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American Idol Season 10 Top 9 (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)

American Idol Season 10

Top 9 Performance

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Jacob Lusk – Man In the Mirror
Jacob you make me move!!! That was cool performance from Jacob Lusk. I like that performance and Jacob did marvelous job. Everything is in the right pocket. What should I say more?? Nothing… because there’s nothing wrong in Jacob performance. Great Job!!!...

Haley Reinhart – Piece My Heart
From now, everybody in top 9 must be careful with Haley because this girl definitely can take the title. Last week she did amazing job and this week she did amazing job again!!. This woman is headed to win this competition. I’m on your back Haley. Be Consistent, Haley… bring the best performance every week, if she do that, Haley will take one spot in top five. Great great performance again from Haley…

Casey Abrams - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
That was artistry performance from Casey. It nice to see Casey sing that song, but I didn’t get the special moment in that performance. It was interesting performance and nice, but if that performance more long than that I will get bored.

Lauren Alaina – Natural Woman
Lauren performance was alright for me. Based on the vocal she did a great job, but based on connectivity with the song she just quite alright. She must really nail the song if she want to get a lot of praise, but I think she failed to nail this song.

James Durbin - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
I tired with the scream thing in his performance. It nice to see him took a different side of him and showed his vulnerable side, but why in every single performance he must did the scream thing?? Honestly I didn’t feel his emotion and the message of the song not really success deliver to me. Sorry not good performance for me….

Scotty McCreery - That’s All Right
This song is really suit for him. Scotty show the attitude in that stage and which is I liked it so much. Also Scotty can show his massive personality with that song, I liked it. Scotty take a chance every week and step his game every week although not a wide step, but still proud of him because he going forward every week. Agree with Randy, Scotty headed to win this hot battle.

Pia Toscano – River Deep Mountain High
That was a great vocal performance from Pia Toscano. It was hot performance!!!. Pia must learn how to move her body because this is an upbeat song, but her body like she sang a ballad song, she body language so stiff and awkward when she sang an up tempo song. She must learn how to move her body and more use her body language when she sang. Pia is great and she definitely can win this competition. Follow Jenifer Lopez advices and follow her direction, Pia will be more great in the next more week, I believe!!!!!...

Stefano Langone - When A Man Loves A Woman
I think Stefano caught in this kind of performance. Stefano did this performance really similar like he did in previous performance. It was predictable, I’m not really connecting with his performance and everything feels obvious and very ordinary. Not really great performance from Stefano. Definitely agree with Randy, he must now the technique how to really connect with the song and deliver the message to the audience and not do the same movement every week and same body language every week, because it became predictable and boring. I think Stefano must step up his game more than this if he really wants to stay in this competition longer.

Paul McDonald - Folsom Prison Blues
What are you doing, Paul??? That was hot performance from you and that was the best performance from you, Paul. Crazy performance and I’m lovin’ it!!!!!.... That performance show that you have a million dollar voice. Hot performance to close the show. Great job and well done!!...

With no doubt season 10 is rocks!!, but top 9 not really give me a big chill because some performance just felt ordinary for me and also I raise the bar for this season 10. Season 10 basically have a great contestants, but I think some contestant got stuck with their comfort zone and don't want to take challenges. Here it is rank for top 9 :

1. Paul McDonald
2. Jacob Lusk
3. Scotty McCreery
4. Haley Reinhart
5. Pia Toscano
6. Casey Abrams
7. Lauren Alaina
8. James Durbin
9. Stefano Langone

My hero for top 9 performance is Paul McDonald. For the first time in this round, I felt Paul have a million dollar performance because Paul force his voice and potential talent to burst out from his soul, heart and body. This is the best performance from Paul because of that I gave him a number 1, although Jacob Lusk performance is hot one of that night, but Jacob must sit in number two.

Paul McDonald

The weakest performance of the night is Stefano Langone. Stefano stuck with performance like that and it became predictable performance. The voice is still good and very suit with song like that, but he's not taking to the another level. He just hold it in same level. I think he must go home immediately because he left behind by its competitors. I hope Stefano out.....

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