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Top 7 Performance : 21st Century

American Idol Season 10

Top 7

21st Century

Scotty McCreery – Swingin’
Scotty, you are really charming when your sing. Unfortunately, you only used your charm in this performance. That was nothing special with that performance. I just like sit in the café see a cute and charming boy singin’ for me, but I didn’t notice to his performance, what a song that his sang and when I got home I just wondering what song that he sang and I struggled to remember because it was forgettable. That was I think about Scotty performance, nothing special and forgettable.

James Durbin - Uprising
Many interest things in James performance. The act stage is great, the way he sang is great, and I think nothing wrong with that performance. Everything was right in the pocket. James is really moving forward and he really step up his game week by week. Watch out other contestant because James want to win it!!!... Well done James!! That was great!!! I think this is the most likeable performance from James performances so far in this competition, for me.

Haley Reinhart – Rolling In the Deep
Haley, what I supposed to say?? Last week in my opinion you are the one of worst performance, but now I think that performance will be the one of strongest of the night. The beginning just okay and alright for me, but from middle to the end Haley got it!!. Haley felt the song and deliver with well the message and the voice really suit with the voice, incredible voice in incredible song. Agree with Randy, she is in the right direction and this type of song that she must make in her record. Great job great job and great job!!!! I hope I can see her next week.

Jacob Lusk – Dancing With My Father
Jacob that was beautiful performance and it means a lot for me too. I felt Jacob emotion from the beginning of his performance. I just felt goosy from beginning till the end. Definitely, that was one of inspiring performance of this whole season. Beautiful performance and maybe not strongest performance from Jacob, but still lovin’ it!!!... One of my favorite performances in this season, I can’t denial (deny it).

Casey Abrams – Harder To Breathe
Again! When I see Casey performance, it feels like not a competition, I just like in Casey Abrams show. That was very likeable performance, It really nice to watched and listen. That was great!!!... I’m never happy with every contestant who sang Maroon 5 song in American Idol competition because always ordinary and nothing special, but Casey came out with song Maroon 5 “Harder To Breathe” and nail it!!. Well done!..

Stefano Langone – Closer
WoW… wow and wow!!! It’s totally different of Stefano. I’m happy with Stefano performance because he took a risk in this competition and I love that he is really doing well in this performance. The risk is paid off, but is it America love it?? I don’t know because this performance will be talk a lot, discuss and debate a lot, with simple word there are people will hate it or love this performance. But for me, I liked it!! And I’m happy with a different side of Stefano. I hope America see it with my point of view and keep Stefano for another week. C’mon do you really want to see Stefano doing ballad every week?? Hell no, yeah?? So please appreciate him with this performance by safe him for another week hehehe…. ;p

Lauren Alaina -  Born To Fly
This song is too easy for Lauren, a little bit karaoke performance for me. I think Lauren is going backward week by week. If she can’t lift up her game in this competition, we can say bye bye soon. That wasn’t a great performance for me, nothing special, very mediocre, and forgettable. It’s bad Lauren…. It will be hard for her to get one spot in top three if she can’t lift up her game.

My Superstar for this week Top 7 is


My rank for top 7 performance :
1. James Durbin
2. Haley Reinhart
3. Jacob Lusk
4. Casey Abrams
5. Stefano Langone
6. Lauren Alaina
7. Scotty McCreery

My prediction said that Stefano will be in trouble this week because he is too many in the bottom three and for last couple week he landed in the bottom two, but with “Closer” performance, is he can save for another week?? I think he can…. Why?? Because Lauren and Scotty also will be in trouble because Lauren and Scotty not bring their strong performance to the table. So watch out for Lauren and Scotty because there’s a big chance that one of them will going home.

However…. My feeling said that the result will be shock again. Although Lauren and Scotty have a bad performance, but their so charming and out there many fans of them will vote for them. Stefano also charming and the girls love him so much because he always save even his performance is bad. I scared that Jacob, Haley and even James will be in the bottom three. So finger cross that the contestants who have a great performance will be safe and the contestants who have ordinary or bad performance will be landed in the bottom three.

It hard to predict who will going home this week…… so don’t forget to watched American Idol Season 10 Top 7 Result Show tomorrow. See ya….

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