Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chris Brown Feat. Justin Bieber - Next To You

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I was found the hot collaboration between Mr. Brown and little boy Bieber. "Next to You" is really tasty song in my opinion, I really like to heard this song a lot. I never expect that Chris Brown and Justin Bieber will duet in a song and quite interesting result, hot song!!. This single still taken from album Chris Brown called "Fame" and this is the fifth single from his album.

The music video also I liked because there is a story in a video. The video really tell the meaning of the song and also there special effect in the video who make the video more good and more worthy to watch.

The lyric of the song is telling about the power of love. A guy who really love his girlfriend and no matter what happen the guy will standing right next to her. Incredible lyric because the lyric reflect the power of love and how a man will sacrifice his life for the woman that he love so much.

"One day when the sky is fallin', I'll be standing right next to you"

That lyric is so powerful and I hope when a guy tell his girlfriend with that word, that guy really commit with the words that he said.

The song : 5 stars
The lyrics : 5 stars
The video : 5 stars

Next To You Lyrics: "Chris Brown Next To You lyrics in the FAME Album. These Next To You lyrics are performed by Chris Brown Get the music video and song lyrics here. You got that smile That only heaven can make I'll pray to God every day That you keep that smile Yeah, you"

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