Thursday, March 1, 2012

American Idol 11 : Top 12 Female Semi-Finalist Performance

She has a nice voice, but with a song from Carrie Underwood her voice not looks nice. The power not strong like Carrie so when she sang "Cowboy Cassanova" it lack of power. The part of the end more good than the beginning, but the overall still not nice and lack of power really shown in her performance. Very unfortunate....

I agree with Jennifer Lopez, she can push more a little bit, if she do that the performance will be so awesome. The peak moment could be more higher, if she hit that, it will be so memorable performance. Overall just okay strong performance, but it will stood out if compare to the other? I don't know. I think she like Lauren Turner last year have a strong voice, but the performance not so memorable and the connection to the audience a little bit lack.

She gave it all in her performance. She deserve a spot in next round. Everything were good and nothing to be fix, very strong performance from Jen. Go Jen!....

A little bit rough in the beginning, but goes to the end she's going better. Although the performance enough to called strong, but I'm not sure she will make it to the next round. Like I said before, this good, but if compare to the other performance, is it still good and strong enough to make it? I will say no...

She is really good when in the beginning when sing with the standing mike, but after that the performance a little bit shaky and have a weird moment. She definitely can sing, but she must really know how to make a moment that everybody can remember, she did that in the beginning, but goes to the end the moment going flat and can not more higher. So 50:50 chance for her to through the next round.

She has a wonderful personality and it show in her performance. Adorable performance by her and she the only one contestant in the ladies who can show a massive personality in the performance. The voice also sounded great and have a bubbly personality, big chance for her to make it. Love her voice and love her personality. Go Skylar!...

The biggest disappointed of the night. She is one of my favorite in this competition season 11, but her performance not great as I expected. The performance was nice, but not strong enough for my standard. I don't know about her chance because it feels like she destroy a chance of her to make it through.

One of my favorite in this season and Thanks GOD she did awesome job. She sang "Reflection" with good, that some part who little bit shaky, but there are many part who really good and strong, definitely from the middle part until the end really strong performance that she gave. Please don't compare her with Christian because Christina is diva and Hollie still new in this business Still support her to make it through and hopefully it will happen.

What a weird song choice by Haley. She has a great voice, but why she choose this song? OMG!. This song not give a positive value for her performance. Agree with Randy, pitchy all over the place and the song not good for her in my opinion. I hope she can pick a better song.

A Strong performance by Shannon and I'm more happy because she not show the crawling in this performance. Beautiful girl sing with very beautiful. She also one of my favorite and she really deserve the spot in next round. If she didn't make it, it will be shocking moment. Go Shannon!

A biggest surprise of the night. I know that she has a great voice, but to bring this great performance in the condition when she sick, it's unbelievable. Jennifer Lopez gave her standing ovation, which is that was good and I also agree with that. Amazing performance by her. Really great job!.

Elise close the show with strong. I hope she have a spot in the next round because we need a woman who have a great musicality and can play the instrument also have a great voice and Elise have all of that. Great performance in the end of the show.

1. Jessica
2. Shannon
3. Jen
4. Elise
5. Hollie C
6. Skylar
7. Hallie D
8. Erika
9. Brielle
10. Chelsea
11. Baylie
12. Haley

Chelsea, Baylie and Haley are a beautiful girl who had a bad performance, it so nice to see them through, but the chance for them it's so hard....

Brielle, Erika and Hallie D have a 50:50 chance to make it through

Jessica, Shannon, Jen, Elise, Hollie C, and Skylar have the biggest chance to make it through to the next round. But there's only five spot? who will make it?

I hope there is a spot for Shannon and Hollie Cavanagh. Amin... hahahaha

Don't forget to watch the result show because we will know who will make it through.... see ya

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