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American Idol Season XIII: Review Top 10 Girls Performance

American Idol Season XIII: Review Top 10 Girls Performance

Majesty Rose - Happy (By Pharell Williams)
She really brings the house down right from the beginning of the show. The right song choice for her, she really enjoy in the stage, not really over the top performance, I love Majesty performance.

Kristen O’Connor - Turning Table (By Adele)
A little bit nervous in the beginning, but goes to the end, she in the zone and she nail it. When she stop sang, I don’t want to see her stop singing because she really great and I want more. Love this performance, really solid and I got goose bumps all over my body. Great performance!!!...

Briana Oakley - Warrior (By Demi Lovato)
When she start to sing, in my mind “Oh My GOD, the coach really right, the eyes so blank like fear of something and stiffness also in her” but after she felt the song she really in the zone and another goose bumps is coming in all over my body. Still love this performance, great job Briana….

Jena Irene - Paint it Black (By Rolling Stones)
Nice performance from her….. she start with really high intention and she hold it till the end and push a little bit more in the end, this performance just around one minutes and not make us tired but if this performance about around three minutes, I will stop her , because so tired to heard performance like this, but thanks to regulation that this only around one minutes performance so what Jena did is enough. Still solid and nice performance.

Bria Anai
I hope she can pick a better song choice because I’m not really like about the song choice. This girl definitely can sing and the range of her voice is insane. In this performance she show the range not in a good way, also out of control in everywhere such as in her voice, in her body languages and like Harry’s said shouting for reach the high notes. I don’t like her performance, but I like her in previous performance and what potential that she can bring to the show. I’m support her, but I dislike this performance.

Marrialle Sellars - Roar (By Katy Perry)
I don’t like her song choice and when she start sing, I was think that maybe I was wrong because it sounds good, but goes to the chorus and to end, it’s all about karaoke performance. I like her personality and I think she is Mrs. Personality and people will remember of her because the personality it so massive in this performance and also in the stage American idol and also the accident of the shoe will be so memorable hahahaha but for singing competition, I’m so sorry she really hard to make it to another round.

Jessica Meuse 
The performance…. It’s not working for me. The emotion is so flat, I don’t get the peak moment, I don’t connect with her from the beginning till the end, It’s so flat, it’s so gloomy, I don’t like it and for me it so forgettable. Sorry….. but I do like her voice, but hate this performance.

Emily Pritz
She has a good voice, I remember in the Hollywood weeks how great she is, but in this performance I don’t get it…. Yes, she looks like a rock chic but why you want to be looks like a rock girl if that is not the strength of you. She still deliver a great voice in this performance, but I don’t get it of the performance. Just okay performance for me…..

MK Nobilette - All of Me (By John Legend)
I totally agree with Jennifer, she has a simplicity that can make a song become special and she did with “A Team” in Hollywood Weeks and she did again with “All Of Me” right now. But my question is if she did this kind of performance over and over again, do we get bored? Or still excited? That’s my big question. Not the strongest performance of the night but still have a bright chance to make it through another round.

Malaya Watson
I love her quirky personality hahaha…. And also I like her voice because she has a big voice and she prove in this performance that she can sing and her voice is stunning awesome. This girls is one to beat and I believe she deserve a spot in another round.

That’s all my opinion about Top 10 girls performance….

In the other side, I’m so upset because the regulation of this year. What a stupid regulation, you bring 15 girls to live show but only 10 girls can sing and other 5 girls must go home, stupid regulation!!!..... Just make it simple, bring only 10 girls and 10 guys to the live show, so there is no top 30 but top 20. It so unfair regulation!!!!.........

And I become more upset because at the end of the show my favorite contestant since the audition didn’t make it to the top 10 and they are Kenzie Hall and Austin Wolf, Oh I more upset with the regulation!!!!!.....

But it is what it is, I must accept the result. For the girls group, I don’t have favorite contestant again that I support from the beginning from the audition. But after watched Top 10 Girls performance, my support will be goes to Majesty Rose, Kristen O’Connor and Briana Oakley.

This is the list of my favorite performances based on Top 10 Girls Performance:
Front Runners of the night
1. Majesty Rose
2. Kristen O’Connor
3. Briana Oakley
4. Malaya Watson

Still have a bright chance
5. MK Nobilette
6. Jena Irene

I don’t like the performance, but they have a big potential and also both of them have strong performances in Hollywood Weeks
7. Bria Anai
8. Emily Pritz

I think we must say goodbye…..
9. Jessica Meuse
10. Marrialle Sellars

But honestly 5 girls I want to see in Top 13 are Majesty, Kristen, Briana, Malaya and Bria…. Although Bria don’t have a good performance, but I know what she can do. I really believe in Bria that she can be great.

How about the guys??? See you in the next post

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