Saturday, January 16, 2010

AI Season 9 Atlanta Audition

American Idol return with new season. Now going to second audition in ATL = Atlanta. This town has hot talents with hot temper. Even this town has hot talents but just 25 people got the golden ticket. Boston through more people to Hollywood, 31 people got golden ticket in Boston. Too great and too bad talents in Atlanta.

First contestant in Atlanta is Dewone Robinson, ridiculous contestant and have a ridiculous performance. He sang his own song with 3 different voice, make all judges laughing to him. He sing sing and sing again until all judges sick to him and Randy shout, “security security” hahaha funny audition. Dewone Robinson has a big chance to get the Idol Award for Male Outstanding Performance.

First contestant will attend in Hollywood is Keia Johnson. She participate in beauty peagent and win miss congeniality. She has a great voice and all judges loves her, not just for the voice but the personality too. Again first contestant through Hollywood is girl.

The boy who first going to the Hollywood is Jermaine Sellers. Kara loves this man. Until Atlanta audition, She said, “… best vocal we seen so far”. Of course I agree with Kara, One of my favorite ^^.

Day 1 closed by female performance name Vanessa Wolfe. Kara said this girl very authentic n a country girl. For me… this girl remind me to Rose Flack in last season and Brooke White in season 7. Of course I must agree with Kara again and make this girl one of my favorite too.

Day 2 begin with contestant name Jesse Hamilton. Before He sang, Mary J Blige already laugh. Weird man, funny audition, ridiculous performance, and also biggest chance to nominate in Idol Award with category male outstanding performance.

Day 2 in Atlanta more colorfull. Girl with unique dress (guitar dress) has a opportunity to compete in Hollywood. She is Holly Harden. She make me remind to Kristen Mcnamara, who the girl has a big voice but has a problem with her style (Identity Crisis). Of course more crazy people like Lamar Royal who really upset because can’t going to Hollywood. Man name Blake Smith wear a t-shirt with words “Britney change my life” so weird. Female who has a great voice n make Mary J Blige said, “.. the best vocal I heard” of course have a big chance to win American Idol name Mallorie Halloy. Weird man name Antonio A.K.A Skii Bo Ski got the golden ticket, even he so weird but the voice not really really bad. BFF Carmen and Lauren must separate for a couple time, because Carmen through to Hollywood n Lauren didn’t and make their friendship go to the awkward moment. The police man will join the bunch of people in Hollywood. Day 2 really colorfull right??? Not just that, the contestant who closing day 2 of course have a great performance. 62 years old name Larry Patt bring a “lesson learned” to Randy Jackson. What a crazy day!!! But very pleasure to watch.

This is few contestant who made it to Hollywood week :
  • Keia Johnson, 26 years old who compete in beauty peagent n winning Miss Congeniality. She sang my heart will go on and make all judges blew away.
  • Miriam Lemnouni, she sang the climb by Miley Cyrus.
  • Noel Reese, she has a big voice like opera voice.
  • Tisha Holland, Kara said, “… the best we seen all day” in ATL.
  • Jermaine Sellers, One of my favorite audition ^^. Kara loves this man, best vocal we seen so far till this city.
  • Vanessa Wolfe, I don’t know why but this girl remind me to Rose Flack last season n Brooke White in season 7. Very authentic and definitely a country girl.
  • Holly Harden, a guitar girl because she wearing a guitar outfit when audition.
  • Mallorie Halloy, I think this is a star in day 2. Country girl again n dammed great. “.. the best vocal I heard”, said Mary J. Blige. Randy said, “… she is a beautiful girl” and Simon said, “.. I like You”. Day 2 audition favorite for the judges.
  • Antonio A.K.A Skii Bo Ski, weird man with a good voice.
  • Carmen Turner, “BFF girl” who her BFF not through to Hollywood week.
  • Bryan Walker, Police officer who has a good voice, have a good prospect. Kara said, “…that was great”. Randy said, “… You can sing man!”.
Total 25 golden ticket given to Atlanta audition.

My top 3 favorite for Atlanta Audition :
1. Vanessa Wolfe
2. Jermaine Sellers
3. Keia Johnson

Five contestants who have best prospect based on my analysis to the judges comment :
1. Mallorie Halloy
2. Jermaine Sellers
3. Tisha Holland
4. Keia Johnson
5. Vanessa Wolfe/Bryan Walker (Hard to pick one >.<…. Because when Bryan sang Simon not judge him)

This is few contestants who have worse audition in Atlanta :
  • Dewone Robinson, ridiculous performance because sing his own song with 3 different voice.
  • Christy Marie, 25 years old who TV producer from 411 show. She getting upset because not through to Hollywood and said she will never promote this show (American Idol).
  • Jesse Hamilton, weird guy n so funny audition. Mary J Blige laughing before he sang, funny moment.
  • Blake Smith, man wearing t-shirt “Britney change my life”… weirdo right??
  • Lauren, BFF girl who her friend name Carmen through to Hollywood. She not got the opportunity because the voice is awful.
  • Lamar Royal, He’s not very bad based on the voice… that’s what judges said too, he can sing but not enough strong for the competition, but he’s temper is so high. Just upset n get mad like a crazy bull.
  • General Larry Patt, 62 years old who give Randy “Lesson Learned”

Top 3 for the worse audition : (In my opinion n analysis)
1. Jesse Hamilton
2. Dewon Robinson
3. General Larry Patt / Lamar Royal (hard to pick one because the audition not bad n nightmare just Larry audition very funny because one judge got lesson to learned and Lamar has a bad attitude)

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