Friday, January 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11 : Savannah Audition

Wohooo.... American Idol Season 11 is back!! and yesterday is season premiere of the season 11. Many great contestant show up in Savannah Audition. This city have a lot of talent and also in this city we will meet brother and sister who audition last year too. Here it is the recap of Savannah Audition...

First contestant who came to the audition is David Leathers Jr. and he ever compete with Scotty McCreery in local city competition. David has a younger look, so I didn't expect that he is 17 years old. I think he eleven or twelve years old. I like his voice, but I hate the style because he looks so cocky. Not my favorite, but I think he can do well in Hollywood Weeks.

The contestant in Savannah more more hot after David and there are :
- Gaby Carruba
She sang "Sunday Morning" from Maroon 5. She sang so cool and my body can move by the beat of her voice. What a nice voice from 15 years old girl.

-Brianna Faulk, Neco Starr, Molly Hunt, and Elise Testone
Four of them also made it to the Hollywood Weeks. Savannah really bring joy in the beginning of audition, many great talent show up in this audition. Amazing!...

But.... the awful thing yet to come because next is time for Jessica Whitely. Nothing good from her, the voice is so awful and make all the judges quite for a while because speechless by the awful voice of her haha....

After Jessica, we met with twin brother Ryan Seacrest who named as Shaun Kraisman. He has a voice really similar with Ryan Seacrest and also the face at some angle really looks like Ryan Seacrest. Unfortunately Shaun voice not so good like his personality, so he must go home.

My favorite so far in this audition is Shanon Magrone. I love her because her voice is the voice that makes people want to hear the voice. She has an attractive voice, love her and hopefully she can doing well in Hollywood Weeks.

The woman who live in tend in the middle of forest Amy Brumfield. I also like her voice, very unique and different. Even though I love her and support her, but in my heart I doubt her and I think she will be have a trouble in killer week Hollywood Weeks. I hope I'm wrong, but based on the experience in previous season, many quirky and unique singer must stopped the journey at Hollywood Weeks round one or two (group round).

The man who called himself has a voice like Daughtry and Brad Praisley, he is Joshua Chavis. When he said that, in a second I doubt him because usually the awful singer have a big confidence and like him have a voice like Daughtry or Brad Praisley, but in fact his voice like a broken radio. Very awful...

15 years old girl named Stephanie Renae who Randy said not ready yet to compete in Hollywood Weeks, but still made it to the Hollywood Weeks because got vote from Steven Taylor and Jennifer Lopez. She has incredible voice, but I'm not sure she can handle the pressure in Hollywood Weeks, although like that I still believe that the experience in Hollywood Weeks will be a huge experience for her because it will make her more strong and mature as a singer.

My favorite siblings, Schylar Dixon and Colton Dixon showed up again in this season. Unfortunately, Colton Dixon not auditioning for this season, but the judges not let him so easily. The judges force him to audience and order the sister to bring Colton Dixon to the main room of the audition. Both of them have a great voice. Colton have a great voice and we already know by see him in Hollywood Weeks last season, but the sister also have a good voice because her tone is so unique and make me remember with Xenia from the voice, very unique tone and just by her unique tone, she can sold herself by just her voice.

Day 1 closed by Jennifer got a goosebumps from a singer who have a big heart in society real world life by become a nurse in autism people, awesome heart and awesome voice too and she is Lauren Mink. Definitely  Lauren went to Hollywood Weeks, but is she can survive? I don't know 50:50 for her....

Day 2 open by a funny audition from Mauwena Kodja. Every judges said that his have a really bad voice and Randy give him a challenge to find the people who says that him have a great voice. Shockingly, He can find the people who says that him have a great voice and they are a grandpa and little girls, so pretty obvious that he has a bad voice because I'm not really trust by opinion a grandpa or little girls.

Ashlee Altise is one of surprising contestant because I never expect that her have a great voice because the personality is too over the top. My point of view change when I heard the voice by her, actually she has a great voice and combine with great personality, so she can nail this competition if she can consistent and bring the best performance every single time in Hollywood Weeks.

Erica Nowak is insane lady and really suit with Steven Taylor because both of them are nuts. Erica Nowak grab Steven ass and also Randy ass, OMG!!! hahahaha.... but it funny moment to remember hahaha....

The beautiful lady with quality of voice who just only mediocre can go through into Hollywood Weeks and she is Brittany Kerr. The beauty of her and the sexyness of her can't be doubt, but the voice I must agree with Jennifer Lopez not strong enough for heat competition like American Idol. So for Brittany Kerr, I hope you get a lesson about how to sing with good before Hollywood Weeks begin because if not with a simple easy cut decision she will going home.

Savannah audition closed by the outstanding performance by Phillip Phillips. Both of his performance are great, when not using guitar his great and when using guitar his performance was amazing. Really a real contender for this season, watch out guys because Phillip is someone hard to beat.

That's all my recap about Savannah audition..... can wait for another city audition.... See Ya!...

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