Friday, February 21, 2014

American Idol Season XIII: Review Top 10 Guys Performance

Caleb Johnson – Stay With Me (By Faces)
Another great opening performance, after Majesty open the girls group with great and now Caleb open the guys group with great too. He picked a right song choice for him so he can show his personality and also show range of his voice. Strong performance right in the beginning of the show.

C.J. Harris – Shelter (By Ray LaMontagne)
Nice performance by C.J…… The song choice is not a big song, but C.J deliver the song with nice, I don’t know this performance is strong enough till the end because I want to see wow factor, yes there is  wow moment but no so much and intense. This performance is sweet and nice, it safe performance for him..

Emmanuel Zidor – Best of My Love (By Emotions)
I really believe that he can perform really great in the live show and I have high expectation with him, but he just did okay. I hope he pick a better song choice. So it was a disappointment for me because I already put high expectation to him but he just did okay. I hope he through to another round because his voice is insane!!.....

Sam Woolf – Babylon (By David Gray)
I love his performance, he picked a right song choice and he sang with nice. But my problem with him is there is insecurity in his eyes, he likes doubt himself or maybe nervous, in many moments the eyes like thinking something. He needs to let it go more and definitely confidence more, I do believe this kid will be more great in the next performance

George Lovett – Grenade (By Bruno Mars)
He definitely can sing and it show too in this performance, but I don’t like his interpretation with the song and he did over the top with the song also at the end the emotion a little bit out of control for me and very intense and became tired to heard his performance. Unfortunately because he can sing but he didn’t deliver the song so well.

Dexter Roberts – This Ole Boy (By Craig Moran)
For me it just okay performance, very safe performance and I don’t get the peak moment with this performance, but it was nice and safe but overall for me just okay performance and a little bit forgettable performance for me…….

Alex Preston – Volcano (By Damien Rice)
This guy is my favorite since the audition and Thanks GOD he made it to the top 10 guys and also delivered a strong performance. For me Alex is similar to Sam, but the difference between them is Alex have more confidence than Sam. I always like Alex performance, it never over the top, so artistry and so strong. I really believe with this guy, hope he make it to the next round.

Malcolm Allen – Comin’ Where I’m From (By Anthony Hamilton)
I don’t understand why he picked this song because for me it’s a weird song choice because this song can not give any advantage for him. I know there is a reason for him to pick this song, but c’mon remember this is the competition and every contestant need to be shine in every performance. This song didn’t show his range and also didn’t show a great voice of him. It’s flat performance, bit boring, and definitely forgettable performance.

Ben Briley – Soul Shine (By The Almman Brothers Band)
It’s weird when I knew that Ben made it to the top 10 because he is the last guy to fill the spot in the top 15 because the judges can not decide, but in the decision to the top 10 the judges seems so easy to put him through, weird moment…. But back to Ben performance, he did a pretty good job with his performance because if he performed bad, I will write rude comment in here hahaha…. The song that he choice is enough to show what he capability in sing and play instrument and all of that is the reason people will vote for him. But please if he make it to another round, please give him make over, cut his hair and shave all the beard in his face because Ben outside look so awful for me.

Spencer Lloyd – Love Don’t Die (By The Fray)
I have a high expectation to him, he didn’t disappoint me, but my expectation is bigger than this performance. I expect like performance “Say Something” in Hollywood Weeks. Overall this performance is good performance, I like this performance, I think Spencer did a good job to close the show. But the issue that I got with this performance is stiffness in the act stage, in some moment Spencer like don’t know what he want to do in the stage just go all over the place but without good cause so just a distraction to be watched. But I really believe he will move to the next round….

After Kenzie Hall and Austin Wolf, my another favorite contestant since the audition must go home and he is Casey Thrasher. I like him a lot and arggghh it’s make me upset because why not him to through in to the top 10. Another result that I must accept and also we say goodbye to Ethan Harris, Maurice Townsend, Briston Maroney and Jordan Brisbane. Another disappointment is for Briston Maroney, I like him since Hollywood Weeks because I think he different and so quirky and it will be good if he in the top 10 because will give more variety in the guys group, but the fate he must go home. Hopefully he back next year with Kenzie, Austin and Casey.

Overall for me Top 10 Guys is a painful to watch and heard because not so many memorable performance. The Top 10 Girls for me is better than The Top 10 Guys…..

So here it is the list 1 to 10 of my favorite performances of the Top 10 Guys:

Front Runners of Top 10 Guys Performance
1. Caleb Johnson
2. Alex Preston

Still have a bright spot
3. Spencer Lloyd
4. Sam Woolf
5. Ben Briley
6. C.J Harris

Disappointed performance, but have strong Hollywood Weeks and big potential to be great….
7. Emmanuel Zidor
8. George Lovett
9. Dexter Roberts

Big chance… Say Goodbye to…….
10. Malcolm Allen

But the 5 guys that I really want to see to make it through are Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, Spencer Lloyd, Sam Woolf and Emmanuel Zidor….. The reason I pick Emmanuel Zidor is the same reason why I want Bria Anai to make it through, because Emmanuel has a great voice and I think he is the best voice in the guys group, so I hope Emmanuel have a spot to make it through.

After watch Top 10 Guys performance, I will be so happy if all the wildcard position give it to the girls hahahaha…..

So let see the result, what will happen…..

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