Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Back!!... Indonesian Playlist 6 to 4 (20.10 ArD August Playlist) - Ran, Yovie and Nuno, Tompi

Fuhh.... after I take a long long vacation, now I'm back!!... I can't wait to write again in this blog and give the information of music to all of you guys.

I know the month of August already passed and I have not completed my countdown for 20.10 ArD August Playlist. Because I still have a debt to you, I'm paying it right now.

So I will very quickly announce the rest song who in to my 20.10 ArD August Playlist. Indonesian song already arrived in number seven and International playlist just reached number 13. Now I will tell to you the rest of the song with very quickly, Indonesian playlist from number 6 to 4 and International playlist from number 12 to number 7. Just check this out, guys!!......

20.10 ArD August Playlist

Indonesian Playlist

6. Ran - Thanks God It's Friday

One a great song from RAN. I love the music so much, make me want go to a party and party all the night in Friday night then say "Thanks God It's Friday". Lovin it so much!!! In the video you will see many artists from Indonesia. Let's party baby!!

Rating for the music video : 3 Stars

5. Yovie and Nuno - Manusia Biasa

When you hear this song for the first time, I guarantee you will like this song right in the beginning you hear this song. A weakness from this song is bored fast, when you hear this song again and again you will get bored fast, but that just what I feel about this song. :D

Rating for the music video : 1,5 Stars

4. Tompi - Tak Pernah Setengah Hati

Wow this song is really deep.. the lyric is talk about love with full of heart and never love someone in half heart. The video make this song more strong because the video really really tell the story about the song. If you see the video, you will see a grandfather and grandmother who loved each other despite having to live with poverty. Everything about this song was great, I like the song, I love the video, I touched by the lyric and also I like the singer who sing this song.

Rating for the music video : 4,5 Stars

To be continue (Next post: International Playlist (20.10 ArD August Playlist) from 12 to 7)............

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