Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adele/Glee/Mathai (The Voice) - Rumour Has It

Adele album "21" is really amazing, many great single from that album, if you buy the album you won't loss anything. We already know sensational single like "Rolling In The Deep", "Someone Like You" and "Set Fire To The Rain". I don't know what the 4th single Adele will release, but the other single called "Rumour Has It" already play by the other artist or singer in Television.

First time I know this song when one contestant on The Voice sing this song. That contestant is Mathai and she sang "Rumour Has It". When I saw that performance, I just really like the song and fell in love with the song. Before I knew that from Adele, Glee also take that song to be their routine and Glee more crazy because "Rumour Has It" combine with "Someone Like You" make the song more awesome and I more crazy in love by Adele songs especially "Rumous Has It".

"Rumour Has It" definitely will fill my playlist this entire week and in the big chance to sit in the number one of my playlist for the most song plays this week, but who version will win? is it Glee Version or Adele original version? but unfortunately for Mathai version, it will not fill my playlist yet, maybe later for Mathai version because I think Glee version and Adele version more great than Mathai, but Mathai performance wasn't bad, Mathai performance also great and so catchy also so happy for her to made it thorugh and coach by Adam Levine, but the version of Adele and Glee more more great

I will share to you first from Mathai -the contestant of The Voice-

and this is the other version of "Rumour Has It" by Glee Cast and it mix with the song "Someone Like You"

and this is the original version of the song from Adele version

What do you think? who version the best for you? is it Adele original version or Glee Cast version who mix it up with "Someone Like You" or Mathai The Voice Version? give it your thought in this post comment, okay?

Thanks to Youtube.com for the video.... See Ya

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