Thursday, September 30, 2010

4. Taio Cruz - Dynamite

20.10 ArD August Playlist

International Playlist

Hufff... September month is almost over, but I still not complete the August playlist yet. I hope I can finish as soon as possible...... so I can move on to another playlist for another month.

Back to business.... Number four for International Playlist goes to Taio Cruz with Dynamite. I think Taio Cruz is the closest competitor to Jason Derulo, Iyaz and also B.o.B. All of them is black guys and also their name more famous in this last period. They also release the new album and single really tight with each other. Taio Cruz with Rockstar, Iyaz with Replay, Jason Derulo with self-titled (Jason Derulo) and B.o.B with B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. They achievement so far so good, but based on my analysis B.o.B more advanced than the others.

"Dynamite" is the most favorite song for me who released by Taio Cruz. I more like this song than "Break Your Heart" or "Dirty Picture". The video is more good too than two previous songs from him. Please don't call Taio Cruz if in the video no beautiful girls, three videos so far and there's always a lot beautiful girls.

I quite like the video of Dynamite, although there is no story in that video, but still good. A good thing about the video is many beautiful girls and very sexy and some of them got a beautiful face. Also like the fire who explode when the day goes to night (3:16). Overall not a bad video and still be the video who worthy to watch.

If you go to and see the video from VEVO, you will see the hilarious comment. Example like "I THROW MY SANDWHICH IN THE AIR SOMTIMES, SAYING AYYYYOOOO I ORDERED MAYYOO, I WANNA CELEBRATE WITH HAM AND CHEESE SAYYINGG AYYOOO CUMOONN LETS GO" or "I throw my xbox in the air sometimes singing ayyyooooo im playing halo", and still many like that in the list comments.

Rating for the video : 3,5 stars

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