Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Idol 11 : Top 13 Male Semi-Finalist Performances

Reed Grimm
Unbelievable performance by Reed, Reed has a great musicality, what an unbelievable performance by him, he can make a jazz version of “Move Like Jagger” with wonderful. Great great great performance by Reed right in the beginning of the competition. Very very nice, but I hope the voters will get it to the Reed performance because usually the voters hate the heavy understanding performance, I hope he can make it to the next round bcoz he has a great musicality and American Idol needs that color hahaha...

Adam Brock
He sang so effortless. I’m not the fans of him, but I can’t deny that he has a great performance with “Think”. He really comfortable to sang in that stage, he own the stage, he own the song, everything are right in this performance. Great job, Adam.

Deandre Brackensick
I hate the song choice by him, but his voice is so juicy. Oh my GOD! He has a ridiculous voice, awesome voice that he have. If he can pick a song more famous and more knew by many people and sing with that ridiculous awesome voice, he can really touch many people and move many people to vote for him. Based on his voice he can make it to the next round, but by the whole performance… I don’t know… that was some great moment in there, but the moment can’t stuck in my head bcoz lack of connection with the song.

Colton Dixon
Everything are right in the pocket, there was nothing wrong with that performance. I feels goosy!!!... Amazing performance by him, Love his performance. By far, Colton performance is the most that I liked and so memorable in my head. He sang with heart and that amazing!.

Jeremy Rosado
Oh my GOD! One of my favorite songs from Sara Bareiles sang by him. What a beautiful tender moment…. He sang with heart and he hit that peak moment, beautiful performance, love his voice, amazing wonderful performance. If I already said that Colton performance is the most that I liked so far, I think I must edit that because now Jeremy Rosado performance is in my top of the list.

Aaron Marcellus
I’m not really like by the song that he choose, but I surprised because he can make the song more nice to hear. He performance more goes to the end more many moment that can be remember. Nice performance by Aaron and also he got the standing ovation from the judges, that was good, but in my opinion the judges too early to give standing ovation hahahaha…. But overall good performance by Aaron

Chase Likens
Chase has a mediocre performance, it was like karaoke performance, there was nothing moment that I can remember, after the show is over I definitely will forget about his performance. I really believe by a lot of prediction in the internet that Chase already eliminated before the top 13 male performances. He has a forgettable personality and also he has forgettable performance. If he make it to the next round, I will be so shock!. What a weird situation too when all judges praise him, the judges too nice and kind this year.

Creighton Fraker
What a strong performance by him. I’m not sure in the beginning, but goes to the end Creighton performance is more more better and make a lot of moment to remember. One of my favorite performances of the night. I’m a supporter for him and hope he can make it to the next round because Creighton definitely can sing.

Phillip Phillips
What a biggest disappointed of the night. He is my top favorite male idol in this season, but the performance not great as I expected. The guitar performance by him in this performance, not give many added positive value to his performance and in my opinion useless guitar performance. Sorry Phillip, I’m still the fans of you, but not strong performance by you and especially in this tight competition like this… I want he make it to the next round, but I’m not sure after watch his performance, I hope people still voting for him because the voice of him is million dollar bill.

Eben Franckewitz
The worse performances of the night and I still wondering why all judges praises his performance, I don’t get the nice moment in Eben performance. I don’t know what in Eben head to have a big brave by sing Adele song “Set Fire To The Rain”. Adele song is hard to sing and Eben definitely swallowed by the song of Adele. Eben can not connect with the song, he emotion not fit to the song and no power in his performance. Bad bad bad performance. The word that I can say to him is Goodbye Eben.

Heejun Han
I believe that he can do much better in this song, but he doesn’t pushes more in this performance. My expectation more high for him, but the result not as I expected like Phillip performance. However overall still good performance, but is this performance strong enough to make it? I’m not sure, but with Heejun great personality definitely he can make many people vote for him.

Joshua Ledet
Touchdown!!!! In the end of the show. What a great performance by Joshua right in the end of the show. The show open by wonderful performance and ended by wonderful performances too. This season will be a great season too!! There was so many talented and wonderful artist and Joshua is one of them. Joshua definitely must have a spot in the next round.

Jermaine Jones
The moment that we’ve been waiting for, that is who the thirteen male contestant picked by the judges and he is Jeremy “Gentle Giant Guy”. He sang “Dance With My Father Again”, although he performance was nice, good and very touching because he sang with heart, but I’m not sure that he will through to the next round. Sorry Jeremy, but I think your journey will end tonight because not strong enough. One thing can make him made it to the next round because the sweetness personality by him and people feel so pity for him.

1.Jeremy Rosado
2.Colton Dixon
3.Joshua Ledet
4.Reed Grimm
5.Creighton Fraker
6.Aaron Marcellus
7.Adam Brock
8.Jermaine Jones
9.Heejun Han
10.Phillip Phillips
11.Deandre Brackensick
12.Chase Likens
13.Eben Franckeweitz

Eben and Chase in the zone of no chance to make it

Deandre in the zone of the low chance to make it through

Phillip Phillips, Heejun Han, Jermaine in middle (50:50) chance to make it thorugh

Adam Brock, Aaron, Creighton, Reed, Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon, and Jeremy Rosado in the big chance to make it through, but for Aaron and Creighton still worry about they chance because I don’t feel that they make a lot of connection to the audience, they have a great voice and definitely can sing, but in the side of personality they lose by Phillip, Heejun and Jermaine. So… I don’t know who will make it through…. At least no Chase and Eben hopefully in the next round, for another contestants still okay for me.

But still voting for Colton, Joshua, Phillip (although the performance not good, but already fall in love by his quirky awesome voice, like Scotty has a million dollar bill voice), and Creighton.

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