Friday, January 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11 : Savannah Audition

Wohooo.... American Idol Season 11 is back!! and yesterday is season premiere of the season 11. Many great contestant show up in Savannah Audition. This city have a lot of talent and also in this city we will meet brother and sister who audition last year too. Here it is the recap of Savannah Audition...

First contestant who came to the audition is David Leathers Jr. and he ever compete with Scotty McCreery in local city competition. David has a younger look, so I didn't expect that he is 17 years old. I think he eleven or twelve years old. I like his voice, but I hate the style because he looks so cocky. Not my favorite, but I think he can do well in Hollywood Weeks.

The contestant in Savannah more more hot after David and there are :
- Gaby Carruba
She sang "Sunday Morning" from Maroon 5. She sang so cool and my body can move by the beat of her voice. What a nice voice from 15 years old girl.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Today!! on Star World

Yippie!! my favorite show of the year finally coming in this January 2012, I mean coming today!!...

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Taylor travel around America to find the next superstar who they calleed American Idol. Last year is a great season for American Idol because the three judges can find amazing talent around America, season 10 is a hot season and one of the best season of entire American Idol history. Not only because the winner is awesome singer, but the whole talent is amazing. When the battle of top 13 is begin, very hard to predict who will win because every single contestant really neck to neck.

I hope the season 11 of American Idol great like last year because I want the hot show like last year (many surprising moment, up and down moment, shock result show and many more). Last year winner also make a great achievement in the real world because Scotty can breakthrough the Billboard top 200 and sit in the number one place. Season 10 also prove that American Idol can still produce a brilliant singer without intervention of Simon Cowell and also prove that alumni of American Idol still can compete in the real world of music industry.