's "Had a Dream (For the Heart)" in 1983, followed by heartfelt ballads such as "Mama He's Crazy" and "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days)." All but two of their 16 singles between 1984-89 topped Hot Country Songs, but health problems forced the elder Judd to retire from performing at the end of 1991. Health renewed and touring with Wynonna this summer, Naomi's other daughter is actress Ashley Judd.

14. Shania Twain
Though absent from Country Songs since 2005, Twain remains the best-selling female country album artist since Nielsen's SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991, having sold 33.9 million albums in that span. Her lasting pop culture prominence was reaffirmed when she served as a mentor this past season on "American Idol"; following the April 27 and 28 episodes, Twain's "Greatest Hits" soared back onto the Billboard 200. "It was emotional for me to listen to every one of their gorgeous voices singing my words," Twain blogged of the top six finalists. "Every one of them thoroughly entertained me and reminded me of how lucky I am to be a songwriter."

13. Hank Williams Jr.
Anyone who thinks country music didn't attract a sizeable youth audience before the early '90s must have slept through Hank Williams Jr.'s chart run during the previous decade. He first appeared on Hot Country Songs in 1964 with a cover of his legendary father's 1950 smash "Long Gone Lonesome Blues," but found a new, youthful following starting in the mid '70s. He resonated with rebellious young fans via songs like "Family Tradition," "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound," and notched successful versions of his fathers hits, such as "Honky Tonkin'". At one point in the mid '80s, the younger Williams simultaneously had six albums on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.

12. Clint Black
Another member of country's well-documented "class of '89," videogenic Texan Clint Black burst onto the scene with "Better Man," which topped Hot Country Songs in June of that year. Although fellow '89 star Garth Brooks quickly eclipsed all other country artists, Black's career was almost as stellar. He landed 13 chart toppers on Hot Country songs between 1989-99, and seven platinum and multi-platinum albums.

11. Rascal Flatts
After first appearing on the Country Songs chart with the No. 3-peaking "Prayin' for Daylight," the trio has earned ACM top vocal group honors each year since 2002 thanks to its winning mix of bouncy country-pop and swooping ballads. Ten of the band's 40 Country Songs entries have reached No. 1, and the trio has sold 19.8 million albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "There's never been a method to our madness," RF's Joe Don Rooney has said. "We just cut the best songs we can, and through the years we get better at what we do."

10. Brooks & Dunn
Brooks & Dunn is retiring at the end of the current touring season with nearly 20 years of hits to their credit. Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn splashed onto the scene with debut single "Brand New Man," which spent two weeks at No. 1 on Hot Country Songs in 1991. The duo immediately found a receptive audience during the early '90s Country boom, eventually scoring 41 top 10s and 20 No. 1s on Hot Country Songs, and 10 of the duo's 16 charted albums are platinum or multi-platinum.

9. Alabama
With 18 No. 1s on Country Songs since 1985, and 32 overall since its first, "Tennessee River," in 1980, Alabama ranks as Billboard's top country group of the past 25 years. The quartet, which has featured a consistent lineup of Randy Owen, Jeff Cook, Teddy Gentry and Mark Herndon since 1979, earned a chart record 21 No. 1 singles in a row from 1980 to 1987. The act retired from performing live following its 2003-04 "Farewell Tour" but has remained a chart force. Its "Songs of Inspiration" and "Songs of Inspiration II" topped Billboard's Christian Albums chart in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

8. Kenny Chesney
Tennessee's Kenny Chesney embodies the dues paying and false starts experienced by so many of the genre's most successful artists. Nashville's major labels passed on signing Chesney, and he was picked up by Phil Walden's Capricorn label. His first single didn't click at radio, but met with critical acclaim -- and eventually a deal with BNA, where he established himself as a bankable star with songs like "All I Need to Know" and "How Forever Feels." Perennially one of the top touring acts in the country, Chesney's chart history includes 17 No. 1's on Hot Country Songs, and nine chart toppers on Top Country Albums.

7. Toby Keith
Although Toby Keith has established himself during the past decade as country music's outspoken maverick-in-chief, he was originally cast in the early '90s as a song writing balladeer in the mould of Vince Gill. After changing labels in 2000, his career set an exciting new course with bombastic songs like "How Do You Like Me Now" and "Who's Your Daddy," and he became one of country music's leading post-9/11 troubadours with "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue," and "American Soldier." He's placed 19 singles atop Hot Country Songs, and scored eight leaders on Top Country Albums.

6. Randy Travis
After charting one song under his birth name Randy Traywick in 1979 (the No. 91-peaking "She's My Woman"), Travis returned in 1985 with "On the Other Hand," his first of 16 No. 1s on Country Songs. In the past 25 years, his 43-week reign atop Country Albums in 1987-88 with "Always & Forever" is the longest by a male artist. Last year, Travis won a new generation of fans when Carrie Underwood's cover of his 1988 Country Songs No. 1 "I Told You So," featuring Travis, reached No. 2 on the chart and the pair performed the song on "American Idol."

5. Tim McGraw
None of Tim McGraw's first four singles became hits, but he became an instant household hame with the quirky "Indian Outlaw" in 1994. That song, however, offered little clue of the broad range of songs that would come to define him as an artist. They include everything from disposable ditties like "Down on the Farm" and "Refried Dreams," to meatier and sometimes life changing ballads such as "Live Like You Were Dying" and "Grown Men Don't Cry." He's topped Hot Country Songs 23 times, and Top Country Albums 12 times.

4. Alan Jackson
When he first arrived with country music's "class of '89," Alan Jackson brought with him a respect for traditional country music unmatched by his peers. Jackson has strayed very little in terms of his overall sound, and his fans have applauded enthusiastically at every turn. He's taken 50 of his charted titles on Hot Country Songs into the top 10, and half of those have done time at No. 1. On Top Country Albums, all but three of his dozen leaders debuted atop the chart.

3. Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire's career is a study in how to make all the right career moves, from the time she first debuted on Hot Country Songs in 1976, to her current chart hit, "Keep On Loving You." She has 23 No. 1s on Hot Country Songs (Dolly Parton, with 25, is the only female act with more). McEntire is also the only woman to score No. 1 singles in the '80s, '90s, '00s and the current decade. She most recently topped the list with "Consider Me Gone" in December.

2. Garth Brooks
Since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991, Garth Brooks ranks as the top-selling U.S. album artist, with 68.4 million units totaled. Brooks helped spur a new era of popularity for country music in the '90s, thanks to his combination of intimate ballads and raucous jams, along with his flair for showmanship and theatrical stage shows and videos. While he has not released an album of all-new material since 2001, opting to spend time with his daughters and wife Trisha Yearwood, Brooks last year began a five-year engagement of shows at Wynn Las Vegas. "I've always felt that an artist is solely what his music and his fans allow him to be," Brooks has said. "In short, I'm blown away."

1. George Strait
Country Music Hall of Famer Strait, who holds several all-time Billboard records, tops our list. His 44 No. 1's on Hot Country Songs is the most by any artist in the chart's 64 year history. Strait took the lead on that chart when "Give It Away" became his 41st leader in September 2006, pushing previous record holder Conway Twitty to No. 2. With 82 top 10 singles, he is second only to Eddy Arnold's 92 top 10 achievements. He is the only artist in Billboard's history to achieve top 10 singles in 30 consecutive years (1981-2010).

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carrie Underwood - Undo It

Carrie Underwood third single just release, the title of the song is "Undo It". The song is so catchy, easy listening and can caught in your head very fast. "un un un Undo It" That words really caught in my head and really hard to forget that words and I believe in your head too, but if you ever listen this song.

Carrie album "Play On" is still standing in Billboard 200 chart. She debuted in number one and goes down with slowly. She also just reach week 30 in billboard 200 chart and standing still in number 24, up 11 spot from number 35 last chart.

The single "Undo It" also into the Billboard hot 100 chart. Carrie Underwood has struggled for five weeks including this week and now sitting in number 25 also the peak position for that single. "Undo It" also charted on #11 country songs, #49 radio songs, #18 digital songs, #27 ringtones, and #58 Canadian Hot 100. Well done, Carrie!! keep up the good work hehe.... for fans and also for Mrs. Carrie.

Unfortunately in Asia the name of Carrie Underwood not famous like in USA or some places in this planet. Her video very rare played in Asian television, also in music channel like V Channel or MTV Asia. Very unfortunate that Asia really rare watch her video and song, also really rare get into the "V Countdown" or "MTV Chart Attack".

Wanna watch the video??
Here it is the official video of "Undo It", enjoy......

Should've known by the way you pass me by
There was something in your eyes
And it wasn't right
I should've walked but I never had the chance
Everything got out of hand and I let it slide
Now I only have myself to blame
For falling for your stupid games
I wish my life could be the way it was before I saw your face

You stole my happy
You made me cry
You took the lonely and took me for a ride
And I wanna un un un un undo it
You had my heart now I want it back
I started to see everything you lack
Boy you blew it
You put me through it
I wanna un un un un Undo It
Na na na na na na na na na na

Now your photos don't have a picture frame
And I never say your name and I never will
And all your things well I threw them in the trash
And I'm not even sad
Now you only have yourself to blame
For playing all those stupid games
You're always gonna be the same
Oh no you'll never change

You stole my happy
You made me cry
You took the lonely and took me for a ride
I wanna un un un un undo it
You had my heart now I want it back
I'm starting to see everything you lack
Boy you blew it
You put me through it
I wanna un un un un undo it
Na na na na na na na na na

You want my future you can't have it
Still trying to erase you from my past
I need you gone so fast

You stole my happy
You made me cry
You took the lonely and took me for a ride
I wanna un un un un undo it
You had my heart now I want it back
I'm starting to see everything you lack
Boy you blew it
You put me through it
I wanna un un un un undo it

You stole my happy
you made me cry
You took the lonely and took me for a ride
Boy you blew it
You put me through it
I wanna un un un un Undo It

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