Monday, February 22, 2010

TOP 24 American Idol Season 9 (Male Part)

TOP 12 Male :

Aaron Kelly

One of my favorite in male group. I know him since the audition, He sang the climb from Miley Cyrus. In Hollywood week, I worried about his journey in Hollywood week, But he made it to TOP 24 and I'm glad about that. I really support him and I will be very happy if he go to top 12. For the chance??? of course he has a big chance to top 12!!! and I believe He can make it happen.

Alex Lambert

He got a tough time in Hollywood week group performance. Now He made it to top 24, It's a little bit surprise for me when He made it because I think He not good enough. Some people like Theoddous more good enough to top 24 in my opinion, but I hope I'm wrong and just let see what will Alex do in TOP 24. If he did great n consistent, He has a chance through to next round n go to top 12.

Andrew Garcia

As I'm expected, Andrew will in to TOP 24 and I think He will easily go to TOP 12. He great in audition, great in Hollywood week, and I believe he will be great in top 24. He has a huge chance to take the title and in my opinion He is a frontman in the male group. Andrew Garcia remind to last year contestant Danny Gokey.

Casey James

He remind me to Bucky Covington, contestant in season 5. I don't know him for sure till He through to top 24. In my analysis, all judges like him and seems He has a good performance. For the chance??? I don't know, but based on my analysis He has a chance and if He didn't make it to top 12, it will be very close n arriving in top 16.

Jermaine Sellers

He is the one of few contestants I remember since the audition. He did awesome in audition, but got a tough time in group performance Hollywood week. I know He will go to top 24 because He has a great talent and really deserve. So of course He have a spot in top 12.

Joe Munoz

Honestly i don't know this kid exaclty. I just know He sang Man In The Mirror with good in last performance Hollywood week. I really worried about his journey. I'm not sure He can through to top 12.

John Park

I know him too since the audition, because Shania Twain got a crush on him. When He in group performance, the group picking the ridiculous song to sing in this competition, the song is sweet escape, and make Him in the trouble but finally He through to next round. Now He made it to top 24, but i don't know he can go to top 12 or no.... I just know He has a chance if He doing an excellent job in top 24.

Lee Dewyze

Lee really really struggle in Hollywood week. In first performance Hollywood week, Simon said "you don't have star quality". In final judgement, Kara said "Lack of confidence in your performing". Although like that He made it to top 24, but I'm not sure He will in top 12. He must fight until the last blood in top 24, if he want go to top 12.

Michael Lynch

Father who have a baby when he doing in Hollywood week, hard time because he miss the baby born. Although He miss the baby born, however He paid that with a great performance in Hollywood week. Till now He doing great and I believe he will made it to top 12 too.

Tim Urban

I really surprised when he made it to top 24, because in audition He not really really good and in first performance Hollywood week He sang Come Back To Me from David Cook not so great too. So I'm really really not sure He will made it to top 12. In my opinion his journey will ended soon.

Todric Hall

I don't know exactly Todric like what. I just know He sang Bad Romance in performance group Hollywood week. He really like jumping backroll. I'm not sure He can win the competition and also I'm not sure He will made it to top 12. Just let see what can He doing in top 24.

Tyler Grady

America will hate this guy or love this guy. Very unique, since the audition until Hollywood week he is truly true to himself and I think that reason why judges pick him to top 24. The judges want to show American People how unique him n very talented. Top 12??? I don't know... have a chance?? Yes!!!. If he not through to top 12, I believe he will made it at least in top 16 and it really close to top 12.

My Favorite Male Contestants Are :
Hhhhmmm I think just one...
1. Aaron Kelly
If I must pick two, I will pick...
2. John Park

My recap prediction :
It's hard to break down like a female contestants because in male contestants there are really good and the rests is very very close.....

The guys who have a chance out in TOP 24 are :
1. Tim Urban
2. Alex Lambert
3. Joe Munoz
4. Todric Hall

The guys who have a chance out in TOP 20 are :
1. Joe Munoz
2. Todric Hall
3. Lee Dewyze

The guys who have a chance out in TOP 16 are :
1. Lee Dewyze
2. John Park/Tyler Grady/Casey James/Aaron Kelly

My predicition for guys in top 12 are :
- Andrew Garcia
- Jermaine Sellers
- Michael Lynch

All my prediction just my opinion n based on my analysis. Just that.... n of course not offense....

This prediction will be totally wrong if the contestants who I'm predict out of the competition have a great performance in TOP 24...... So if the contestant doing a great job in top 24, they have a great chance through to the next round. Great job in performance (vocal, arrangement, expression, etc.) and also in personality, because great performance with lack of personality will be forgettable and the journey is stop.

Anything can be happening in TOP 24. Male group was not balanced because there are really good and the rests is very close. Some hard to beat in round 24 like Andrew, Michael, and Jermaine. In other word this three guys ensure in top 12. The rests will be fighting until the end of blood to get to the next round and of course top 12.

Who will out?? n who will through?? n who will win the competition?? Check out American Idol season 9 every Wednesday for female performance, Thursday for male performance n Friday for the result only in Starworld (for Asian People)

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