Monday, May 31, 2010

SCTV MUSIC AWARD 2010 & The Winners

One of the Indonesian music events has been held and it was SCTV Music Award. SCTV music award held on 27 May 2010. This event has been held eight times including this year. SCTV music award is the award who the winner voted by the people in Indonesia (audience). The musician who nominated in this award event is the musician who can sell album more than 100.000,- and can sell RBT (Ring Back Tune) more than 1 million for solo artist and 2 million for duo/grup/band.

This award event had twelve categories, so there are twelve winner in this award event. The twelve categories and the winners are:
1. Favorite Pop Solo Male Album - Afgan
2. Favorite Pop Solo Female Album - Rossa
3. Favorite Pop Duo/Group/Band Album – Wali
4. Favorite Solo New Comer Album – Ridho Rhoma
5. Favorite Duo/Group/Band New Comer Album – The Virgin
6. The Most Top Song – Baik Baik Sayang, Wali
7. Favorite Vocalist in Band – Pasha from Ungu
8. Favorite Keyboardist – Kevin from Vierra
9. Favorite Guitarist – Mitha from The Virgin
10. Favorite Bassist – Dennis from Lyla
11. Favorite Drummer – Posan from Kotak
12. RBT Best Seller – Wali

FYI (For Your Information) : In my knowledge and if I’m not wrong, Wali band sell RBT more than 16 million and this number is the highest selling RBT in history of music Indonesia. I think this number hard to beaten by other artist in the next few years.

The performance that I really remember is performance by Goliath. Goliath singing “Masih Disini Masih Denganmu”, I liked this performance because the vocalist not lip-sync and they perform in new arrangement, I’m quite liked that performance. Second favorite performance is from Armada with “Mau Dibawa Kemana” because Armada gave a new arrangement to the song too and thanks God! Armada not lip-sync. I’m proud to Salju Band too because they can said is new artist in Indonesia music industry, but they can sang with no lip-sync, proud of you!!.

SCTV music award this year doesn’t have a special moment, for me. I so sleepy watched this show, sorry. The reason I said this event award doesn’t has special moment because every performance very ordinary like we see in musical events in general. The thing make this award event more worse is many artist perform with lip-sync, C’mon this award event and many singer sang with lip-sync?? Hell no!!. At least if the artist is lip-sync, please! give the great act stage performance. If we see a singer/artist sang with lip-sync and didn’t give a great act stage performance, what's the difference by listening to songs from a cassette or CD. That’s an awful thing, honestly, and also embarrassing moment, in my opinion.

Congratulation for all winners, definitely for Wali because such a spectacular achievement like most-award winning in SCTV music award 2010 with three awards and the highest selling RBT in history of music Indonesia with more than 16 million sales.

I hope SCTV music award 2011 better than this year…. ^^

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lee Dewyze Is The Winner of American Idol Season 9

American Idol season nine is wrapped. Everybody already knows who the winner of this season and Lee Dewyze is the winner of this year. For three consecutive years, the girls are beaten by the guys. For two consecutive years, in season 7 and season 8 both are guys in the finale, but in this season very lucky one girl can take one spot in the finale. Unfortunately the fortune is not for a girl.

Lee Dewyze is so incredible. If you see the growing-up did by Lee from the beginning of the show until the end of the competition, you will see the tremendous growing-up did by Lee. Lee came up the audition with lack of confidence and star presence. When you see the audition of Lee who can predict Lee can win the competition??, but the growing-up by Lee in this competition make him win this competition.

If Crystal is stronger from the early of the competition, but Lee became stronger from week to week. The moment make Lee look like a superstar is when he sang a song called “Treat Her Like a Lady”, from that performance Lee Dewyze more shining and the performance more improve in the future weeks. I think from this moment more people like him and many people predict he can win the competition.

I was pleased with Lee’s victory, although I want Crystal win the competition if see Crystal performances in finale. Why I was pleased with Lee’s victory?? Because like Simon said your journey is this competition all about, somebody from paint seller became a superstar in music industry and can change you from nothing to be something. Also from uncofidence became confidence. That reason why I want Lee win this competition. Like Kara said when talked to Ryan Seacrest in Ryan website, Crystal will win if people choice based on performances in the finale, but Lee will win if people more fell in love by Lee journey. Apparently people prefer Lee’s journey.

In the real world, I’m not worried about this guy. I believe he will have a tremendous career. If he release the album, I believe Lee album more acceptable than Crystal because 100% I’m sure that Lee will record a easy listening song. I’m very sure because see by what he did in the competition and heard his album when he competed in the American Idol. The album is so easy listening and very pop-rock album.

My advised for Lee, just believing yourself, that’s the key to be successful person and be special. There’s no secret ingredient, just believe it yourself to be special. Lee just do it what you believe and did like what you did in American Idol competition, with that people will still liked you. People already love and like you as a person, now just making an album can be acceptable by the people. Go Lee!! U can do it!!!....

I can’t wait for your album, Lee. I hope your album like what I expected, if your album liked my expectation, there’s a chance I will buy your album hehe……

Watch history performances of Lee Dewyze :
Top 24 - Top 12 Guys - Chasing Cars
Top 20 - Top 10 Guys - Lips of an Angel
Top 16 - Top 8 Guys - Fireflies
Top 12 - Rolling Stones Week - Beast Of Burden
Top 11 - Billboard No.1 Hit - The Letter
Top 10 - R&B Week - Treat Her Like A Lady
Top 9 - Lennon&McCartney Songbooks Week - Hey! Jude
Top 9 Again - Elvis Week - Little Less Conversation
Top 7 - Inspiration Week - The Boxer
Top 6 - Shania Twain Songbooks Week - You're Still The One
Top 5 - Sinatra Week - That's Life
Top 4 - Movie Week - Kiss From A Rose
Top 4 - Movie Week - With Crystal Bowersox - Falling Slowly
Top 3 - Own Choice - Simple Man
Top 3 - Judges Pick - Hallelujah
Top 2 - The Best Performance - The Boxer
Top 2 - Producer Pick - Everybody Hurts
Top 2 - Single Song - Beautiful Days

Good Luck


God Bless You

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Runner-Up American Idol Season 9, Crystal Bowersox!

American Idol season nine has ended. We knew the winner and also the runner-up. The runner-up for this season is Crystal Bowersox. For three consecutive years, the girls are beaten by the guys. Unfortunately, Mamasox must be satisfied in the second position.

Crystal journey in American Idol season nine is terrific. She is the most consistent in this season among other contestants. She shows who she is as an artist from the early of the competition. She plays guitar acoustic, guitar electric, piano, and harmonic. She also gave a great vocal performance and hit the high notes in many performances. The emotion to the song is tremendous too, just see her performance like “People Get Ready” and “Up To The Mountain”.

She got the peak moment in top seven when she sang “People Get Ready”. After that, Crystal’s performances are down week by week until top 2 she got the peak moment again. Top six when the theme turn to Shania Twain songbooks, Crystal performance still alright for me, but compare to the other contestants, she beaten by Aaron, Michael and Casey in that week because that three guy has more good performance than Crystal. Top five, I think in this week is the weakest performance from Crystal during season 9 idol competition, I put Crystal in bottom two performances for the first time because Crystal killed by Michael, Aaron and Lee who have better performances than her.

Top four back to Crystal. Top four is the weakest week in American Idol season nine, for me. Everybody perform bellow my standard and Crystal performance is the closest to my standard. In top three, Crystal really showed that she want to in the top two. She became a strong competitor to Lee Dewyze and together with Lee beat Casey James. In the finale, Crystal was showing the best performance by her and she got the peak moment after in top 7, in my opinion.

Based on performance in the finale, Crystal should won the competition because prove that Crystal is the best contestant in this season. She show a terrific vocal performance, tremendous connection with the song, and fantastic musicality in the finale. Unfortunately, the people gave more votes to Lee Dewyze because the touch journey of Lee Dewyze and a wonderful growing-up by Lee Dewyze.

In the future, honestly I’m not worried about Crystal. She definitely can survive in music industry. She knows she is as an artist and she know what record she wants to make. Crystal talent also great so with no doubt I believe that Crystal will be survives in music Industry.

My question is whether Crystal album can be accepted by the people??. Crystal usually selected a tough song to be heard in her performance in American Idol season nine. Some people hard to likes Crystal performance, really different with Lee Dewyze who picks an easy listening song in his performance. So I hope Crystal more wise when picks a song for her album.

My advised for Crystal is being wise when you pick songs for your album, Crystal. Crystal must combine between a song hard to listen and a song easy to listen because with that her album can more accepted by the people and also can show Crystal as an artist that she want.

Crystal, I believe you will have a great career in music industry. Just believe it yourself and do it what you want to do because you really really know who you are as an artist. I just hope you not make an album full of hard songs to listen . Hehe

Watch history performances by Crystal Bowersox in American Idol season 9
Top 24 - Top 12 Girls - Hand In My Pocket
Top 20 - Top 10 Girls - Long As I Can See The Light
Top 16 - Top 8 Girls - Give Me One A Reason
Top 12 - Rolling Stone Week - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Top 11 - Number One Billboard Week - Me & Bobby McGee
Top 10 - R&B Week - Midnight Train Of Georgia
Top 9 - Lennon & McCartney Songbooks Week - Come Together
Top 9 Again - Elvis Week - Saved
Top 7 - Inspiration Week - People Get Ready
Top 6 - Shania Twain Songbooks - No One Needs To Know
Top 5 - Sinatra Week - Summer Wind
Top 4 - Movie Week - I'm Alright
Top 4 - Movie Week - Wiht Lee Dewyze - Falling Slowly
Top 3 - Own Choice - Come To My Window
Top 3 - Judges Pick - Maybe I'm Amazed (Ellen pick)
Top 2 - The Best Performance - Me & Bobby McGee
Top 2 - Producer Pick - Black Velvet
Top 2 - Single Song - Up In The Air

Good Luck


God Bless You.

Friday, May 28, 2010

T2 - Ku Punya Pacar

Taken from their third album, this is it... new single from T2 - "Ku Punya Pacar" (I have a boyfriend)

I quite liked this song because it's not ballad. ears seem to have too tired to hear the song ballad, because too many ballad songs circulated in Indonesia. This song gives refreshment to the ears. I would give 4.5 stars to this song. I liked it and I hope you liked it too....

This is the lyric.......

Ku punya pacar
Tidak tahu buat apa
Tidak tahu bisa apa
Tapi mau jadi pacar

Ku punya pacar
Tidak sadar punya pacar
Bikin susah jadi pacar
karena sudah punya pacar

ku punya pacar
tapi malas sekali
tapi susah sekali
kutinggal berkali kali

*ku punya pacar
sudah mantap cari pacar
tapi tidak seksi
tidak ada chemistry

kalau begini terus begini
lama lama jalan sama kamu ku bisa jadi enek
benar benar enek
kalau beigini terus begini
lama lama jalan sama kamu ku bisa jadi bosan
benar benar bosan

ku punya pacar
tidak mau mandi
tidak suka sikat gigi
tidak suak bau wangi

back to * & reff.

(mengapa ku selalu tak pernah didengar
mengapa ku selalu tak pernah didengarkan) 2x

Ku punya pacar
tak tahu buat apa

back to reff.

Andai saja kamu mau dengar aku
dengar aku...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Result For American Idol Season 9 Finale, Congratulation Lee!!!

The closing show of American Idol season nine was terrific, although last season more terrific. I said the last season more terrific because the emotion of the show more strong. This season emotion not so strong for me because no coronation song, the winning moment not so emotional like last season and there are still other.

The strong emotion from this season when give a tribute to Simon Cowell. Paula Abdul came up in the stage give a little humor to Simon Cowell even crunchy, but still okay. The most remembered moment is when all winner American Idol except David Cook singing together in one stage to give something special to Simon Cowell. That moment was terrific and I got the emotional thing with that moment. There are Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Stutdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Taylor Hicks, Kris Allen and the rest of finalist of American Idol from season one until season nine. I love that moment so much!!!!

About the duet, the most favorite duet for me is Aaron Kelly, Siobhan Magnus and Bee Gees. Aaron, Siobhan and Bee Gees beat the other duets like Michael Lynch with Michael McDonald, Casey James and I don’t know who, Crystal and Alanis Morisette, and also Lee Dewyze and Chicago. My second favorite duet is Crystal and Alanis so rocker!!!. Third favorite is Lee with Chicago.

Two winners American Idol also took the stage and performing new single from them. Kris Allen sang a song “The Truth” from his album and Carrie Underwood bring a new single from her third album Play On called “Undo It”. I got chill from Kris and Carrie performance because I’m a big fans of them forever and ever, however I will liked their performances hahaha… But honestly their performance was good!! Don’t believe it?? Just check it by yourself….

Top 6 girls become an opening act for Christina Aguilera. Top 6 girls singing a song from Christina called “Beautiful” & “Fighter”. All top six girls sounds very well and prove that their deserve compete in top 12. Katie Stevens was so beautiful, Lacey Brown was so fabulous, Siobhan give a sexyness, Paige bring a quirkyness to her style and Didi Benami is stunning me.

All contestants except Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox also be an opening act for Janet Jackson performance. Janet Jackson performance also good and she is performing two songs in Idol Stage, however I don’t know two songs sang by Janet Jackson haha… >.<

Before the result, as usual video journey of last two contestants played. Also collaboration by last two contestants, but in this season two contestants duet by another artist too.

Now it’s time for the result and………

 Congratulation for Lee Dewyze!!!! ^^ 


Goodbye for Simon Cowell………. 

*I think Simon Cowell so happy with the result because Simon looks like want Lee win in this season……

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review Grand Final American Idol Season Nine

My review for grand final American Idol season nine :

Lee Dewyze – The Boxer
For me, that performance is better than what you did before. You more connect to the song and the connection was terrific. It feels you tell your story in American Idol competition. That was a good performance to open the show, but I know you can more than this.

Crystal Bowersox – Me & Bobby McGhee
I think, what you did before better than this, but that performance also a good performance. In the beginning a little bit ordinary, but goes to the end you show a great vocal performance. Agree with Simon, glad to see you back in the game, after has a difficult week by week. Good performance by you and you are a difficult contender for Lee.

Lee Dewyze – Everybody Hurts
The producer is picking a perfect song choice for you, Lee. I see a tremendous job by you in how you feel the song, connect with the song and deliver the message to the people. That was tremendous, Lee. The emotion was tremendous, but I want to see you more in vocal performance. Agree with Simon again, you must give it 10 out of 10 because we know you can do that and make it happen.

Crystal Bowersox –
Wow! You really want to win this competition, Crystal. You show a performance full of effort and again the vocal performance was hot. When you down from the stair to the stage, you show a great confidence in how you walk, how you sing and in your face. Well done Crystal. That’s terrific.

Lee Dewyze – Beautiful Days
I agree with Kara. Sometime you have a good moment and sometime you have a bad moment in your performance, but Lee see your journey in American Idol really blew me away. Look at you when you came to the audition and see your performance in first live show, lack of confidence and star presence. Now look at you, you more confidence and the star presence so shine from you. You show to all the people in the world, how could this show change somebody from nothing become something. You are the most growing up contestant in this season and you really deserve to standing in the final, Lee. Very very incredible journey….

Crystal Bowersox –
Crystal, when the contestant has the peak moment in the final, that contestant keeps a big chance to win. You just show that, Crystal. That a peak moment by you so far in this competition. The vocal is great, your emotion was terrific, and everything about your performance is spectacular. That performance is my favorite performance from you in this season and also my favorite performance entire of season nine. That performance is a great performance to close this whole competition and I believe that performance can bring you to win this competition. Wowwwwww…..!!!! Go Mamasox!!!

So my superstar for the final edition of season nine is……

Crystal Bowersox

My rank performance of final night in American Idol Season 9 :
1. Crystal Bowersox Third Performance
2. Crystal Bowersox Second Performance
3. Lee Dewyze Second Performance
4. Lee Dewyze First Performance
5. Crystal Bowersox First Performance
6. Lee Dewyze Third Performance

Honeslty befor I watch their performance in final. My favorite to win this competition is Lee Dewyze. My reason pick Lee to be a winner in American Season Nine is incredible journey by him in this competition. He just prove how can this show change somebody life. Lee just showed that by change from nothing became something. That was my reason why I really want Lee win this competition.

But now my favorite is change….

After watch final performances, my favorite move from Lee to Crystal. Crystal showed great performances in the final. She just showed that she really want to win this competition. This is singing competition and Crystal gave fantastic vocal performances in the final. Not just that, she deserve to win because she is the most consistent contestant in this season nine and the contestant who really know herself from first live show. I think she is the best contestant of this season and also the best vocal/voice in this season. This is singing competition and Crystal has all great things need in singing competition because of that she really deserves to win.

I want Lee win because his fantastic journey in Idol and fantastic growing up in this competition.
I want Crystal win because she has a fantastic voice/vocal, fantastic musicality and everything whose need by an artist or singing competition she has it.

So who will win?? Watch the final part of American Idol Season Nine or last result show of this season with live in Star World @7AM (For JKT and Bangkok) (Also for Asian people only)

WHO WILL WIN???? CRYSTAL!!!!!! LEE!!!!!..... just let see haha ^^

Casey James Didn't Make It In To Finale

Casey James must leave the competition when the competition through to the finale. Make Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze one step closer to take the title American Idol season nine.

My opinion said that Casey James journey in American Idol season nine is a safe journey. I said that because early in the competition Casey show a safe performance week by week. First live show (top 24), Casey show a good performance by singing “Heaven”, a song from Bryan Adams. Move to second live show (top 20), singing “I Don’t Want To Be” Casey James not give a good progression in this week. Same with third live show (top 16), Casey didn’t give a huge progression.

From top 12 until top 10, Casey still played safe and showed only great guitar performances. Honestly I didn’t remember Casey performance within three weeks. Casey big progression happen when he sang “Jealous Guy” in Lennon & McCartney songbooks week. Casey’s performance in top nine is the best performance in whole idol competition, for me.

After “Jealous Guy” performance, Casey back to his comfort zone in top nine again. Move to top 7, this performance is one of the bad performances by Casey James in American Idol competition. Fiuh! I’m glad because in top 6, Casey back to the game (competition). Casey’s performance in top six is one of the best performances by him in Season 9 competition.

In top five, Casey James performance is more going backward. Casey’s performance in top five is the baddest performance by Casey James in American Idol season nine. In this condition, Casey chance to win this season more difficult because Crystal’s too strong to beat by him and Lee stronger week by week. He only can beat Aaron and Michael and it happen.

He beat Aaron in top five and beat Michael in top four, but his journey ended in top three. It is a maximum journey for him. In top four, Casey took a risk with change the arrangement of “Mrs. Robinson” and play ukulele or little guitar in his performance, for me that just okay performance because for me top four is the baddest week in season nine. I can’t get chill in top four performances, just one performance that I can remember and I liked, that is Crystal & Lee duet performance “Falling Slowly”.

Top three performances, everybody kill Casey James. Crystal and Lee performances are much better than Casey James. Casey James sang with good and also can show a great guitar playing, but it’s not enough for top three. I think a lot people can predict that Casey will be voted off in top three.

Casey James has a great talent. The talent is not just singing, but also plays guitar. He can sing with very well and for sure everybody can admit that and of course everybody can admit too that Casey is a great guitar player. Keep doing this, Casey!!... You’re born to be a musician. You have a great voice and you can sing with very well too and also you very talented in playing guitar. So what else to do?? Music industry is your destiny, keep on movin buddy!!...

My advise for you, out from your comfort zone. Being in comfort zone not always give a good thing in life, sometime can bring a negative thing too. Be wise, Casey!!... Sometime out from comfort zone is good to refreshing yourself and definitely in music out from comfort zone can give chill to the people. At sometime take a risk Casey, no pain no gain, so in this life you must take a risk too, don’t playing safe too much.

So… good luck for you, Casey!!... I believe you will have a tremendous career in music industry. Base on your talent, you can make a hit record. So just wish u all the best…..

History performances by Casey James :
Top 24 - Top 12 Guys - Heaven
Top 20 - Top 10 Guys - I Don't Want To Be
Top 16 - Top 8 Guys - You'll Think Of Me
Top 12 - Rolling Stone Week - It's All Over Now
Top 11 - Billboard No.1 Hits Week - The Power Of Love
Top 10 - R&B Week - Hold On I'm Coming
Top 9 - Lennon & McCartney Songbooks Week - Jealous Guy
Top 9 Again - Elvis Week - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Top 7 - Inspiration Week - Don't Stop (Yesterday's Gone)
Top 6 - Shania Twain Songbooks Week - Don't
Top 5 - Frank Sinatra Week - Blue Skies
Top 4 - Movie Week - Mrs. Robinson
Top 4 - Movie Week - feat. Michael Lynch - Have You Ever Really Loved Woman
Top 3 - Own Choice - Ok, It's Alright With Me
Top 3 - Judges Choice - Daughters

Watch Casey James performances again

Watch video curtain call from Casey James

Goodbye Casey James


See Ya!! In The Real World.......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Harmoni... Up Up n Up

I just wanna share this.... the video promotion of Harmoni concert in SCTV

Many great artists will perform, many popular songs will play, and of course the crazy arrangement will be shown.

Lead by Andi Rianto and accompanied by Magenta Orchestra

Don't forget to watch Harmoni in SCTV...... on 20th every month
This event so terrific awesom!! ^^

I liked it very much and I really recommend to you, to watch the show.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Harmoni @SCTV

Friday, 20 May 2010
For the first time I watched the show called Harmoni. Harmoni shown in SCTV (SCTV is one of the national television in Indonesia). Harmoni is a music concert and this music concert lead by Andi Rianto and accompanied by Magenta Orchestra. Magenta Orchestra is a team music orchestra who built by Andi RIanto. In my knowledge, Harmoni concert just shown once in a month. But when I watched this show, I think once a month not enough maybe SCTV must make twice a month haha…..

Harmoni concert invite many popular artist in Indonesia. Like the concert I watched last Friday, this show invite artist like Gita Gutawa, Duo Maya, Kuburan (Vocalist), Seventeen (Vocalist), Sherina, Afgan and many more. Of course they are singing a popular song too. The arrangement of the song changed by Andi Rianto, so the popular songs who already knew by the people feel so different, unique and so refreshing and also sounded great. That reason who make me fall in love with this show. It is one of great Indonesia music event. I can’t wait for next episode of Harmoni concert haha…..

Honestly, I’m not watched this show with full. Although like that, I’m still glad because I can see a great show like Harmoni concert. So for the next edition of Harmoni concert, I must watch.

Now I will share to you about a great performance in this Harmoni concert. A song called “Lupa Lupa Ingat” who had been popular by Kuburan Band feel so different when the arrangement changed. This performance is one of a great performance of that night. It so unique performance, so refreshing performance, also sounded good and this performance can show a funny moment too.

Afgan also show a great performance. Afgan sing three songs in this concert like “Cinta Dua Hati”, “Terima Kasih Cinta” and “Cinta Satu Malam”. The best performance by Afgan is when he sang a last song “Cinta Satu Malam”, the old song who sang again by Afgan. Afgan performance feel so great and one of another peak moment in this Harmoni concert. You must see this performance, great!!! (Please see this video and enjoy ^^)

I have many favorite performances in this concert because of that I can’t share to you one by one. The last performance I will share to you is one of great performances too. The performers not a popular artist but the performance is very great. Sang with great and the arrangement is SICK, the arrangement blew me away so much and make me so stunning, insane!!. The performer is singers from Magenta Orchestra with one boy and three girls. They sang ten popular songs with medley. The ten popular songs are “Kejujuran Hati” (Popular by Kerispatih), “Bukan Cinta Biasa” (Popular by Afgan), “Serpihan Sesal” (Popular by Duo Maya), “Nuansa Bening” (The new version popular by Vidi Aldiano), “Untuk Mencintaimu” (Popular by Seventeen Band), “Ingat Kamu” (Popular by Duo Maya), “Cinta Putih” (Popular by Kerispatih), “Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia” (Popular by Gita Gutawa), “Bukan Permainan” (Popular by Gita Gutawa) and closed by the song “Sepanjang Usia” (Popular by Kerispatih). See?? The arrangement so insane because can medley ten popular songs with smooth, unique, different, refreshing so much and sounded so fantastic great wonderful WOW!!!. This performance so stunning me so much and I will give standing ovation to this performance.

The other performance that I’m not shared in this post also good and great. Like Gita Gutawa feat. Duo Maya sing a song “Mau Tapi Malu”, Sherina sing a hit song from her “Cinta Pertama dan Terakhirku”, and many more.

That’s it… what I can share to you, guys!!! If you have a chance to see this concert again, you must watch it guys!!!. So this is the time for me to sign out, see you again in my next post and don’t forget to catch Harmoni concert in next month only in SCTV and also don’t miss my post talking about that concert, okay??? Bye bye guys!! ^^

Friday, May 21, 2010

Indonesian Idol Top 13 Review & The Result

Top 13 Indonesian Idol hit the stage again this Friday. With theme "Indonesia Super Band" all contestants ready to rock n roller central park stage. This week two contestants must going home?? who two people will eliminated??? Just wait and see....

Gilang – Nakal (Naughty)
I agree what all judges said. I agree with Melly about your style like Arman style. Also agree with Anang that you lose control go to the end of the song. But I must agree with Agnes too. For me this performance is the first time, Gilang bring completeness to his performance. Yeah in the middle you make a mistake, but it’s not a big problem for me. For the first time I like Gilang performance. For me this is the best performance by Gilang so far in this Idol competition.

Ray – Tak Ada Yang Abadi (Nothing is Eternal)
Overall it’s a good performance. You can hit the high notes, interpretation to the song you also good and you still be Ray (yourself) in that song, but the thing that a problem for me is your performance too theatrical. This song has a deep feeling, but you turn the song to theatrical. For some people will like it but for some people like me not really like it. But overall once again I said that’s a good performance from Ray and I’m not really like it. At least Ray consistent.

Dea – Sang Penghibur (The Entertainer)
Dea, I think Dea is going backward week after week. I feel same like Erwin at some moment I like Dea performance but at some moment I dislike Dea performance. At sometime for me Dea push too much. Nothing special from Dea performance and just feel alright and okay for me. But still believing Dea…..

Windra – Walau Habis Terang (Though Low Light)
Windra we know you can sing with good, sing with honesty and pure. But I want more from this. Gladly, Windra not did the freaky thing like last week, but in singing it feels same like last week. I still didn’t get the special thing from Windra performance. For me that performance is also forgettable. Sorry Windra… you must explore yourself more and bring your character and personality more to the stage.

Diana – Cinta Ini Membunuhku (Love is Killing Me)
Just three contestants for me can bring a different thing to the song in this competition. They are Ray, Citra and Diana. Overall that’s a good performance but like Ray performance, it’s too theatrical. Because too theatrical impact to the emotion with the song. The emotion a little bit lack, but still good performance from you, Diana.

Rio – Cinta Gila (Crazy Love)
My statement about Rio can win this competition is not wrong. You still have a chance to win this competition, especially after that performance. I think you’re back to the competition with that performance, for last three weeks Rio performance is so bad. Now Rio performance is improving and more better. I hope next week Rio much better from this.

Tesa – Jangan Pernah Berubah (Do Not Ever Change)
Tesa Tesa…. For me You’re getting better week by week. Tesa more relax in Idol stage, that’s good. How you feel the song, I more liked it. Tesa, although just a little bit, but I can catch the star presence in that performance. I agree with Agnes you must improve again to make the song feels so different and can give something new to Indonesian people. At least, Tesa in right direction.

Fendi – Sudahi Perih Ini (This Poignant Finish)
Nice to see you sing a ballad song and nice performance from you, Fendi. I didn’t get a big problem with that performance. Nice, save and good for tonight competition. I think Fendi deserve in the next week competition, because that was a surprising performance from Fendi and Fendi prove that he can sing a ballad song with good.

Ica – Rasa Yang Tertinggal (Feeling Left Behind)
That performance much million better than last week. Ica back to the competition and ready to compete with another contestants. For me too much action in your act stage performance, Ica. But it’s not a big problem. Ica, I think your performance is save but I don’t know that performance is strong enough to bring you to another week, I’m not sure. Just hope for the best for you, Ica….

Citra – Menghapus Jejakmu (Erase Your Trail)
Citra, your performance is so refreshing. The most refreshing performance in tonight show. What I must to say again either than good, great, and very catchy performance. Keep up the good work and keep explore to can give a something new week by week. Great job citra!!

Keyko – Dilema Cinta (Dilemmas of Love)
You’re so beautiful tonight, Keyko. I think the most beautiful contestant in tonight show. How about your performance?? Hmmmm…. Spectacular!!! In my opinion this is the most spectacular performance in tonight show. Great job, Keyko. You’re progression this week is so huge. Your technique miking is improve, the dynamic is improve, everything about you is improve, Keyko. For Rossa, Watch out!!, Keyko ready to be your contender. Well done, Keyko.

Igo – Terbakar Cemburu (Burning Jealousy)
100% agree with Erwin, you’re being the dark horse in this competition. You always give a good progression week by week. That’s a tremendous performance by Igo. For me that the best performance by you, Igo, so far in this Idol competition. Keep up the good work and kick all butt

Mona – Biarlah (Let It Be)
I really remember when you sing an up-beat song and you fail to sing that song. Now you prove that you can sing an up-beat sing with very well. That performance is really spectacular to close this show tonight. I really enjoy with your performance. See you next week, Mona.

So my superstar for tonight performance is between Citra, Igo and Keyko. My pick is………

This is my rank for tonight performance :
Strongest performance from second spectacular show, If going home I will be very shock because they deserve in next week competition
1. Keyko
2. Igo
3. Citra

Not strong performance but still good performance and of course deserve in next week competition and also have an issue to drop into the bottom three
4. Mona
5. Gilang
6. Ray
7. Diana
8. Fendi
9. Rio
10. Tesa

For me, they don’t give a good progression in their performance, for some people are going backward……
11. Ica
12. Dea
13. Windra

So my bottom three Ica, Dea and Windra. Because in top 13, two contestants must going home… so my pick is Ica and Windra. I’m still believing that Dea can more good than tonight performance.

The result has announced Ica and Mona must going home in top 13 performance. My opinion said Ica deserve to going home, but Mona not deserve. Mona journey is too fast to ended now in top 13 performance. She has a big potential to compete in top five. What we must do?? the result already spoken that Ica and Mona journey must ended. Goodbye for Ica and Mona, Good Luck for both of you.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Officially this site will support Citra for the next Indonesian Idol

After workshop round is over and first spectacular round shown, I make decision who contestant will I or this site support to be the next Indonesian Idol. Before I announced who I support to be the next Indonesian Idol, I will tell you how this decision is made.

In my pocket, I’ve got some name to get my full support for this season Indonesian Idol. They are Citra, Dea, Diana, Ray, and maybe Andi. But one name must eliminated because Andi left right in the first spectacular show. So just left four name between Citra, Dea, Diana and Ray.

Dea is absolutely great and she has a big chance to get the title Indonesian Idol 2010, but last performance I think she lost a little bit identity. Because that reason, I’m not longer support Dea in Indonesian Idol competition.

Just left three name between Citra, Diana and Ray. Ray is my third place favorite. I know he on the great progression week after week, but what Citra did and Diana did more make blew me away than Ray. So in other word, Ray is my top favorite among male contestant.

So pick one between Citra and Diana is so hard. This two girls give a tremendous performance in last performance and both of them prove that they have a superstar aura. So with many consideration, I make my decision.

Sorry for Diana because you be my second place favorite. Both of them are great, but I more fall in love with Citra voice than Diana. Citra voice is so unique and very different. I believe if Citra can pick a right song, she can survive in this competition until top five.

So my full support will be for Citra from Yogyakarta. 

Vote for Citra in Indonesian Idol!!!!!......

Don’t forget to catch the Indonesian Idol show in RCTI @9PM WIB……..

American Idol Season 9 Big Three Result Show

Today is the day what we've been waiting for. Today we know who two contestants who didn't eliminated and through into grand final American Idol. Will be a great guitar player, Casey James?? Or one and only girl left in the competition, Crystal Bowersox??? Or the most growing up contestant, Lee Dewyze??

We’ve got the funny moment in top three result show. Casey statement is funny, “Not single comment is useful” hahahaha…. Whereas Crystal and Lee said that comment from the judges is really helpful hahaha. But I must agree with Casey James not every comment is useful sometime the comment from judges make the contestant so confusing like happens to Katie Stevens.

Hometown visit… who contestant will cry in this season??? We’ve got two contestant. Lee cry in hometown visit and Crystal cry in idol stage. Casey going home to Texas, Crystal going home to Ohio, and Lee going home to Illinois.

American Idol has two guest star and they are Travis Garland and Justin Bieber. Travis Garland singing a song called “Believe” and Justin Bieber singing two songs “U Smile” and “Baby” with medley. Justin Bieber gave a tremendous performance in American Idol stage. Honestly I’m surprise by what Bieber doing in that stage. Great things about that performance are medley two songs, sing with very well, give a great act stage performance, and close his performance with great moment (playing drum). That’s a great job and great performance by Justin Bieber.

After Bieber performance it’s time for the result. Lee is the first contestant announced by Ryan who through in to the finale and Crystal is the second contestant announced. So sorry for Casey James, his journey must ended in big three and can’t taste the feel in the finale.

Yeayyyy what I want is happen…. Lee and Crystal in the finale…. So don’t forget to watch American Idol finale next week and find out who the winner American Idol this season.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol Big Three Performances, Who Will Make It In To The Finale?

Last three contestants take American Idol stage and that is Casey James, Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze. I think this top three performances not such a great show, just good. My expectation is in top three everybody should give a spectacular performance. The spectacular performance just perform by one and only Lee Dewyze in his last performance. Crystal doing good too, her performance feel so full of effort. For Casey, I don't think he show the best for him and beaten by Crystal and of course Lee.

This is my review :

Casey James
It's a nice performance. I can enjoy Casey performance, but this is big three and next week is the finale. I want a big and spectacular performance from every contestants. Also take a hard way not just pick a save song like what Casey did. That so save performance, just alright and okay. That performance indicate that you don't want to be in finale.

Crystal Bowersox
Crystal performance indicate what artist she want to be and what a record she want to make. You really really show who you are in that performance and I hope people like it and vote for Crystal. So we can see you in the finale.

Lee Dewyze - Simple Man
I don't feel that a very spectacular performance, but that performance still good for tonight and show to all people that Lee really want win this competition. It feel so effortless and so far Lee performance the most I liked. The thing that I liked about Lee too is you really grown up in this competition, look at Lee when in the early of competition and now, really different, sure thing in confidence and star presence.

Casey James - Daughter
Casey is back to the competition. Kara and Randy pick a right song choice for Casey. Casey should more show his emotion to the song, because when Casey get the emotion and really connect to the song, that performance will be so great. But I must agree with Simon, the climax not so great with this song, but for me I still liked it.

Crystal Bowersox - Maybe I'm Amazed
This is what I've been waiting for. This is a kind of performance that I want to see in big three performance. Crystal performance so great, very spectacular and I'm surprise Ellen can pick a great song for Crystal That was a hot vocal performance from Crystal and prove that Crystal is the best vocal in this big three. If Crystal not in the final, I will be shock, because Crystal the only one who has the best vocal, Crystal really know herself as an artist, and Crystal really consistent in this competition. So my pray and my hope, to see you in the final.

Lee Dewyze - Hallelujah
It's the first performance by Lee can make me feel a goosebumps. OMG that was a great great performance by Lee. This is the best performance by Lee so far in this competition, it so memorable and the best moment from Lee too in this competition. See what Lee did in this whole competition, Lee very deserve to be in the final. About the growing up, Lee are the most growing contestant in this competition. You beat two other contestant with clear in this big three performance. I hope I can see Lee in the final. Great job!!!!

So my superstar for big three performances is...............


This is my rank for big three performances :
1. Lee Dewyze Second Performance
2. Crystal Bowersox Second Performance
3. Casey James Second Performance
4. Lee Dewyze First Performance
5. Crystal Bowersox First Performance
6. Casey James First Performance

Don't miss the result show... tomorrow night in Star World for know who will out and who two American Idol hopeful make it to the finale. Juz for Asian People ^^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Mike Just Reached Into Top 4

A long and winding journey for Big Mike. I said that because Big Mike really got a peaked moment in the early of the show, but Big Mike performance going backward when the competition go to the top 12. Michael got a shining moment again in top 6 and top 5, but in my opinion it’s too late because many people already falling in love with Lee and Crystal who both of them have consistency in their performance week by week.

In season nine, Big Mike is the contestant received a “save” from judges. The reason all judges gave him “save” because I think all judges can see the great potential in him. When Michael sang a song called “This Woman’s Work” everybody can see what artist Michael want to be and I think that performance really hard to be forgettable. Until now I still remember how great that performance. Unfortunately Big Mike can’t show a great performance like that again in big stage. Mike only can show the performance almost great like that or show a great vocal performance.

The thing can make him out from the competition is bad performance by him in top four performance, that a first reason. Second reason is he must pick a song really show Michael as an artist, pick a soulful R&B song, but he didn’t do that. He pick a song from Michael Jackson and make the arrangement like orchestra and little bit like Glee. When he did something like that, he out from the competition and in top four he did almost same like moment he eliminated and got “save” from the judges, very unfortunate.

Based on potential and talent, I think Big Mike can stand in the finale, but the bad song choice and the bad way that he pick make his journey so difficult and ended in top four. If Mike can show again his performance like “This Woman’s Work” for a couple time in big stage, I think Mike can fill one spot in the top three. But the fact already happen and Mike only reached into top four.

So for Mike my advise is make a record like “This Woman’s Work”. That performance is so great and I believe if you take a record like that many people will liked it. Take a genre soul R&B with a deep emotion that you can feel it, Mike. Because if you can feel it, you really can deliver the message to the audience and people can feel your emotion, like what you did to Kara in “This Woman’s Work” performance.

Big Mike you already pick a right way in your life. Singing is part of your life. Don’t go away from singing world, you must still keep doing this. I believe you still can be a success person in singing world (music industry). Just go ahead find a label want to contract you and make a great record. Although just four placed not close a chance to be make a hit album, see Daughtry four placed but can sold million album in the world.

My support always be with you Mike because I see the big potential from you in music industry. I hope I can see you again in the real world and absolutely see you in an album, so I can hear you sing again and feel your deep emotion. Good luck to you Mike and may God always bless you and Ur family.

History performance of Michael Lynch :
Top 24 - Top 12 Guys - This Love
Top 20 - Top 10 Guys - It's A Man's Man's World
Top 16 - Top 8 Guys - This Woman's Work
TOp 12 - Miss You
Top 11 - A Man Loves A Woman
Top 10 - Ready For Love
Top 9 - Eleanor Rigby
Top 9 Again - In The Ghetto
TOp 7 - Hero
Top 6 - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
Top 5 - The Way You Look Tonight
Top 4 - Will You Be There & Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (feat. Casey James)

Watch again Michael Lynch performance

Watch video curtain call by Michael Lynch only in

Goodbye Big Mike
Hope The Best For You

American Idol Top 4 Performance, It’s a Movie Week

Casey, Crystal, Lee and Michael are the last four contestants. Only in two weeks from now, American people will know who will take the American Idol title 2010. Two weeks in the row, we also can see two contestants journey ended and can’t through in to the finale. Who journey will end?? And who journey will through until the finale?? Wait until next week. Now let’s talk about top four performances.

This week mentor is Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox also take the position as a mentor last season in top five in the rat-pack week (Jazz Week). Now he coming back in top four, when the theme go to the cinema week.

For me, this week is one of the bad weeks in Idol season 9. Honestly no one performance that I really really like. The duet is better than solo performance, but the duet is not my favorite performance too. So I can’t enjoy the show so much…..

This is my review :
Lee Dewyze – Kiss From A Rose
Lee performance is like Lee in the beginning of the show. Nothing special, just sang it well, and lack of emotion. This song has a great emotion, but Lee don’t have. This is a big song so Lee must kill the song, but Lee killed by the song. The difference is at least Lee show a confidence in this performance.

Michael Lynch - Will You Be There
Took a Michael Jackson is very risky also for him. The risky is not paid off. Jamie said he is contestant and not artist, yep I must agree. Not great performance, one of the bad performances by Michael Lynch. After this performance, Michael will be got a hard chance to through in top three because Michael performance is the baddest of the night too.

Lee Dewyze & Crystal Bowersox – Falling Slowly
Yeah this performance is my favorite tonight because this performance is more enjoyable than other performances in cinema week. I know this is not fair, but if I compare to Kris Allen performance, Kris Allen performance much million better than Lee & Crystal. The thing can make Kris Allen performance better is the emotion. Lee & Crystal sing with very good and I like the harmony too, but the emotion not so strong like Kris Allen give in this song.

Cassie James – Mrs. Robinson
The most interesting performance for cinema week. Using ukulele or in other word using small guitar in Casey performance, that interesting. Not my favorite performance and not the best performance by Casey too. Just okay performance and nice to be heard, but not many special thing in this performance.

Crystal Bowersox - I'm Alright
This is singing competition and she gave the hot vocal. I think the best vocal performance of the night, but not my favorite performance. Yes, this performance has a great vocal performance, but it not easy to enjoy. This performance just prove that Crystal is contestant with the best vocal in top four.

Michael Lynch & Casey James – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
This duet performance is better than their solo performance. Although this is also not performance that I liked so much, but still good for top 4 performances. Michael Lynch more sing good in this song, I think Michael should pick this song to be his solo performance.

My superstar of cinema week performance :

Crystal Bowersox

My Rank (Solo & Duet) :
1. Lee Dewyze & Crystal Bowersox
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Michael Lynch & Casey James
4. Casey James
5. Lee Dewyze
6. Michael Lynch

If you want to watch their performances again just visit or clik this

Don't forget to watch TOP 3 performances this week... be the first witness who two contestants will be in the finale
see ya!! ^^

Saturday, May 15, 2010

20.10 ArD Recommendations Songs, May Edition!!!

ArD recommendations songs are back only for you, my loyal readers. Now I will give you songs for the month of May. Thirty songs I will share to you for accompany you for a month ahead.

Twenty (20) international song and ten (10) Indonesian song I will recommend for you, right here and right now. Sorry If I'm a little bit too late posting this post. Enjoy this post..... ^^

Here it is 20 International Songs :
1. Katharine McPhee feat. Zachary Levi/Kara DioGuardi feat. Jason Reeves – Terrified
I ever talk this song in my previous post. So want to know this song or just listen, just find out my previous post or you can search in the label named Terrified, or the name of the artist.

2. Carrie Underwood – Temporary Home
Like Terrified, I recently talk this post. Just check in my previous post or you can search with the tag Carrie Underwood, American Idol, American Artist or Temporary Home. In that post you can enjoy the video and also you can sing because I share the lyric in that post.

3. Leona Lewis - I Got You
This is the latest single from Leona Lewis. This is a catchy song and an up-beat song. Leona rarely sing an up-beat song, so if you are the fans of Leona you must listen to this song. This song is good to heard.

4. Lifehouse - Halfway Gone
So long didn't hear named of this band. Halfway Gone is the latest single of Lifehouse band. When I hear this song for the first time, I directly fall in love. Difficult to ignore this song especially not bring this song to your playlist.

5. Shontelle - Impossible
If you know song "T-Shirt", you know Shontelle. Shontelle famous with that song. Now Shontelle back with the new single "Imposible", this song same good like "T-shirt". You must listen!!!

6. Carrie Underwood – Change
For May edition, I bring two songs from Miss. Underwood. So hard for me to pick one from that two song because "Change" and "Temporary Home" are a great song. Because of that I must put two song from Carrie in May edition. You must listen to this song, the lyric is so great and very inspiring. Enjoy two music country in this May, still alright!! ^^

7. Usher feat. Will.I.Am - OMG
Second single from album called Randy Vs Randy. This song better than previous single, especially for me. Featuring Will.I.Am in this song, make this song more sounded good.

8. Mika – Kick Ass
The unique voice Mika comeback with song for a movie. Name of movie same like title of Mika song is Kick Ass. "We are young, we are strong" a few word from this song and that word very often pop-up in my head.

9. Owl City - Vanilla Twilight
As always Owl City song is so refreshing to heard. My ear so refresh with this song. So refreshing, so different, so calm and so good to heard and also definitely deserve to put in your playlist.

10. Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin U
Miranda back with the new single called Kissin You. So far I know this artist, I think this is the best single that she have, that she made and she sang. I really like with this song, although I think a little bit girly because very pop song, but still alright to heard by the guy. Just check it out first, people!! ^^

11. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
Second edition from song named "The Empire State Of Mind". If the first edition Jay Z feat Alicia Keys, in second edition Alicia Keys just sing the song by alone. This is more smooth than the first one, but although like that the song still very good to heard because basically the song is already good.

12. Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You
13. Andrew Garcia – Forever (Live Performance)
Are you fans of American Idol??? or are you fans of Andrew Garcia?? if yes definitely you must listen to this song. The live version is much better than studio version. If you not fans of American Idol or Andrew Garcia, it's not a big problem if you listen to this song too.

14. Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go
15. Katie Stevens – Let It Be
In May edition, I filled the list by put two finalist American Idol season 9. Let me introduce you to Katie Stevens. "Let It Be" version by Katie Steven also good to heard, Katie voice sounded great in this song, live and studio version, both is great!! You must listen to this!!

16. Adele - Chasing Pavements
Old song but if you never heard Adele song, you must right here right now. The quirky singer and young talented artist who already have a grammy award in a young age has a good taste in music. "Chasing Pavements" is the first single from Adele, enjoy!!

17. Taylor Swift - Fearless
18. Travis - Side
Old song too from Travis, but not many people know how good this song. Listen to this song!! one of good song from Travis!! ^^

19. Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days
I love this song when Tim Urban sing this song in TOP 7 American Idol, but unfortunate Tim version not so good like Goo Goo Dolls version.

20. Paramore - The Only Exception
New single from Paramore. This song more soft and smooth than last two single from Paramore. This is not an usual song from Paramore, but still good. I think this song more enjoyable than "Ignorance"

Now It's time for 10 Indonesian Songs :

Honestly I got a difficult time to pick ten Indonesian Songs because I'm a little bit boring with genre music in Indonesia. I'm boring because many Indonesian song type like slow, smooth, romantic and love song like type of Ballad song. I want something different with honest.

But although like that, finally I can make it!! here it is......

1. Indah - Baru Aku Tahu Cinta Itu Apa
New artist from Indonesia. First single from her good to heard, but no so much different like music in Indonesia. Slow, smooth and kind of Ballad song and also romantic or love song. Beside that, at least this good still good to heard.

2. Andra & The Backbone – Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku
What I love about Andra & The Backbone is the character voice of the vocalist, so refreshing and very unique. Not a surprising song from Andra & The Backbone, but always good to enjoy.

3. Po3three - Ku Tak Laku
This music a little bit girly in my opinion and really really a pop song, but it's okay because in Indonesia it such been a long time no kind of music like this. So just enjoy the new girl band from Indonesia Po3three.

4. Tohpati feat. Wilson – Tersiksa Lagi
Tohpati is a great musician in Indonesian and Wilson is runner-up Indonesian Idol season four. Finally one of alumni Indonesian Idol came up to the music industry again. After many alumni Indonesian Idol gone with no story. Hope for the best for Wilson. Just listen, this song is good!! ^^

5. Dewi Sandra feat. Dimas Beck – Dansa
As always this type of song is a type song good for Dewi Sandra. Now she duet with Dimas Beck, Dimas not give a pecial thing to the song in my opinion. If Dewi Sandra sing by alone, I think this song still good.

6. Kahitna – Mantan Terindah
Indonesian people know that Kahitna is a band full of love, because song from Kahitna always talk about love. Like the new single still talk about love. In english "Mantan Terindah" mean "Former Loveliest".

7. The Virgin – Belahan Jiwa
Finally The Virgin show up with the new single. After they launch "Cinta Terlarang", they not launch another single, but now they finally made it launch the second single.

9. Thalita Laitef – Aw Aw Awas
Music industry is the new world for her. She began her career from acting. After that she goes to presenter and now she trying music industry. Not a bad job for her, the first single from her good to heard and nice to enjoy.

8. Glenn Freddly – Tersimpan
Like Kahitna, Glenn also a singer who always sing a love song. He is a really romantic singer and his emotion to the song so great and very deep. He is one of my favorite singer in Indonesia, because although he sang a love song, but he genre not just pop sometime he goes to jazz, soul and R&B. He not just caught in one genre of music.

10. Ada Band - Pemujamu
I'm not really really addicted with Ada Band latest single. For me the previous - previous single from Ada Band more good than this, but if I must compare to the another song in Indonesia this song still good to heard.

That's it guys, my recommend songs for you in may edition. I hope you like with the song that I recommend to you. Enjoy!!!

If you have a comment just leave it bellow this post. Thank you!! ^^

Indonesian Idol : Recap and Result For Top 14

Top 14 performance already began, seven guys and seven girls fight for their life and of course fight for their dream to be an Indonesian idol 2010. Everybody show the best that they can do in top 14 performance. Unfortunately someone journey must ended tonight.

The show open by top 14 performance. After that with consecutive all fourteen contestants perform. Theme for top 14 performance is song who ever sung by the contestant until the last workshop performance. If you want to know what song who they pick and want to know my review about they performance, just check my previous post with title “Indonesian Idol Top 14, This Is My Review” or with the label or tag “Indonesian Idol”. After that, 14 contestants perform the song of Indonesian Idol called “Idola Indonesia” in English mean “Indonesian Idol”.

Before the result announced, Agnes Monica who take the one seat of the judges and be the mentor in this top 14 performance hit the stage. Agnes Monica perform her single “Kau Godai Aku” (You Tease Me). Agnes give a spectacular performance and really really give all fourteen contestant a lesson learned. Agnes give a spectacular vocal performance, spectacular act stage performance, spectacular stage presence, expression and everything needed to be a superstar she gave it with a spectacular.

So here it is, the result. Daniel has announced and the bottom three of the night are Andi, Dea and Ica. Dea the first contestant from three contestant in the bottom three told by Daniel that she save. Next it’s turn for Ica, Daniel told her that her save for another week and will meet again with another contestant, judges and of course Daniel in top 13. So make Andi must leave the show again, this is the second time for Andi to going home.

That’s all recap for Indonesian Idol top 14 performance.

Before I close this post, I want talk another topic about Indonesia Idol. Indonesian Idol turn the big stage, but my opinion this stage not so good. If I must compare to the last season (season 5) stage or season five stage, this season stage is the worst. This stage give a hard job for a cameraman to take the picture to shoot, because when all contestant perform together in that stage the cameraman can’t take the whole picture from 14 contestants, if they can they must take from a far side and make a picture too small. Very unfortunate…..

One another thing not to maximum is the video journey of contestant who played when contestant going home. If you see the American Idol, the video journey can make our emotion connect with that video. Indonesian Idol from season one until season six never can make a good video journey. The video journey always bad and can’t make our emotion connect with that video. But I must praise with this season because this season is the best video journey ever, although in my criteria this video journey still wasn’t good.

That my recap, my result and a little bad things about Indonesian Idol this season.

If you want to see again posting talking about review performance, recap, and result Indonesian Idol, just wait until next week…. See ya my loyal readers….. ^^

Indonesian Idol Top 14, This Is My Review

This is my review for tonight performance

Ray – Dealova
Wowww… Ray you give me a goosebumps, I think this is the first time I feel a lot of goosebumps in this show. That’s great. Two times you perform in opening, that’s great and again you make the standard so high right in the beginning of the show. For other contestant, watch out!!!

Keyko – Separuh Nafasku (Half My Breath)
For the voice, for me you don’t have a big problem. You can sing well, but you must a little bit slow and calm a little bit. You push too much, you bring too much energy from the beginning, and at some moment over thinking for me. Keyko, You have an improvement and give a progression tonight, but you still have homework to do Keyko, definitely in up-beat song.

Dea – Masih Cinta (Still Love)
I must clear this, I think. For me this performance same great like what you’re doing before. One thing better than your previous performance is the dynamic. You gave a great dynamic, but at the beginning when you sing the song with very softly, you lose yourself and I can’t the identity of Dea. The identity of Dea didn’t out in the beginning of the performance. When you go to the half of the song the identity of Dea more out. So there is some progression, but there is some going backward thing. But you still a strong contestant.

Gilang – Wajahmu Mengalihkan Duniaku (Your Face Turned My World)
Gilang, for three week the problem for you is you can’t blend with the song. This time 75% you can blend with the song, but at the middle after you gave the flower to Agnes you become confuse and don’t know what you should do. From that moment your performance is getting worse too much improvement and more over tune (pitchy) and also you’re breathing is getting worse too. Not good performance for me, Gilang.

Rio – Separuh Jiwaku Pergi (Half My Soul Away)
Rio you too fast in the beginning, but I like your voice when the end of the sentence in the beginning part, it sounded beautiful. Make me realize if you sing with smooth and the notes is right in the pocket, you voice sounded so beautiful. In this performance, I felt you more blend with the song right now and make me can feel your emotion, but lately your vocal performance is going down. The vocal performance is not great like when you sing the song previous. Overall this performance is better than what you doing last couple week.

Tesa – Matahariku (My Sun)
I love your outlook. Very current, make you more look beautiful and your beauty very very out and so shinning tonight. Tesa, in this time I must agree with Anang. In the end, your energy not maximum so make the dynamic not perfect. Yes, you sing with the dynamic and your improvement also well. Just for me a little bit lack of energy in the end, so feel flat for me. Overall that a great vocal performance, you can hit the high notes with very good that’s awesome. At least, this is singing competition and you show a hot vocal performance.

Citra – Mau Dibawa Kemana (Want To Be Taken Where)
That performance is so cool, Citra!!!. My favorite performance so far in this tonight show. I like everything you show tonight. You so have fun in that stage, you so relax, very comfortable and make all people got have fun and very comfort see you in that stage. Fantastic Citra!! Keep up the good work!....

Andi – Kasih Tak Sampai (Impossible Love)
In the beginning not good vocal performance for me, because at some point you over tune (I mean pitchy), but when you sing in the reff part and goes to the end that’s alright. Andi, definitely you have a good voice, but that performance not have a special moment for me so I’m not sure that performance will be so memorable. That song is so deep, but you didn’t give the deep of the song. So your performance just alright and okay for me and also very save performance.

Windra – Isabella
You looks so weird when you want to sing, no expression. The make over is really work for you, you more good looking tonight. Back to your performance, that performance so robotic for me, I better heard you in the radio, I hate your act and body language in that stage very robotic, so stiff!!. Overall that not very good, not good performance for me, a little bit boring, no special moment, forgettable and many people can sing like that especially the people have an ability like you, Windra. What a good things about you, you sing with the honesty and have a great accent melayu. Maintain the good things and improve the bad things. Still have a lot to do for you Windra, especially if you want this competition and stay longer in this competition.

Mona – Aku Harus Jujur (I Must Honest)

That performance much million better than your last performance. I think definitely you can sing with good, Mona. My advise for you : learn to make a climax and explore yourself again to find something special in yourself who can make you different and unique than the other. Find the special thing and show it in to your performance, I think you will be great!!

Ica – Mati Rasa (Numb)

What I like of this performance is I like the concept of your performance, the trumpet thing, a dramatic thing, I liked it so much. When you start singing, maybe this is will be the best performance by you because it so interesting performance, but I’m wrong. You push too much in the end, and make your performance so bad, very bad. You really really want show your ability to hit the high notes, but actually destroyed. Ica you have a great vocal ability, but you too much tonight and maybe you will be in trouble tonight.

Fendi – Status Palsu (False Status/Fake Status/Fake ID)
Your style is very cool tonight Fendi and also your act stage. So far your style and your act performance in the stage is the best so far, but you’re singing so ordinary and feel so save. Nothing special with you’re singing. It seems this is what you can do in this competition, you cover your singing with your style and your act performance in stage because that thing can make your performance more special and more memorable. If you want to be a singer, you must really really improve and study more more n more how to sing with great. If you just satisfied with this, you will have a difficult career in solois, better you make a boy band.

Igo – Pandangan Pertama (First Sight)
Igo, I’m impress with your performance. Yes, you have a problem with tempo and a groovy thing. But this is what I want and I expected from your performance. You more relax in your performance, not too much improvement, and your emotion controllable with very well. Agree with Erwin, between all contestants in this competition, you’re the one who give the significant progression and I hope you still give a significant progression next week, and I believe you will.

Diana – Harmoni Cinta (Harmony Love)
Wow you are a brave woman. You pick again song that you fail to sing, I’m impress with that. I know what you expect from this performance. Whether that risky is paid off?? a good news Diana. That was a great performance. You prove to all judges and Indonesian people that you can sing this song and you can conquer this song. Just two persons can give me a goosebumps in this competition Ray for male contestant and you Diana for a female contestant. Definitely you deserve in next week competition and I think big five is waiting for you, Diana.

That’s my review…….
The superstars of the night between Ray, Citra, & Diana. But I really impress with Diana. So my superstar tonight is…… and the person who get the throne is………


This is my rank for all contestant in top 14 :
Strong performance and deserve in the next week competition in other word compete in top 13
1. Diana
2. Citra
3. Ray

Not strong but still good and have a big chance through to the next round, very deserve in my opinion
4. Mona

Good performance but still have issues who can make them out from the competition or landed them in the bottom three in tonight show competition
5. Dea
6. Tesa
7. Andi
8. Igo
9. Fendi
10. Keyko

In my opinion they will be in trouble and maybe one of them will be out. My prediction one of them will be out.
11. Rio
12. Gilang
13. Ica
14. Windra

My prediction :
My bottom three for tonight performance : Gilang, Ica and Windra
My prediction will out from the competition : between Gilang and Windra…. And I pick Windra

I know the bad performance of the night are Ica for the female and Windra for the male, but Ica has more potential to be great than Windra. So for Ica and Gilang this moment just the moment for slap them to realize and more improve their performance. So I more happy if Windra out of the competition.

As soon as possible I will give the recap tonight show and of course the result.... Wait for my next post.... Thank you!! and See ya!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home

I ever talking about Carrie Underwood, when she will launch a new album called “Play On” and in that post too I talked about the first single from her too called “Cowboy Cassanova”. Now I will share about her second single “Temporary Home” and her third single (maybe) “Change”.

Carrie Underwood really really prove that she a superstar and can struggle in music industry especially country. Although in country rise many contender to compete her like Swift and antebellum, but Carrie still can struggle. This prove because her album “Play On” still can debut in number one billboard chart top 200.

In third album, she not make her album to be one hit wonder, she make this album filled by many song good to heard. After “Cowboy Cassanova”, she release “Temporary Home” and I think she will release third single called “Change”. I know this song when Miss. Underwood perform and sang it in the Idol Gives back. I don’t know whether this song already have a video or no, but “Change” song is a really really great song.

In this post I will share to you how good Carrie’s song like “Temporary Home” and “Change” in the later post. I already know and realize these two songs are great and now it's turn to you to heard it and realize these two songs are great and make you fall in love to these two songs.

But now, in this post I will share just "Temporary Home" and "Change" in the next post or maybe in another word in the part 2. ^^

Please enjoy, this is it video “Temporary Home” by Miss. Underwood : (so sad video T.T)

After you enjoy the video, this is the lyric of "Temporary Home"

Little boy, 6 years old
A little too used to bein' alone
Another new mom and dad,another school
Another house that'll never be home
When people ask him how he likes this place
He looks up and says with a smile upon his face

"This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know this is my
Temporary Home."

Young mom on her own
She needs a little help got nowhere to go
She's lookin' for a job, lookin' for a way out
Because a half-way house will never be a home
At night she whispers to her baby girl
Someday we'll find a place here in this world

"This is our temporary home
It's not where we belong
Windows and rooms that we're passin' through
This is just a stop, on the way to where we're going
I'm not afraid because I know this is our
Temporary Home."

Old man, hospital bed
The room is filled with people he loves
And he whispers don't cry for me
I'll see you all someday
He looks up and says "I can see God's face"

"This is my temporary Home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through
This was just a stop,on the way To where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know this was
My temporary home."

This is our temporary home

This song is so great, it so deep. Have a great lyric too and I think give some inspiration too. The video also great. If you see the video and note the lyric very very well, ohh your emotion will be blend with Carrie and definitely the song.

The lyric so easy to understand right?? this song have a story and some Carrie songs is like that. Carrie is a great story teller and some songs from Carrie have an inspiring story. One example "Jesus Take The Wheel".

For me "Temporary Home" also one of Carrie song who have an inspiring story. I got two messages from this song, first a little bit gospel and second the truth of my life.

First message that I get : This world just Temporary Home for me and also for you, because someday we will leave this world and face our GOD in the heaven (Amin!)
Second message that I get : I don't have a true home right now, so every place that I live just my Temporary Home, but someday I believe I will have my own home not just house but really really a true home. I miss a place that I can said, "Feel Like Home" ^^

So how this song speak to you?? what the message that you get from this song?? and what now becomes your temporary home is?? tell me and share it!! ^^

(For the song "Change" I will share in the next post... see ya!!......)