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TOP 24 American Idol Season 9 (Female Part)

TOP 12 Girls :

Ashley Rodriguez

This girl is one of my favorite since the audition and I'm glad she made it to top 24. She really has a good audition and in Hollywood weeks too. I still remembered her group performance sang Irreplaceable, it's so dammed good. I think Ashley will have a bright journey in this season, TOP 12 for sure she will in.

Crystal Bowersox

Mommy who always bring the picture of her children. She through to top 24. Honestly I'm not surprise when she made it, because performance in day 1 Hollywood really really excellent. She sang Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin, It's so great!!!! I think all judges hard to forget that performance. Beside that, she really unique too, So big chance to through top 12 n win this competition if she perform consistent.

Didi Benami

In my opinion n based on my analysis, She is the one who have a big chance to get the title American Idol. The reason I said that because she had it all, the voice, can play instrument, can make a good arrangement, and her personality is shining too. Something who will not make her win is not consistent and not true to herself.

Haeley Vaughn

Honestly I don't know exactly she like what. One thing I know is she sang I'm Yours and did a pretty good job. She still 16 years old, so she very young to join this competition. Many young contestants lost their identity in this competition, so I hope she didn't do that and did well in this competition, but honestly I'm not sure.

Janell Wheeler

Like Haeley, I don't know exactly Janell like what. I just know she had a hard time when audition bcoz Simon said no for her, but she prove she good in day 1 Hollywood and in last performance she sang Love Story from Taylor Swift. For me her performance just okey if I must compare to another female contestants, so in my opinion she is underdog/worst in the female contestants. I hope I'm wrong because She is really beautiful and so juicy to watch her in this competition.

Katelyn Epperly

She has a great audition and her audition goes to "memorable auditions video". Katelyn like Torry in style, maybe that's why Torry not made it to top 24 haha.. Kidding. Katelyn has a big chance to made it to top 12, but for win this competition???? I'm not sure she can. My prediction she will battle with tough n rough in top 24.

Katie Stevens

She impress the judges in Boston audition. She also took heart of America with her touching story. The voice??? of course great!! In day 1 Hollywood she sang For Once In My Life, Group Performance sang No One, and Kara said she has a big chance to took the title American Idol. Top 12??? I believe she can.

Lacey Brown

She join in last season, but her journey stop in TOP 50 when she compare to Megan Joy. This season she's back and made it to top 24. Honestly she really deserve in top 24, she has a good looking and also has a good voice, but I'm not really really sure she will made it to top 12 because battle in female contestants is really difficult and close. Although she not made it, she will pass the first week in TOP 24 maybe she will arrived in TOP 16.

Lilly Scott

This season many unique contestants and one of them is Lilly Scott. Performance day 1 in Hollywood it's so great. Kara said "your performance is so refreshing" and she performance like a jazzy thing. Usually the unique contestant will made it to top 12, bcoz she unique too... so in my head she will made it!!!

Michelle Delamor

Partner Ashley Roriguez in group performance. She has a great voice and of course she put a big chance to through top 12, but honestly I'm not really really sure she will made it because she not get enough spotlight before. But what mean about spotlight if she doing a excellent job in top 24??? so just let's see.

Paige Miles

This is the one of few contestants in this season who i don't know exactly. I just know Simon said "you better than you know". If Simon said that of course she had a good performance and had a potential in this competition. If she did well in TOP 24 and consistent, She has a place in TOP 12.

Siobhan Magnus

For me this girl is unique. She had a style. I remembered her sang Bad Romance from Lady Gaga in group performance. I don't know n I'm not sure she will through to top 12, but is she had a chance??? of course she has!!.

My Favorite Female Contestants Are :
1. Didi Benami
2. Ashley Rodriguez

My recap prediction :

Girls out in Top 24 :
- Janell Wheeler
- Haeley Vaughn

Girls out in Top 20 :
- Paige Miles
- Siobhan Magnus

Girls out in Top 16 :
- Michelle Delamor / Lacey Brown / Katelyn Epperly

My predicition for girls in top 12 are :
- Ashley Rodriguez
- Crystal Bowersox
- Didi Benami
- Katie Stevens
- Lilly Scott

All my prediction just my opinion n based on my analysis. Just that.... n of course not offense....

This prediction will be totally wrong if the contestants who I'm predict out of the competition have a great performance in TOP 24...... So if the contestant doing a great job in top 24, they have a great chance through to the next round. Great job in performance (vocal, arrangement, expression, etc.) and also in personality, because great performance with lack of personality will be forgettable and the journey is stop.

Anything can be happening in TOP 24. Female group is really competitive because everyone is potential to go top 12. The battle will be like gladiator.... rough... tough n so rumble!!!!

Who will out?? n who will through?? n who will win the competition?? Check out American Idol season 9 every Wednesday for female performance, Thursday for male performance n Friday for the result only in Starworld (for Asian People)

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