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Miss Magnus Fate Only Reach In TOP 6 AI Season 9

After streak week got a hard comment for all judges, Siobhan Magnus journey must ended in top 6. So leave Crystal Bowersox for the only last girl standing in the competition this season.

In the early of the competition, Siobhan Magnus really really doing good with her performance. I think Siobhan Performance like “Think”, “Paint It Black” and “Superstition” really really terrific performance and very memorable, especially for the scream. Hahaha the scream will be so memorable and the scream really really fit for that three song. That scream make us stunning because she can hit the notes really really high.

She terrific job stop in top 10 when that week is R&B week. All judges hate her performance and I think that performance is the baddest performance from Siobhan. After that performance, Siobhan performance is going down and never great like “Think” or “Paint it Black”. After top 10, Siobhan more n more get a hard criticism for all judges. In the top 10 Siobhan cry because all judges especially Simon so rude to her. Kara really confuse with her because Siobhan never show one special identity, she change week by week and make Kara so confusing.

In the top six, Siobhan performance improve and all judges praise her, but that performance not enough to save her at least for another week. The competition is more difficult and no one want to going home at that time, everybody fight to the limit for join in the top five, everybody show a terrific job in top six and America has decided that Siobhan the one idol hopeful must going home.

From ten performance did by Siobhan Magnus, the best performance for me is between “Think” & “Paint It Black”, It’s hard to pick one!!. I will pick “Paint It Black” but after I heard again Siobhan singing “Think” in last result show, I think the best performance by her is “Think”. The worst performance by Magnus, when she sang "Through The Fire" in R&B week.

Honestly I can’t predict her prospect in the future. Till she out from the competition, we still don’t know what a kind a record she would make. She try many different genre of the song and she can do it well with everything genre of the song. This is will be give her advantage and disadvantage too. The advantage is she very flexible so she can sing everything with very well, but the disadvantage people will hard to understand Siobhan because she didn’t have the specify identity. If I said Taylor Swift, everybody who know her, will said Taylor is a country girl. So what identity will Siobhan pick?? We don’t know until Siobhan answer this, not enough just with the word, but answer with an album.

In my opinion this girl has a great potential to be a great artist, but unfortunately she had a problem with identity crisis (the identity for genre song). So I think after Idol competition she will fight with her identity first, she will doing a very very hard hard work to find her identity. So just pray Siobhan can decided the right identity, which is that identity can bring success to her life.

Siobhan did a really good job with her journey in American Idol. Many people will remember her and also she has a huge fans base. Unfortunately just one problem can’t make Siobhan go to the top five and that is identity. Aaron is a country singer, Michael is a soul R&B singer, Casey is a blouse rock singer, Lee is a pop rock singer and Crystal… she really know what kind a record will make. So what Siobhan?? Pop singer?? Country singer?? Rock?? Soul, blouse or R&B?? honestly I don’t know……

History performance of Siobhan Magnus
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - Wicked Games
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Think
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - House Of The Rising Sun
TOP 12 - Painted It Black
TOP 11 - Superstition
TOP 10 - Through The Fire
TOP 9 - Across The Universe
TOP 9 - Suspicious Mine
TOP 7 - When You Believe
TOP 6 - Any Men Of Mine

The Best Performance For ArD (Me) : Think
The Worst Performance For ArD (Me) : Through The Fire

Watch this, Siobhan Magnus Curtain Call Video

So Siobhan Magnus good luck to you, you journey so incredible, keep up the good work in your future. My pray always be with you ^^

So we must say……




Thursday, April 29, 2010

American Idol season 9 Result Show TOP 6

Last Thursday American Idol Season 9 held the result show for TOP 6. One of six idol hopeful journey must ended and can’t join into top five. Only just two girl and four guy live in this competition. Who will out??? Girl?? Or guy???

American Idol really really bring country to the idol home. They brought Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, and Sons of Sylvia. Shakira join the party too, but she not a country artist, but it’s okay because she make the idol home more spectacular.

Rascal Flatts become the first performer of the night and performing the song called “Unstoppable”. After that Miss Carrie Underwood present Sons of Sylvia to take the stage. Lady Antebellum performing the smash single called “Need You Now”. The last but not least Shakira close the show with performing “Gypsy” duet with Rascal Flatts.

The show not only give the great performance from great artists, but also fate for this six idol hopeful. When Ryan want to announced the bottom three of the night, he split to the three group. First group include Siobhan Magnus and Lee Dewyze, second group filled by Aaron Kelly and Crystal Bowersox, and the rest Michael Lynch and Casey James in the group three.

After that Ryan grab Siobhan hand and bring her to the group three, so Siobhan join with Michael Lynch and Casey James. They are the bottom three of the night. So Aaron, Crystal and Lee become the top three highest vote of the night.

Mr. Seacrest bring Mr. Lynch to sit because he is save, so leave us with Casey James and Siobhan Magnus for the bottom two of the night. Casey James never in the bottom three, until last week he drop to that zone, not just in the bottom three but directly goes to the bottom two, but luckily he still save last week. This week although Mr. James give the best shot for his performance, but America again put him in the bottom two.

For Siobhan Magnus this is the first time she in the bottom three. In my head she will save and leave us with Michael Lynch and Casey James in the bottom three, but I was wrong. Miss Magnus goes to the bottom two, not just that she must leave the show because she got the lowest number of vote of this week.

So congratulation for Mr. James because he place one spot in the top five with the rest of idol hopeful. And we must say goodbye to Miss Magnus……….

This week Result Show was terrific show, the show bring many great artist to the stage, so I hope next week they bring many great artist again to the show. Spoiler Lady Gaga will perform she newest single “Alejandro”

American Idol TOP 6 Shania Twain Songbooks Review

No more than a month we will see who the winner of American Idol Season 9, because of that we more close to the top two of this season. Now in this competition six idol hopeful still compete to get in the top 5. There are Aaron Kelly, Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynch and Siobhan Magnus. Many prediction said that Crystal, Lee and Siobhan will be in top three and make Aaron, Casey and Michael in the bottom three of the competition right now, but this is true?? I don't know and everybody don't know too, just time will answering that.

This week they all sing from Shania Twain songbooks. That beautiful lady of course be a mentor for this six idol hopeful. She is a good mentor and give a good advise. When American Idol bring Shania again to this competition, I remember when she join to be a judges in Chicago audition, and what moment I remember?? when she got awkwardly when John Park doing the audition. Hahaha that was funny moment, and the moment you will remember hahaha so funny moment and unforgettable moment.

So this is the review of six contestant in this week :

Lee Dewyze - You're Still The One
Lee change the song to be his own song and that's great!!. One another best performance from Lee by my opinion. He not just change the song to be his own song, he sang very well, and he emotion to the song very good too, really connect to the song. A way great job for him!!!

Michael Lynch - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
He's back to the game not just back but give the best performance too since "A Woman's Work" performance. This is for me the second best performance by Michael Lynch in this whole history competition. Sing with very well and really connect to the song, and also he change the song to be his own song (R&B and soul song), that's great performance by Michael. I love Big Mike performance when he goes to tender moment, he really really get the moment. Really really soul and R&B artist!!

Casey James - Don't
Casey lately lack of emotion and last week He got a slap from people of America, because Casey goes to the bottom two. Before last week Casey always save and never in the bottom three, but last week people in America give a shock therapy for Casey for put him in the bottom two. This week performance one another best performance by Casey James after "Jealous Guy". The sensitive side and emotion when sing the song is the asset for him too not just great guitar player. Everybody know that Casey a great guitar player and now he must use the sensitive side, emotion and the connection to the song in this competition, because in this way Casey performance more good, and more like able by the audiences. If Casey show the performance like this again and again, I think he can beat Siobhan to go in top three.

Crystal Bowersox - No One Needs To Know Right Now
This is the simple performance by Crystal so far in this competition. If Simon hate it, I love it!!. This is simple performance but look so classy performance. It's very enjoyable, like able and very listening. In this performance Crystal show a great musicality from her. In the past week she show a great vocal, great emotion, great arrangement and now she show her great musicality. Just simple performance but make her performance so classy for me and very like it and hard to forgettable that performance. One of another performance from Crystal that I liked it!!

Aaron Kelly - You've Got a Way
For me this is the best performance from Aaron. I agree with Simon last couple week Aaron performance is hard to be liked and to be loved. Now he performance is so good, he connect to the song and really nail it. This week is the perfect week for him and he not drop the ball, he give a best shot in his perfect week. Perfect song choice, singing very well, the connection is so good, everything is so good. Great job Aaron!!! I hope you can through to next round A.K.A Top 5. You go boy!!

Siobhan Magnus - Any Man of Mine
I like Siobhan performance. This is the first time I see Siobhan walking around the stage and look very comfortable with this big stage. I really enjoy with this performance. An issue for her is.... at sometime she connect with the song, but sometime she lost the connection too. Because of that make Siobhan performance the baddest if I must compare to the other in my opinion. Not just that the screaming part not make her performance to be more great too and not make a WOW moment too, because that screaming not too smooth.

Hard to choose the best performance of the night, because everybody doing good tonight and everybody deserve in the top five.

So my superstar for tonight between Casey James, Michael Lynch and Aaron Kelly. It's hard to choose but I must. I pick him to be the best performance because this person is my last favorite in this competition and finally he's doing great with his performance and for me now he really deserve to get the throne of this week. So my pick goes to..........


My Rank for tonight performance :
1. Aaron Kelly
2. Michael Lynch
3. Casey James
4. Crystal Bowersox
5. Lee Dewyze
6. Siobhan Magnus

So who will out?? Honestly I don't know and I can't make a prediction. This is so hard... OMG!!!!. Based on performance, I'm not crazy about Siobhan performance, so I think Siobhan will be in trouble. Although I put Siobhan in the six place, I don't think she will leave the competition, because Siobhan has a big fans base.

But I think this week all about fans base. we will see who contestant have the huge fans base. More huge the fans base, chance in to top 5 more big.

six people in this competition have a great capability to go in to top 5. Everybody deserve in that spot, because everybody already show their best performance in this competition.

So America people will have a hard time to decided who contestant not deserve in the top five. Whether Aaron Kelly not good enough in the top five?? or Casey James will get the surprise result?? or People of America dislike with Crystal Bowersox simple performance?? or Lee Dewyze will treated like a loser?? or Michael Lynch will taste the second elimination?? or the quirky girl Siobhan Magnus will get dizzy with the result??

Don't forget to catch up the result show in Starworld @5PM WIB (Asian People)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas - Make a Wave

One of my favorite artist Demi Lovato came out with the latest single called "Make A Wave". In this song, Demi duet with one of personnel Jonas Brother Joe Jonas. This couple singing this song for Disney's Friend for Change.  

What is Disney's Friend For Change?? Catch up my next post, I will share about that ^^.

This song is so good and the lyric is so meaningful. This lyric it's not hard to understood. So just read it and I believe you will understand. Because this is from Disney's Friend For Change so this song useful to give a change for this world through a song. The message of the song talking about make a change for our earth with a simple act of kindness, that is Love, Love to our earth.

"so throw a pebble in the water and make a wave, make a wave". So just did a simple act and make a difference (make a wave).

This song precisely talking about love our sea-life, the video will explain more and make you clearly about all the message in this song.... So enjoy the lyric and the video... Let sing and Make a Wave!! haha ^^

"so throw a pebble in the water and make a wave, make a wave"

Make a Wave

by Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

Joe : they say the beat of a butterflies wings
can set off a storm in the world away
Demi : what if the ride in the smallest things
can power the strongest hurricane
Joe : what if it all begins inside
Demi : we hold the key to turn the tide

Both : just a pebble in the water
Demi : ooh
Demi : can set the sea in motion
Demi : ooh
Both : a simple act of kindness
Demi: ohh
Both : can stir the widest ocean
if we show a little love
heaven knows what we could change
oh yeah
so throw a pebble in the water and make a wave
make a wave

Demi : the single joy's to take and stand
Joe : you touch your hand with someone in need
(help somebody)
Demi : don't fool yourself and say you can't
Joe : you never know what can grow
from just one seed
Demi : yeahhh
so come with me and seize the day
this world may never be the same

Demi : make a wave
yea yea yea yea yeahhh
Joe : (show a little love make a wave seize the day)
make me a wave
Demi : (make a wave yeahh)
make a wave
heaven knows what we could change
so let's show a little love you never know what we can change
Joe : throw a pebble in the water
Both : make a wave
make a wave)

so throw a pebble in the water make a wave, make a wave
Disney Make a Wave Friends

Lyric taken from:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Terrified Lyric, Let Sing!!!


Written by : Kara DioGuardi & Jason Reeves

You by the light is the greatest find
In a world full wrong
You're the thing that's right
Finally made it through
the lonely to the other side

You said it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at edge of my emotions

Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And I'm in love and I'm terrified
For the first time in the last time
In my only life

This could be good,
It's already better than last
And love is worse than knowing
You're holding back
I could be all that you needed
if you let me try

You said it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at edge of my emotions

Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And I'm in love and I'm terrified
For the first time in the last time
In my only life

I only said it cause i mean it
I only mean 'cause its true
So don't you doubt what i've been dreaming
'Cause it fills me up and holds me close
Whenever i'm without you

That's a lyric from song called "Terrified". What a romantic song right??
If you didn't check my recent post about song "Terrified" too, you must check that post. I'm talking about "who version of Terrified is the best"....
here is the link : Terrified Song, Who Version Is Better?

You know what?? This is very very good great song.... and very wonderful to sing!! ^^
So let sing this song together...... yeah!!!!!

The lyric taken from :

Monday, April 26, 2010

Terrified Song, Who Version Is Better?

Do you know song called "Terrified"??? I know this song when American Idol contestant singing this song in Hollywood week and performing great with this song. When Didi sang this song, I think this song original singing by Kara DioGuardi, but I'm wrong. Terrified song is for runner up American Idol season 5 Katharine McPhee new album called "Unbroken".

Terrified song written by Kara DioGuardi and CoWritten by Jason Reeves. So far based on my knowledge this song already sung by three great artist, like of course Katharine McPhee, Kara DioGuardi with Jason Reeves and the last but not least Didi Benami.

Do you ever listen to the song?? If u never listen to the song.... I will give the video from all of them. Just check this out.......

For Katharine McPhee I give you two video, first is studio version and second is live version....
Katharine McPhee - Terrified

Kara DioGuardi - Terrified

Didi Benami - Terrified

So what do you think??? who version is good??

Basically the song is already good. So if someone can sing, they can make this song sounded good too, because once again the song is a great song. Great lyric, great music, another great song from Kara DioGuardi.

So for me who version is the best??? as I said before the song is already great, so basically Katharine, Kara and Didi performing so good with this song. But if I must choose.............

For Me... Didi Benami version is the best because she change a little bit arrangement to make the song become more fast. Because of that the song more catchy and groovy. Also Didi voice is very fit to the song than Kara n Katharine.

I'm not said Kara and Kath version bad, they version still good but Didi version is better version...... ^^

My second choice is... this is hard, but my choice goes to Kara. Kara and Jason Reeves performing this song with just guitar, and I think this song more good if the guitar instrument more sounded. Version of Kara is not slow like Katharine version and fast like Didi version. In the middle, because of that I still can get the catchy and groovy thing from this version.

My third choice is Kath version. I still big fans of her and still love and like her version. Her version more slow and more romance, so if you're the person love the slow and romance song, you will be like this version from Katharine McPhee. Because personally I more interested with groovy and catchy song so I more like Didi and Kara version than Kath version.....

So what do you think??? who version better for you??? Leave your comment okay?? ^^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Indonesian Idol Workshop 4

8 Indonesian Idol contestant compete again this Friday. 23 April 2010 two people must out from the competition, one girl and one guy. Who will out?? let's check this out.....

This is my review for workshop 4 :

Ica - Kekasih Yang Tak Dianggap (Lovers Who Can Not Be Considered)
ArD : Hhhmm.. Based on vocal, I think you deserve through to the next round because I think one of the best vocal among all the contestants in this competition. But that performance I don't feel that a great performance and the best performance from you, because I feel nothing special with that performance. The emotion you give not strong enough for me because I'm not connect with you moreover goosebumps. So I don't know that performance is strong enough for tonight?? Let see...

Rio - Seprauh Jiwaku Pergi (Half My Soul Away)
ArD : Your performance is like Ica. Based on vocal and technique, that's great and I think you are the best in all male contestant based on vocal and technique. This song is so deep and have a great emotion, but your emotion is nothing. At some moment you like too much thinking and not just feel the song. Let your heart spoken... Use your heart when singing then you will be a great singer. Your problem still the same like last week zero emotion, you must work hard for that Rio, because you have a great potential to win this competition.

Igo - Ya...ya...ya (Ya...ya...ya...)
ArD : I think your performance seems alright, okay and save. At least, You bring a great energy to the song and I think everybody can feel your energy. But I have an issue for you too, you must control your emotion because goes to the end your emotion uncontrolled, so impact to your vocal performance. Your energy is going high then you improvement too much and when you move your vocal not stable. Other than that, everything seems good.

Keyko - Hati Yang Kau Sakiti (Heart That You're Hurt)
ArD : You can feel the song? Yes! You voice good? Yes! and I think your voice is unique, when you singing there is something can catch my attention, I don't know what but that's good and natural talent. Keep doing good in there. But for me your singing not to smooth, when you hit the high notes, it shocked me because before you hit the high notes you sing so slow,so soft and become loud with so fast. It's disturbing Keyko and it happen for couple times. Improve in that part!!

Zulfa - Jika Cinta Dia (If Love Him)
ArD : Zulfa, This song seems easy but hard to sing. I think you handle with good, but not enough for tonight Zulfa. The bad part is when you start singing, it feel shaky and not good to hear. The best moment when you hit the high notes, that the best moment. So I think you must more brave when sing this song, raises the key, and hit all the high notes and I believe you can more good handle the low notes. Not good performance from you, but you still my favorite.

Ray - Biarkan Aku Jatuh Cinta (Let Me Falling In Love)
ArD : Ray that performance is better better much million better than your last week performance. You emotion more good, you sing more good, and it feels different. Everybody knows this ST12 song, but you singing with a different style. You give a Ray touch and totally disagree with Rossa, you not captivated with ST12 style. You be yourself in this song. That's good and The best performance so far!!!

Michael - Pemujamu (Your Admirer)
ArD : Michael, so far just two people in this tonight show singing up-tempo song, you and Igo. Igo give more energy than you, and sorry to say Igo beat you. Very ordinary performance, no energy in there, you just sing well the song and make your performance a good karaoke show. Very karaoke performance. You're going backward Michael.

Mona - Aku Harus Jujur (I Must Honest)
ArD : Mona, I like many thing about you Mona. You beautiful, you sing with good, But the most thing I like about you is how you feel the song and interpretation the song, it so great. Because of that your dynamic to the song become great too. That's a perfect performance to close this show and also the best performance tonight. So if you going home tonight, I will shock!!!!!!

So that's my review and the superstar for tonight show is.............


My rank for tonight performance :
1. Mona
2. Ray
3. Keyko
4. Rio
5. Igo
6. Ica
7. Zulfa
8. Michael

So two person must going home tonight are Michael and Zulfa, based on tonight performance. But honestly I don't want both of them out from this competition, so my second choice for two people out tonight are Igo & Ica.

The commercial break is too long!!!! (>.<)

Rio is the first contestant facing the result. And Indonesia choose, Indonesia agree with all judges, you through....

Next, Mona and Keyko. Okay and Indonesia choose, Mona Indonesia very like your performance, Congratulation we meet in the another round. Keyko sorry you must wait first.

Ray calling to the center of the stage and accompany with Keyko. Indonesia choose, Ray sorry you must wait like Keyko.

Michael goes to stage and standing there with Keyko and Ray. All judges predict Michael going home, Although Agnes with the subjective view really don't want Michael going home tonight.

So Daniel promise will tell quickly the result. Ray Indonesia choose you through to the next round. Keyko and Michael whether both of you must going home tonight?? Keyko sorry to make you wait so long, you save to the next round. Michael Indonesia choose, you must waiting.

Zulfa join Michael in the center of the stage.

Igo and Ica called by Daniel and join in the center of the stage with Michael and Zulfa.

(This four contestant who I predict, two of them will out yes!!! my prediction right again tonight!!!, yes!!!)

Michael I'm very sorry to make you waiting so long said Daniel and Indonesia choose Igo to going through to the next round, so Michael your journey must ended tonight. Indonesia choose...... Ica you through to next round, Zulfa your fighting must ended tonight.

If U Want To Watch Their Performance Again Just Click This

The Journey Must Ended For The Underdog "Tim Urban"

Tim Urban journey in American Idol Season 9 must ended in the top 7. Occupy seven position in this competition, that's a achievement for him and Tim must proud to himself. Tim being underdog since TOP 24 began and he very underestimated in this competition.

The truth is Tim not through to top 24. The judges not pick him to join the other idol in top 24, but still remaining 1 position. So the producer call Tim and tell him that Tim will perform in top 24.

In the first live show, Tim sang "Apologize" from One Republic. All judges didn't like Tim performance, include me because nothing special with Tim performance and very ordinary with too much falseto.

Go to second week, He improve the performance. At this moment, we have the moment that you can't forget. That moment is when Ellen go to the stage and hug Tim, unusual moment haha.....

Go to third week, This is one of the best performance by Tim Urban whole history American Idol. Tim sang "Hallelujah" and all judges also me (ArD) love him performance.

But after that everything goes wrong and become more terrible nightmare. Go to the big stage and began with TOP 12. Tim performance drop again to be the baddest performance of the night with "Under My Thumb".

TOP 11, not a significant progress. He show a interest stage act with slide down on the stage and make him not a boring person and show Tim personality. But this singing competition and what Tim doing is pointless. The slide down Nothing help him, the whole performance still bad. But not the baddest because Paige performance more bad than him.

TOP 10, with "Sweet Love". He show the improvement and give the progress, but not too much if I must compare to the progress from other idol. The performance just sweet and very save with nothing wow moment, in other word no special moment in there.

TOP 9 perform "All My Loving" and now honestly I don't remember this performance. Just one thing I know he not the baddest of the night. He keeps show the progress, although just a little progress.

Elvis week will be the best week for Tim Urban. He pick the right song, he mentored by Adam Lambert and give a good advise for him. So this performance is the best performance so far in Tim journey on American Idol. He show the sweetness, tender moment, and he can feel the song, the emotion I like it!!!..... What a best moment for Tim in Idol history. Of course all judges love Tim performance and Simon praise him with word "from zero to hero".

TOP 7 "Inspiration Week". Tim sang "Better Days" from Goo Goo Dolls. For me He sang pretty well, but in this condition "pretty well" not enough to going through next round. He still have an issue to going home. Although not the baddest performance of the night, Tim journey must ended in top 7. A huge achievement for him!! congratulation Tim!!! you should be proud to yourself to made it this far and of course must thanks to your fans and people who vote you in this competition.

My advise and my opinion for him. Your career not in music industry, it will be so difficult for you to conquer the music industry. Not many male singer can conquer the music industry, with your capability I don't think you can survive in music industry. You can sing but I don't think you can have a big huge career in music industry. I think don't take a broadway too because your capability wasn't good enough for that industry.

The industry fit for you is like Zac Efron did. Being an actor or model who can sing and can dance and perform in the musical movie. So you can keep singing and you can sell your advantages like good looking face and good taste in style. You love to entertain the audience, like what you did with the slide down. So Zac Efrron world is the suit industry for you, I mean modeling and acting with singing are the most suit industry for you Tim.

So Good Luck for you Tim!!! I hope you can pursuit your dream in this world and still be who you are. I hope we can see you again in the entertainment world.

and one thing I will and we will miss about Tim is...... Tim smile. Nobody in this competition I think or this season who smile a lot like him. When judges gives a hard criticisms to him, he can keep smile like get the good news. Kara also said "Why are you smile??" when he get the bad criticism from Kara. Hahaha We will miss your smile Tim!!! Thanks for make many people upset to you because you're not out with so fast in the competition, also thanks to you for entertaining this program and color this program with your smile and nice personality.

History of Tim Urban performance :
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Guys - Apologize
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Guys - Come On Get Higher
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Guys - Hallelujah
TOP 12 - Under My Thumb
TOP 11 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
TOP 10 - Sweet love
TOP 9 - All My Loving
TOP 9 Again - Can't Help Falling In Love
TOP 7 - Better Days

If U Want To Watch Again History Of Tim Urban Performance, Click This!!

Tim Urban Say Goodbye (Curtain Call)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Gives Back & Result Show For TOP 7

Idol Gives Back Host of course by Ryan Seacrest, but he's not alone. Ryan accompanied by Queen Latifah.

After that this show open by top 12 performance. Happy to see Lacey, Paige, Didi, Andrew and Katie in there. OMG Lacey so sexy and fashionable, Didi so gorgeous, Katie so fabulous, all the girls is beautiful ^^ hehe.....

Jenifer Garner, Victoria Beckham, also participate in Idol Gives Back this year.

Black Eyed Peas perform "Rock That Body", and Fergie is so hot!! ^^. Black Eyed Peas always rock!! although "Rock That Body" a little bit weird singing in live, but BEP always can make a great performance in live, not lipsing, and great stage act performance.

The comedy scene from Eric Estrada for the judges is very funny moment hahahaha...... Very entertaining!!! ^^ XD hahaha

After that comedy scene, Ryan announced the result. First Crystal and Casey head to head, and one of them in the bottom three. As I thought, Casey in the bottom three. After that, turn for Aaron and Lee Dewyze. My feeling is right that Aaron in the bottom three tonight in the Idol Gives Back show.

Joss Stone take a Pasadina stage and show her incredible voice. Great performance from Joss Stone. Huff can't wait to see Carie Underwood performance, I miss her a lot, It's been a long time not see her performance live in the stage.

Morgan Freeman standing in the center of the stage and give the story of Mississippi accompanied with Randy Jackson. In my mind, I never thought in USA have a city like this, because said Mississippi is the poor city. In my head USA doesn't has a poor city, but I'm wrong. Although like that in Indonesia, more many city like that.

After that, Alicia Keys perform. You know what?? When Alicia sing "Empire State of Mind", She give me a goosebumps. She give a great emotion to the song, spectacular performance hehe ^^

Carrie Underwood performance give me a goosebumps again. The song called "Changes" is really really such an inspiration and Carrie sing with great. Great vocal and emotion, Oh! God I love this show so much. Her performance so inspiring!! "Just The Fool Just The Fool, If U Believe Can Change The World"

A funny moment again before result announcing. I don't know the artist, but she funny!!! very entertaining too ^^ hahahahaha

Siobhan, Mike and Tim facing their result in the middle stage. Siobhan save, Mike save and Tim in the bottom three. I really want Siobhan in the bottom three to make her realize she must doing great every week if she really want in this competition until grand final. So although America not agree with me, I hope Siobhan performance is better for next week like "Paint It Black".

David cook back to Idol stage and tell the story when he go to Ethiopia. After break, turn for Annie Lenox to perform. She can't perform live in Pasadina Stage or Kodak Theater Stage. So her performance from video.

"Stairway To Heaven" performed by Mary J Blige, Orianthi, Randy Jackson, Travis Barker and many more artist....... a great collaboration!!!

Kara, Randy and Ellen video already shown, now turn for Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell in season 7 visit New York, USA. Now Simon Cowell visit Douglas, Arizona, USA.

Sir Elton John perform in Pasadina stage. After that, leave us to three people in unsave condition. Casey, Aaron or Tim must leave the show tonight??? After this break.... ^^

The person first save is Aaron. So leave us to Casey and Tim. The one is save and another going home. The person leaving tonight is Tim Urban.

That's all about Idol Gives Back and Result for top 7. After this post I will talk about Tim Urban personally and his journey in American Idol. Don't miss that, okay?? See you soon in the next post.

TOP 7 : Inspiration Week Performance

Inspiration week... Wow I will be love with this week, because in this week everybody must show the emotion. If not, that contestant must ready to going home. If you sing an inspiration song with lack emotion or more bad is zero emotion, what are you doing??? with no emotion or connection you can't deliver the great message in the inspiration song, so your performance will be so pointless.

So I hope everybody can sing with tons of emotion and really really connect with the song.

This is the recap performance :

Casey James - Don't Stop
ArD : This week the theme is inspiration. What are you doing?? you doing nothing with inspiration. That performance very lack of emotion, what inspiration would you bring to us with zero emotion??? Nothing!! and very pointless!!. I'm sick of you right now. You back to your comfort zone and going backward after "Jealous Guys" performance. Totally wasn't great performance, you give a bad standard for tonight and I think you will be killed with other performer tonight. Sorry if I must give a rude comment for you!!...

Lee Dewyze - The Boxer
ArD : Lee, I already see Lee can hit the high notes, give a great vocal performance and give a great musicality. Today you show to us, Lee who can sing with full of emotion and really connect with the song. You know what?? that's a great performance. I can feel your connection with the song. I'm not really like with your song choice, but I love with what you did tonight. The emotion is great, great moment in there. I'm proud of you. Great JOB!!!

Tim Urban - Better Days
ArD : Once again not a great vocal performance, I'm not jumping up from the chair with that vocal performance. But once again I said, sometime vocal performance and the technique singing will be a little bit forget when somebody can feel the song, connect with the song, give the emotion to the song and can deliver the message. Full performance you not really connect, but at some moment you connect and deliver the message from the song. And I think you better in zone like this. So for me that good performance not great just good.

Aaron Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
ArD : I think you in the zone Aaron. First time I like you, when you sing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus and that song type like inspiration song too. Now you did like that again and I like it. You can hit the high notes and give some emotion, love that. That inspiration. You believe you can fly, I'm too. Great Job!!

Siobhan Magnus - When You Believe
ArD : Siobhan first of all I must appreciate you for picking that song. A huge brave to do that song. Very big song, huge of tons emotion, hard to sing and very risky. No pain no gain, right Siobhan?? so I appreciate for that Siobhan, but whether the result it's worth?? I don't think so. Honestly, I really want not compare you to Whitney and Mariah, they too superb for compare, but I can't because they version is really great and stuck in my mind and really hard to ignore that. So a huge gab in there, not just the vocal but the emotion too. When you can't same the vocal, at least you use the emotion thing to same. With emotion and connection this song can make people cry, think and give the goosebumps, but you didn't. For me you sing quite well and can hit the high notes, So I think you not terrible sing this song, but you have a problem with emotion, not quite well and some moment lack of emotion for this song. Sorry Siobhan, at least your performance not the baddest tonight.

Michael Lynch - Hero
ArD : Moment that I like from your performance, when you goes to the tender moment. That a moment in there because you more connect in that moment. The second moment that I like, in the end of performance. So my point your emotion sometime "on" sometime "off". You show a great singing performance, but once again this week all about inspiration, so you must bring a great tons emotion and you didn't.

Crystal Bowersox
ArD : Crystal, This is what I've been waiting for. Your performance is the perfect performance for this week and for tonight. You show to all your friend how to sing in the inspiration week. When singer show a great vocal performance and show a great emotion, that singer will have a wonderful performance and you doing like that Crystal. You show a wonderful fantastic great vocal performance and tons of emotion too. This is all about for tonight, INSPIRATION and you show to us tonight right in the end of the show, very great moment to close this show. If this the grand final you exactly the champion for this whole competition.

Superstar for tonight one and only Crystal Bowersox... No one can beat her tonight!!! Her performance is so perfect, very gorgeous performance, kind a performance like this who needed for this competition. Congratulation for Crystal!!!

My rank for tonight performance :
Strongest performance tonight....
1. Crystal Bowersox

Still strong performance for tonight and really deserve through to top 6....
2. Lee Dewyze
3. Aaron Kelly

Good and deserve to perform again next week, but still have issue to going home.....
4. Tim Urban
5. Michael Lynch

They are front-runners but going backward tonight, maybe in trouble tonight...
6. Siobhan Magnus
7. Casey James

I think tonight Crystal show to the other contestant to be serious in this show, because if not slowly but sure Crystal will take the title American Idol this year.

Lee show to us, that he must be counted in this show. Week by week he show to us the consistency. He ready to compete Crystal in grand final.

Siobhan Magnus who a real contender for Crystal when big stage show begin, going backward tonight. She pick a big song and she can't handle it. Inspiration need emotion and she give a lack of emotion performance. A lot of think for her if she want to be the winner in this season.

Aaron Kelly show that he can't be underestimate. Tim show he want a little bit longer in this show. Michael still trying to comeback be front-runners. Casey although he never in the bottom three, he ready to going home as soon as possible.

So my bottom three.... based in my analysis for tonight performance Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and another spot between Michael & Tim. But I don't know why, I really worry about Aaron, although for me he is good and strong for tonight, my feeling he will in the bottom three and hopefully he's not going home tomorrow night.

So my bottom three Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and.... Aaron Kelly. That's my first choice. Second choice will be Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and Tim Urban. My third choice will be Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and Michael Lynch.

Definitely I want Siobhan and Casey in the bottom three. For Siobhan this condition just slap her to wake up. She must be serious in this competition and stop showing "I can do this I can do that". This competition more harder and more serious, just show in what zone you really really great, I hope Siobhan back to the game like Siobhan did with "Paint It Black".

For Casey.... I'm totally sick of you and you can't get more chance in this show. So tomorrow night is the perfect time for you to going home. Although you save for another week, next week is the last week for you in this competition, you really don't deserve in the top 5.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Need Somebody To Lean On, Lean One Me!! ^^

 LEAN on Me

Glee Cast Version

Sometimes in our lives
We all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's always tomorrow

Lean on me!
when you're not strong
and I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
for it won't be long
'till I'm gonna need
somebody to lean on

Please! (please)
swallow your pride (pride)
if I have things
you need to borrow
(For) for no one can fill
those of your needs
that you wont let show

So just call (call) on me brother (hey)
when you need a hand (When you need a hand)
we all need (need) somebody to lean on!
(I just might have a problem)
I just might have a problem that you'll understand
we all need somebody to lean on!

Lean on me (hey)
when you're not strong (When you're not strong)
I'll be your friend (I'll be your friend)
I'll help you carry on (help you carry on)
for it wont be long (o it wont be long)
'till I'm gonna need somebody to lean on

(Just lean on me) you just call on me brother (hey)
when you need a hand (when you need a hand)
we all need (need) somebody to lean on! (somebody to lean on)
(I just might) I just might have a problem that you'll understand
we all need somebody to lean on!
Lean on me

If (If)
there is a load! (there is a load)
you have to bare (you have to bare)
that you can't carry
I'm (I'm higher) right up the road
I'll share your load
if you just call me

Call me (I'm calling)
Call me (when you need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me) (when you need a friend)
Call me (when you need a friend)
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (any time of day
Call me

It won't be long till I'm Gonna need somebody to lean on, lean on, lean on
lean on lean on lean on me when you need a friend
lean on lean on lean on me lean on me
lean on lean on lean on me
I'm gonna need (somebody) somebody to lean on
I'm gonna need somebody to lean on (somebody to lean on)

The lyric above taking from glee cast version, because it's so current. This song is great and very fit to sing for your friend who that friend facing big problem and difficult to live. Sing this song to that friend or just said Lean on Me, my fren!!!

I think I don't need to explain you word by word because this song is really easy to understand. I just explain to you the sentence hard to understand.

"For it won't be long till I'm gonna need somebody to lean on" --> maybe some people will have a weird moment with this sentence, but nothing wrong with this sentence. Everybody need somebody to lean on, you agree with this?? If you agree, you will understand. Someone (A) will need someone else (B) to lean on, and when someone else (B)is facing a problem then he needs someone else (C) to lean on. So this will be a circle of uninterruptible.

"Please swallow your pride, If I have things you need to borrow. For no one can fill those of your needs that you won't let show". Actually, this sentence not so confuse. I will give the easy way to read this sentence. First you read this sentence "For no one can fill those of your nee ds that you won't let show" then you read this "Please swallow your pride, If I have things you need to borrow". Understand??

If still not. This is the mean of that, Nobody can know what you need and what your problem, so you must show it first and telling that to someone else first. To do that some people have a high pride, so please swallow your pride if you need something from someone else. Please swallow your pride although you just need ear from somebody else to listen your problem and your needs. Don't be cocky!!...

I think that's two part a little bit harder to understand, the rest it easy to understand.....

OMG I love the message from this song......

My friend listen this....

"If there is a load, you have to bare that you can't carry, I'll right up the road, I'll share your load, if you just call me".... ^^ :Big hug:

Call me.... when you need a friend... Call me If u need a friend!!... ^^

Lean on when you're not strong, I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on.....

Just call on me brotha n sista, when you need a hand..............


It won't be long till I'm gonna need somebody to lean on.... I'm gonna need somebody to lean on!!!....

Special made for all of my friend!! Miss you and So glad to have a friends like you all.......

Lean On Me (Glee Cast Version)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Indonesian Idol Workshop 3

Indonesian Idol show again this Friday @09.00 PM....

This is my recap performance for tonight show... :

Tesa - Matahariku (My Sun)
I'm not watching Tesa performance, but see from what people said and look in the video performance recap... I think she has a great performance.

Gilang - Malam Biru (Blue Night)
ArD : I have a good point and a bad point for you. The bad point is your interpretation is same with Sandhy Sandoro. Sandhy Sandoro is one my favorite artist and he is a great artist for me. So if somebody sing Sandhy's song, I want that person give something different because if somebody doing like Sandhy, it's hard to beat Sandhy, this song is very Sandhy style. You sing like Sandhy, your appearance in the stage like Sandhy, everything seems like Sandhy style. So you becoming Sandhy Sandoro wannabe and I didn't liked that because lack of originality. But the good point is you sing better than last week, more save, more catchy and not too much pitchy. At least there was progress.

Windra - Isabella
ArD : When Mela sing melayu song, she failed to sing good. I'm little bit worry with you, but you doing well Windra. What I liked about you is your voice is so unique and that a huge asset for you, because of that too you can be remembered by Indonesian people. But For me that performance not so great, too flat and very save for you. 100% agree with Agnes, because your last performance good we want more from you. Overall just ordinary performance for me....

Citra - Karena Kucinta Kau (Because I Love You)
ArD : No doubt your voice is great, very unique and I love your voice and also your one of my favorite in this competition. But I'm not the fans with that performance. You sing so relax, very enjoy in that stage, and can make your own version. But your performance too flat and at the end of the part you didn't get the peak of the song. This song have a peak and when you hit that peak that will awesome, but you didn't. You better sing L.O.V.E like what you did after your performance.

Fauzan - Terserah (Whatever)
ArD : Fauzan very stiff. You sing the song well, but you didn't get the emotion. Last week Melly said, Glenn is the person who sing with full of emotion, so the song become like that too. You sing with lack of emotion, so make you looks so robotic. Your act stage is so terrible too, very stiff!! everything is very stiff!!

Dea - Masih Cinta (Still in Love)
ArD : I know you will be great sing Kotak song, but what I'm worried is can Dea out from Tantri style?? I'm glad you can. At some point you get caught in Tantri style, but lot of moment you out from Tantri style and being yourself. That's great and hot performance from you. The best performance so far!!!

Fendi - Buka Hatimu (Open Your Heart)
ArD : You sing a little bit forcing. Pasto right.. you can make the song sounded good, but I think your voice not enough to sing this song. 100% agree with Agnes, focus in your strong zone and don't try to another zone just to prove that you can. This song not fit for you, you much better pick song like last week, the song who can make you look much better.

Diana - Harmoni Cinta (Harmony Love)
ArD : Not good like last week, but still hot performance for tonight show. Because you're different and I like the different thing. I think you deserve go to the next round. I pray the best for you Diana!!!

So superstar for tonight is..... nobody can beat her tonight!! Congratulation for....


My rank for tonight performance :
1. Dea
2. Tesa (Maybe)
3. Diana
4. Gilang
5. Citra
6. Windra
7. Fendi
8. Fauzan

So based on tonight performance, I don't want one girl to going home. Every girl deserve go to the next round. Hufff but if I must choose, I pick Citra to going home with very hard because I love her and like her so much hiks hiks hiks... T.T

For the boys, Againn.. I don't care who will out from the competition. Nobody from the boys performance go to my favorite pocket. So anybody out I really don't care. But based on my analysis I think Gilang deserve go to the next round, because he show the progression tonight. Windra keep steady. Fendi going backward and Fauzan who has a good voice character is ready to going home. I think for the boys Fauzan should leave the competition because very robotic performance.

Melati moment hahahaha that was fun to watched!!! ^^

Now this the result......

First Citra, Diana, Dea and Tesa facing their result..... Erwin said I don't want four this girls going home, because they give a different color in this competition. But all judges predict that Citra will out... and..

We must say goodbye to Citra.... T.T whoaaaa so sad!!!...

Now time for the boys... Fendi, Windra, Gilang, and Fauzan

Fendi in the bottom two, Windra go to the next round, Gilang through to the next round.....

Let us with Fendi and Fauzan........ (Fauzan must out!!!!!)

Yuhuuuuuu.... Fauzan going home!!!!

So Citra and Fauzan leave the show. So my prediction was right!!
For Fauzan, good luck to you!! and for Citra, I hope you get the wildcard ^^

Just note for Indonesian People. If u love somebody in this competition, not just talk aloud but vote too with SMS or phone. Because with your vote your favorite contestant will be survive in this competition. ^^

That's all about Indonesian Idol Workshop 3. See you again next week in Indonesian Idol Workshop 4. I'm ArD sign out from this post!! ^^

The Journey Has Ended For Two Front Runners In Early Competition

The tittle written like that because that is the true. Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens was true the front runners in early competition.

I give you the reason, Andrew became a superstar in first day Hollywood weeks with he unforgettable performance "Straight Up". That song sing by Paula Abdul, Andrew remake that song to Andrew version. That performance make all judges love him. For Katie Stevens, Kara said to her "you possible to win this competition". I believe Kara wouldn't said that if Katie doesn't has a great performance. Goes to top 24 this two idol was a front runners.

Now the front runners journey must ended in TOP 9 American Idol Season 9. I can said that Andrew in 9 position and Katie in 8 Position. This two idol can out from the competition because when American Idol goes to live show for the first time, they drop the ball. Andrew and Katie performance in top 24 not really good, goes to top 20 still like that, goes to top 16 the performance still the same not give the progression. So goes to big stage, some fans of them MAYBE turn to another contestant because little bit disappointed about they performance.

This is the different of Katie and Andrew :
- Andrew doesn't show a significant progression in big stage, in my note just one performance that I really remember from him and that is "Forever" by Chris Brown when that song sing in R&B week and mentor by Usher.

 - Goes to the big stage Katie show a significant progression. She is getting better week after week and I think she doing consistency in this show. I remember all her performance because she give a good progression week after week.

After the different, they have a same issue too. The judges especially Simon and Kara make their confuse.....
- For Andrew, the judges didn't like Andrew acoustic performance whereas Andrew really really show that he is an acoustic artist right in first day in Hollywood week, but goes to the live show Kara & Simon hate that performance. That make confuse Andrew. Andrew leave his guitar and just sing, the judges still give the bad comment. At one moment Simon said "you don't know who you are as an artist". When Simon said that, In my mind pop-up "What???", Andrew really know about that. Andrew really really want to be an acoustic artist. The judges not give Andrew a good and right direction, but all judge make Andrew to be somebody else that judges want. That ridiculous!!! Why they not helping the contestant by what they like....

- For Katie, Simon and Kara totally different. Simon want Katie to be Pop-Country singer. Kara see Katie more good in Pop-R&B. I think I agree with Kara, Katie more much better in Pop-R&B. Simon being stubborn in this season and want all contestants follow his direction. I know what Simon said usually true, but not every time. So glad that Katie not intimidated by this situation, Katie better follow herself exactly what Crystal said "I listen to Me". That's a key to be success in Idol stage I think.

This is my opinion for Andrew and Katie :
- For Andrew, Andrew keep doing acoustic thing. That thing can make your performance much better, although you must keep improve your performance when doing acoustic, because sometime your performance so lack of moment and lack of personality. But you acoustic performance so enjoyable and very easy to be liked. Compare to  your performance when you not using guitar, horrible!!, so robotic, very rigid, you have a lot to do in your stage presence, act in the stage to make the "weird thing" more lose.

- For Katie, Katie I don't know that Simon wrong or right, because you never sing a country song. But based on what you did, You looks so good when you sing Pop-R&B. You so comfortable with that style, very enjoy to watch and taste. In my mind, I think you will be great too in Pop-Country, in other word you can sing many genre song not just Pop-R&B or Pop-Country. Like Siobhan said in top 9 performance, the point of Siobhan said is want to be an artist who can sang many different type of song. I think you can be like that too Katie.

For Andrew elimination not shock and very predictable, but for Katie I'm shock again because I really want see her more in this competition. At least, until TOP 5 or TOP 6. But America decision is different again with me.

This season almost same like season 4. In season four, three girl out from the competition by three weeks in the row, after that one guy out and one girl out. Exactly same like this season. In Top 12 Season 4 Lindsay C must out from the competition and season 9 Lacey Brown. Top 11 season 4 lose Mikailah Gordon and season 9 Paige Miles. Top 10 season 4 lose Jessica Sierra and season 9 lose Didi Benami. Top 9 season 4 lose Nikko Smith and Season 9 Andrew Garcia. Top 8 season 4 make Nadia Turne journey ended and season 9 make Kattie Stevens journey ended. Really really same right??? *insane

If next week until big four, all guys is out from the competition and make the big three for two girls and one guy, this season very same like season four. What will happen to this season?? whether same like season four?? just let see ^^

I'm Sorry Goodbye for Andrew Garcia


Kiss Goodbye for Katie Stevens (T-T)

History performance from Andrew Garcia :
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Guys - Sugar We're Going Down
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Guys - You Give Me Something
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Guys - Genie In a Bottle
TOP 12 - Gimme Shelter
TOP 11 - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
TOP 10 - Forever
TOP 9 - Can't Buy Me Love
TOP 9 - Hound Dog

History performance from Katie Stevens :
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - Feeling Good
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Put Your Records On
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - Breakawau
TOP 12 - Wild Horses
TOP 11 - Big Girls Don't Cry
TOP 10 - Chain A Fool
TOP 9 - Let It Be
TOP 9 - Baby What You Want Me To Do

Good Luck and May God Always Bless You Andrew and Katie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol TOP 9 Performances Again Elvis Week

This week top 9 performances again with mentor is Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert is first American Idol contestant who can be mentor in this show.

Do not take a long time, let's go to the topic....

This is my recap :

Crystal Bowersox
ArD : Crystal I like and very enjoy with your performance. Great opening and you raise the standard of the night very high, so watch out for another contestant. Crystal lately maybe last couple weeks in your performance you show massive personality, and I'm so impress by what you doing lately. You more stronger and more dangerous!!! You ready to kill Mamasox!! Good job Mamasox!!

Andrew Garcia
ArD : I think this is the first time you walking around the stage right?? I like it dude. You show more personality in this performance, because usually you become robotic just sing and play guitar. With this you give something refreshing from Andrew performance. But you have a bad issue from me too, based on singing.... I'm not really liked it, for me a little bit too flat until the end part, agree with Simon lazy and lack of energy. One side I love and One side I hate.. Sorry Andrew!!...

Tim Urban
Simon said from zero to hero in two weeks, grow in confidence.
ArD : Tim what are you doing??? you're doin' freakin awesome!!! I think that not really high class performance, not show a great technique or great vocal. But you show that singer not enough just with great technique, they need an emotion too. That a sweet performance, so like able, very enjoyable. It's so honest, true, authentic, like you sing from your heart Tim. Great great emotion!! well done Tim, you really really back to the competition and ready to rumble with front runners.

Lee Dewyze
ArD : It's a good performance from you Lee. You show the consistency in here. Agree with Adam your facial expression must fix it little bit, but you sing with great. I hope this performance can make you through to next round. Vote for this guy America!!

Aaron Kelly
ArD : Wow Aaron I'm proud of you!!! This is the first time you walking around in this big stage. This is the first time you sing up tempo song in the big stage. Tonight you give the progression in here competition Aaron. I think you doing a great job Aaron. I like your performance so much. So confidence, show a little bit your swagger. I don't have a problem with that. Like that!!

Siobhan Magnus
ArD : Mr. Lambert advice was totally right for you, because I don't wanna see you with a slow song again because you do it last week and not too much personality in there. Now I like the first half and I like the second half. It's prove that Siobhan can doing anything!!. The first half I like it so much, you show an attitude and fun personality with your smile and your eyes so shining, like you want telling something with your eyes. Second half prove that you have a great voice, can sing and hit that high notes. Like Aaron I don't have a problem with your performance.

Michael Lynch
ArD : That's for sure not the best performance so far tonight, but I like the sweetness you bring to your performance. I think you still in the zone Mike. Randy was right too, Hot vocal performance!!. But I still worry about you, can you survive for another week?? I'm not very sure because I think your star persona is going fade. Sorry...

Katie Stevens
ArD : I still like your performance last week, but this is still a good performance from Katie. You show some your attitude, personality and great hot vocal performance. One thing you must put in your performance, more anger in that performance and show it to Simon!!! and sing it in front of the face Simon!! That will be great to watched...

Casey James
ArD : Casey you the last contestant to perform. I think that very ordinary and just okay performance. Fun arrangement and you show a great guitar player. But overall just okay and very ordinary. Before you, many contestant show great performance, this performance become pointless and forgettable. Sorry...

I enjoy watching this episode. Many contestant doing a great performance and the underdog become a hero in this episode. For me the superstar of the night between Crystal and Tim.... maybe this surprise you but I must admitted that him performance is the best performance in that night. So the superstar this week is.....


My rank for TOP 9 performance, Elvis week :
Three strong performance.....
1. Tim Urban
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Lee Dewyze

Three performance who can make they save for another week.......
4. Katie Stevens
5. Aaron Kelly
6. Siobhan Magnus

Three mediocre performance and have a chance to leave the show....
7. Michael Lynch
8. Casey James
9. Andrew Garcia

Honestly I very enjoy watch the show. Tim show a great progression. Crystal and Lee still be the consistent contestant. Katie is getting better week by week. Aaron back to the competition with show good performance, show some an attitude and personality, show a different side of him with up tempo song. Siobhan bring some attitude and personality too.

I think just three not enough show some progression.
For Michael... I think what he's doing is never wrong always in the zone. I think his performance this week like last week show great vocal but not good enough to people vote for him

Casey.. very going backward after what he did last week. This performance is same like he did in TOP 12 or TOP 11. I can't remember what he sang in the top 12 or top 11 because lack of moment and so forgettable. Feels bad for Casey...

Andrew... This is the time to Andrew go. Enough chance for him to prove that he good enough to beat another contestant. He show a move in his performance, but that not really really good enough to make him go to the next round. I'm sorry goodbye.

My bottom three Michael - Casey - Andrew
Casey and Andrew leave the competition.... I'm sorry goodbye....

One thing before I close this post... Adam Lambert is so a great mentor, he advice for all contestant honestly it's true and very right. I like all advice Adam give to the contestants make the contestants looks better. Great Job Adam Lambert...

See you in result show post.... Two will out and top 7 will be made....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shocking Result!!! Mr. Lynch Must Out From Idol, But Judges Saved Him..

The result show TOP 9 already announced and it's shocking result!!!!.....

First of all, I want talking about guess artist who perform in Idol stage. There are Jason Derulo, David Archuleta and Rihanna. Between three artist, the artist really really stunt me is Jason Derulo, second is David Archuleta and third is Rihanna.

I don't really like Rihanna performance because the song she sang I'm not liked it, I prefer she sang "Rude Boy" or "Russian Roulette". David Archuleta back to the Idol stage and sing the ultimate song from John Lennon "Imagine". This song is ultimate performance for David Archuleta, because he looks so good when sing this song. Both are very good both in Season 7 American Idol TOP 12 as well as the present.

But for me... Jason Derulo performance is the best performance between guess artist performance. He show everything. He show the voice, the dance, the style, the stage presence, the act etc... and the important thing is I like the song choice, he choice "Whatcha Say" and "In My Head" both songs I liked it so much especially for "In My Head". I'm not expect that Jason Derulo performance will be great like that and Simon also like that performance. You know what?? Jason Derulo is Kara Dioguardi artist, She is very proud of Jason. Kara Standing ovation for him.

Okay now it's time to talking about the result.....

First Ryan bring three girls left in the competition to the center of the stage. I really worry with Katie, I don't want she in the bottom three again. Especially after she great performance with "Let It Be". First result announced and Crystal saved, after that Ryan announced that Siobhan and Katie also saved for another week.

So only 6 left boys waiting for the result. Ryan split to the two group. Left group filled by Lee, Casey and Tim. Right group filled by Michael, Aaron and Andrew. One of these group is bottom three of the night.

I already know the result because the stupid thing that I did, I accidentally entered the American Idol site, I'm forgot show in USA more fast than show in Asia, because of that I know the result.

Although I know the result that Michael Lynch out and saved by the judges, the result still interesting for me because I still don't know who two contestants accompany Michael Lynch in the bottom three and how can the judges saved Michael Lynch and how the reaction of all contestant and audience about this saved episode, because when Matt G saved by the judges that a great episode so warm elimination, I still remember that moment.

Based on this group, I know and I think everybody know that right group will be in bottom three, because it can be predict that Andrew and Aaron will in danger position and Michael also have a chance to go in there than Lee or Casey because Lee and Casey have more strong performance than Michael. Tim bring a good performance last night, same strong like Michael performance and also everybody know that Tim have a big fan based and big support from VFTW (Vote For The Worst). Ryan asking Ellen and Ellen answer like me too, but after Ellen got boo.. from the audience she pick the left group because she said this is horrible situation.

Ryan announced the result. Right group is bottom three of the night. After that, Aaron save for another week and leave us to the two father Michael and Andrew. The result is announced Michael is out the competition. This is a shocking result, although I already know from the site, this still a shocking result.

I never thought that Michael Lynch journey will end this so fast. I know it's really for Michael to go through in top five although based on talent he really deserve in top five. But this show not only about talent but fans based too, when I see the polling in the internet, vote for Michael is very small and it happen in the real world. Michael must out in top 9.

After that result, Michael sing for fight his journey in Idol. He sing song "A Woman's Work". When he sing this song, he reach the best performance and until now Michael performance never beat "A Woman's Work" performance. After he sing that song with the same great when he sing the first time in TOP 16, Simon bring the result and it's a good news "see you next week".....

Fiuhhh!! I relief that Michael saved by the judges for another week. Michael should bring the best performance next Tuesday, because if not big chance he will out from the competition again. Andrew and Aaron will be in trouble too if they performance not improve in this week. Tim will be in trouble too because if he back to bad performance he has a big chance to leave the competition because two contestants will out. Katie Stevens can also out from the competition because she got two times in bottom three, that indicate that Katie fans not too strong. For the four left Crystal, Siobhan, Casey and Lee who never in the bottom three will be out next week.

My point is no one is save, although someone bring great performance, they not safe. They need your vote, especially after judges save Michael, no one can save by the judges again. So now just based on your vote America. The lowest vote will going home. Two contestants will out in TOP 9 again next Wednesday.

Based on progression, I make the prediction, and this is my prediction.
This four contestants have a big chance to leave the competition Wednesday night :
1. Andrew
2. Aaron
3. Tim
4. Michael

That four people have a big chance out because they progression so slow and for initial A contestants are going backward.

Don't forget to watch Idol show in Tuesday & Wednesday for American People but for Asian People don't forget to watch in STAR WORLD. TOP 9 performances again in Wednesday night @5PM, 7PM and 11PM for WIB and result show in Thursday night @5PM, 7PM, and 11PM for WIB only in STAR WORLD.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

American Idol TOP 9 Performances Lennon & McCartney Songbooks

This week 9 contestants standing for Lennon & McCartney Songbooks. We can call this week is The Beatles week. This week theme almost same like theme from season 7 top 12. Season 7 top 12 doing The Beatles week.

For me this week is a good week just few contestant did terrible job. In my note 5 contestants have a strong performance, 2 almost strong but not good enough, 1 very mediocre with nothing special moment, so the last is very predictable and did a terrible job.

This is the recap :

Aaron Kelly become a first contestant to perform for the first time in American Idol....

Aaron Kelly - The Long and Winding Road
all judges dislike he performance...
ArD (Me) : What I thought is right. Aaron will sing a song same like he did last couple week, slow and ballad song. So Aaron performance is very predictable for me, because it's predictable I didn't like Aaron performance. For me it so boring performance, not special and very ordinary. I'm a little bit disappointed with this kid because lately his performance not make a great progression, I have four favorite since auditions American Idol Season 9 begin and Aaron is one of them and also one and only my favorite left in this competition, so I put a big hope for him to have a great performance every week and give a significant progress.

Katie Stevens - Let It Be
Katie inversely with Aaron. Since American Idol goes to the big stage, Katie give a significant progress. When she sing "Wild Horses" she like comeback to the competition and ready to compete again. Goes to the top 11 with "Big Girls Don't Cry" she give a solid performance, so young and commercial also can show her swagger too. Last week with "Chain a Fool" Kara praise her for great vocal performance. Now with "Let It Be" she can mix it, young and commercial with great vocal performance. This is the best performance by her so far in idol competition.

Andrew Garcia - Can't Buy Me Love
After last week he doing well, now he going backward again. He has a very inconsistent performance, very hard to be the best performance in one night and beat another contestant performance. In this performance, he show again the performance with lack personality, lack of expression, and of course lack of moment. He must put a great hardwork now in this competition, if he want survive till big five. If he still doing performance kind a like this, his life in this competition just 1 or 2 weeks left.

Michael Lynche - Eleanor Rigby
For me this performance is good, not the best performance from him. But in my head could this performance be the strongest performance of the night??? I don't think so... The best performance by him is "A Woman's Work". Nothing performance can beat that performance so far.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Together
Wow!! I like Crystal performance tonight and I become more like Crystal now. I think this is my favorite performance for her so far in idol history. She give the additional flavor with didgeridoo, and she got the style when she sang the song. Love it!!!

Casey James - Jealous Guy
This is the best performance tonight and so far this is the best performance by Casey James. Your vocal is great and you show it, you give the great expression to the song, you feel and deliver it. This is my favorite performance from Casey James. Everything is great in this performance. Congratulation for you to give a great progression tonight and well done!!

Tim Urban - All My Loving
Wow I'm surprise with your performance. I think you will doing terrible job week after week, but tonight you give a good performance and I think so far this is not the baddest performance. In my head this the best performance by you since Idol turn to the big stage, however I still more like your "hallelujah" performance. But overall Welcome back Tim!! I hope you can doing well next week too...

Siobhan Magnus - Across The Universe
This performance much much better than what you doing last week. A little bit different with Siobhan style, but it doesn't matter I still can taste your performance. The unpredictable thing is what I love about you Siobhan, so be an unpredictable person because that is your.

Lee Dewyze - Hey Jude
Wow!! you close tonight with unbelievable performance. I'm never thought you will bring someone out behind you. That's an unpredictable thing who give a moment to your performance and I liked what you did. Back to your performance, your performance is a great performance. Even if you not bring that kind a thing, your performance still great. I feel your confidence out right in the beginning when you start singing and it's through till the end of the song. When the thing out too your confidence grow up more!! great job Lee!! keep up the good work and still be consistent.

Who has the strongest performance tonight and become a superstar in this night??
The candidates are Katie, Crystal, Casey and Lee...... and the winner is...


This my rank for TOP 9 performance (Lennon & McCartney Songbooks) :
1. Casey James
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Lee Dewyze
4. Katie Stevens
5. Siobhan Magnus
That five contestant who had a strong performance in that night and deserve to through to the next round.....

Good performance but not strong enough performance...
6. Michael Lynch
7. Tim Urban

The weak performance of the night and have a big chance to leave the competition...
8. Andrew Garcia
9. Aaron Kelly

Bottom three are Tim, Andrew and Aaron. Although Aaron Kelly I put in the lowest rank, I still don't wanna lose him in this competition. So I hope America give him another shot next week. So let Andrew or Tim leave the competition. Just put Aaron in the bottom three and give him another chance, because this will give him a shock therapy.

Honestly I want Tim out... but Tim performance not very bad tonight. So I think Andrew will be in trouble!!!

Just let see... how gonna happen with the result. Because this season often make a shock result.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Indonesian Idol Group 2 Recap Performance

Friday, 9 April 2010 Indonesian Idol group 2 must perform. Two girls and two boys from this group will out from the competition, so their dream will end tonight. Who will out?? and who will through??? Just let see..... ^^

Tonight we not see Rossa. Rossa replaced by Melly Goeslaw as guest judges for tonight. Anang, Agnes and Erwin still sit there and accompany Melly Goeslaw to judge all contestants in group two tonight.

This is My recap performance for 12 contestants in group 2 Indonesian Idol :

Igo - Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu
(Sorry I'm not watched his performance ;p) But when I see the recap, I think he has a good performance. Not bad, so still good to save for another week/round. Hahaha.. I'm wrong, All judges hate him performance. Just see the recap not enough to judge hahaha ;p

Andi - Meraih Mimpi
When you start singing you bring a great emotion. Goes to the end that emotion is fade. Your performance is going down and you more looks bad. Sorry... I think that performance not strong enough for tonight.

Diana - Kapan Lagi Kau Bilang I Love You
Diana you're still my favorite. I love your voice so unique and the sing technique was so good. However I have an issue for you too, I think part of the end of the song you can do more more on that. I think Agnes right, if you put more emotion, that performance will be so excellence!!

Dea - Perih
Dea... this song is too easy for you. So definitely you sang good. This song is sweet and soft, but you give the different interpretation and I like that. But I must a little bit agree with Anang because sometimes you sound so rigid. So I'm not 100% agree with Agnes who said you perfect, I think that's not perfect performance just good performance from Dea.

Fendi - Status Palsu
You looks so comfortable on that stage and that's good. You sing well too Fendi, you get the groove of the song, you show your personality and you have the good arrangement too who make your performance looks much better. But you must improve in dynamics and the technique in singing. Overall that performance is very enjoyable and so easy to be liked.

Orin - Pernah Muda
Orin you will be in trouble tonight... You pick a wrong song, wrong arrangement, everything is wrong in that performance. Very very not good performance.

Gilang - Wajahmu Mengalihkan Duniaku
Gilang, you pick a song like Fendi, beet song and very fun song to sing, but I more fun and more enjoy see Fendi performance. Based on voice you won than Fendi, You have a great voice and that's a gift from GOD. But you not use in the maximum way. Your improvisation "Lebay" in English mean too much and make uncomfortable to heard. Not good Gilang.

Zulfa - Kasih Putih
This song is very very fit to your voice. For me that the best performance so far. If I must respond to Melly comment, I think so far none contestants can feel the song with great especially for ballad song. So that a homework for all contestants in this show.

QZ - Hampa Hatiku
Very entertaining. The best moment in your performance when you sing a rap part. After that I'm not really really like. At least you have a great personality and you show that. That performance is different and you give a huge memorable moment to audience, but the audience will love it or hate it. Just let see....

Ray - Dealova
For me I like and so fall in love with your voice. You're so different and approximately your style same like Diana. Not so great performance Ray, but I still want see you in the next round. Your voice is so interesting and we will see whether Indonesia will love it or hate it.

Mona - Jujur Aku Tak Sanggup
So far you're appreciation to the song is the best. I like and I love how you feel the song, It's great!! and that was I've been looking for in this night show and you gave me, Thank you!! For me sometime you heard not to smooth, but you can cover that with your appreciation. Great job n well done Mona!!

Eza - Lelaki Hebat
You're not relaxed when you sing, a little bit rush for me. So I'm not really enjoy with that performance and 100% agree with Erwin Gutawa not great closing performance. At least you pick a right song so you can show your personality on that stage, and everybody will love you because you're background and your personality. So a big chance for you to stay in this competition because your not two baddest performance too.

Superstar for tonight show goes to..... Hhhhmmmm Diana, Dea, Zulfa or Mona...... Not Dea.... Not Diana.... So between Zulfa or Mona.... Hhmm this is hard................. Sorry Mona... I will give the crown to

This is my rank for group two performance in Indonesian Idol 2010:
1. Zulfa
2. Mona
3. Diana
4. Dea
5. Fendi
6. Ray
7. Eza
8. Igo
9. QZ
10. Gilang
11. Andi
12. Orin

For two girls out tonight must be Orin and QZ. For the boys, honestly I don't care who will out because all boys beaten by four girls (Zulfa, Mona, Diana and Dea). No boys can beat that four girls tonight and all boys have a reason to out from this competition.

If I must split. In the boys group, I think Igo has the best performance, although I'm not watched his performance, but video recap from him good. Hahahaha I'm wrong Igo hasn't the best performance. I'm must pull back my word hahahaha, because all judges hate him performance. If all judges hate him performance moreover me.

So the boys I want see in the next round are Fendi and Ray. For Eza, Igo, Gilang and Andi.... I don't care who will out... So I hope two boys will out between them (Eza, Igo, Gilang and Andi).

This post not finish yet... still more to come!! for the result tonight show ^^

I continue this post hihihi... ;p

Diana & Ray Save!!!! yeayyyyy both of them save!!!! yippiee!!!

So far my prediction right... and the result is good!! ^^

Now Dea.... Save!!! She Save!!! Yihaaa She save hahahaha....

Still right hehehe ;p

Zulfa... Save!! she must save!!! (before result announced)................
Orin call by Daniel and join Zulfa in the stage.... Orin going home!! she must going home... (before result announced) XD XD

Four judges said Orin out!!! yeayyy!!! dag dig dug dag dig dug dag dig dug....... Duaerr!!! yeayyyy Orin out!!! yuhuuuu..... and Zulfa save hihihihi

So far so good neghh!! ^^

Gilang, Andi, Igo..... After this breakkk... jiahh :( :(

still waiting for the result...... and... Andi you're going home tonight!!! Igo n Gilang save....

Mona, QZ, Eza, and Fendi...... QZ and Eza out!!! must out!!!!(before result announced).... Mona see you in the next round & QZ sorry you're journey stop here!!! hahahahaha....

My prediction 75% right!!! yeyeyeyyyaaaahhh XD XD

Leave us to Eza & Fendi...... Who will out??? Eza!!! Eza out!!!! (before result announced)..................

Agnes pick Eza and Melly pick Fendi for going home tonight....

Indonesia has been voted and........ Fendi Indonesia not agree with... Melly!! yeayyyyy Fendi save!!!! so... Eza must going home

Yiippiieeee my prediction 100% true & right!!!! woohhooooooo... Excellent!!
Orin, QZ, Andi & Eza going home.. and will be battle in Wildcard round...

Okay enough for talking Indonesian Idol today.
See you again in my next post or my Indonesian Idol post.

Enjoy my post and hopefully you enjoy Indonesian Idol show too...
I'm ArD sign out from this post!!! ^^ bye bye hehehe ;p