Sunday, August 22, 2010

Indonesian Playlist: 7. Sheila On 7 - Heri Bersamanya & 6. Ran - Thanks GOD It's Friday

20.10 ArD August Indonesian Playlist

7. Sheila On 7 - Hari Bersamanya

Sheila On 7 is back with the latest single from their upcoming album. Sheila On 7 ready back to the top like in the past because this single is really easy listening and very easy to like for the people/audience. I'm impress with their comeback after vacuum in a long time, I hope this is sign that Sheila On 7 will make a great album and become a hot band again in Indonesia. Can Sheila On 7 back to the top of their game like in the past?? and beat all the new band in Indonesia?? just let see....

20.10 ArD August Indonesian Playlist

6. Ran - Thanks GOD It's Friday

Ran is one of my favorite artist in Indonesia because the song is really catchy, so young and very youthful. Like this one "Thanks GOD It's Friday", make your body want to move, very cool song and I really lovin' it so much!!...

But again the video... I'm not really like it so much, but better than "Bosan" video. The video in the past from Ran more good than this. This video just simple and fun, at least the video same with the song very fun and simple!!.... and one thing will be memorable with this video... many Indonesian artist join in this video like Vidi Aldiano, Tangga, and any other artists. I think the video can more better than this, but it's okay not very bad video so it still good to enjoy. A great song with ordinary video... still fine, right?? ;p

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