Monday, July 25, 2011

One Republic - Good Life

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Wow! I stuck with this song for very first time I heard. I'm crazy in love with this song. The songs who I wrote in this blog definitely the song who interesting to be heard. Like this song... OMG! This song is so tasty and i repeat the song over over and over again. Till' now I'm not boring yet with this song.

In USA this song is not a fresh song, this song release in the end of 2010, but in Asia this song is never heard and especially in my country Indonesia nonsense to heard this song, this song very rarely to play so I still can say that this song "Good Life" is fresh hottest music in Asia especially in my country Indonesia. This song is still from their second album "Waking Up" and this is the fourth single from One Republic second album. From fourth single has been released like "All The Right Moves", "Secrets", "Marchin On" and "Good Life", this single "Good Life" has the best achievement in Billboard Hot 100. "Good Life" can go through top ten Billboard Hot 100 and sit in 8th places, that the peak position so far for "Good Life" single. So far One Republic have two singles who can go through in to top 10 Billboard Hot 100, they are "Apologize" and this single 'Good Life". I hope "Good Life" can emerge into the top 5 Billboard Hot 100.

The lyric is not a cheap lyric. You must read read and read again to know the meaning. It's not easy to understand, but when read again again and again, I can understand the meaning but based on my interpretation. I think this lyric deliberately made abstract, so every people will take a different meaning based on every people interpretation. Lyric of the song have a deep meaning for me. This song gives a spirit to me/us to make my/our life to be a good life and push me/us to realize this life has gotta be a good life. That's my interpretation guys hehe ;p I hope you agree with me, guys hehe... ^^

But... I think everyone agree with me in this thing, when heard this song we feel happy, our mood go to be a good mood, and in our heart we will feel refreshing with words like "a good life" & "this has gotta be a good life". "This gotta be a good life" that word really stuck in my head and when I sing that word I feel happy and make a good mood, really refreshing music, right? ^^

The video is simple, but very interesting video because there's art work (artistry) in the video. I like the way of director make this video more special with the special effect that he given. If that special effect not show in this video, this video will be very simple, but with the art work from the director make this video have a point plus. I like the environment in this video too because it so refreshing and really fit with the song because the song also refreshing too. So... when you listen to the song and watch the video, you will get refresh because everything so fresh and will refresh our life to be "a good life" hehe... Like the video and interesting video.

The song : 5 Stars
The lyrics : 5 Stars
The video : 4,5 Stars

U must have this song so u must download the song and if you can afford to buy the original album, u must buy it!. It's worthy to download this song in the official site like Amazon or iTunes and definitely it's worthy enough to have an original album "Waking Up" by One Republic.

Waking Up (Amazon MP3 Exclusive - Deluxe Version)

Enjoy the video and the lyrics......

Good Life Lyrics: "OneRepublic Good Life lyrics in the Waking Up Album. These Good Life lyrics are performed by OneRepublic Get the music video and song lyrics here. Woke up in London yesterday Found myself in the city near Piccadilly Don't really know how I got here I got"

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