Friday, April 8, 2011

Result Show Top 9 : Very Shocking Result, Pia Eliminated!!

American Idol Season 10

Result Show Top 9

Very Shocking Result, Pia Eliminated

Result Show top 9 in season 10 is very shocking result show so far in entire show. Why?? because the first seed of the most favored to become the winner eliminated. Pia Toscano eliminated?? I still can't believe it.

As always the result show opened by welcoming the judges, the host and all the contestant remaining in season 10. After that Top 9 hit the stage with medley song. They sang songs like "I Love Rock n Roll", "Sweet Home Alabama" and maybe there's a song that I miss. I like the performance of top 9, the medley is awesome.

After that the previous season contestant Constantine Maroulis hit the stage with song "Unchained Melody" with new arrangement. The season 4 contestant who sit in sicth place give a new taste with that song. Great performance Constantine...

Iggy Pop also hit the stage with the vocalist not wear a shirt during his performance, ridiculous!!. Everybody scream with crazy when they performed, but I can't enjoy with their performance, weird performance for me... sorry...

The more interesting in this result show is the result. How can I expected that Jacob Lusk and Pia Toscano will be landed in bottom three?? both of them give a great performance and they deserve to sit in the couch save and continue the journey in this competition. I really believe that Stefano will be out from this show, but the result say different. Jacob Lusk luckily safe and can continue the journey until next week. So.. in the bottom two leave us with Mrs. Pia and Mr. Stefano, I believe that everybody will expected that Stefano will be going home, but the result said that Pia eliminated.

WTF result!!! Pia Toscano is one of strongest contestants in this competition and she deserve to win, at least she really deserve to perform in many weeks in this competition. At least she arried in top five, but the pathetic moment is Pia just arrive in top 9. Very pathetic result!!....

After I lose my top favorite Thia Megia, now my one favorite contestant also eliminated. So... Just left Scotty, Scotty is one of my favorite from the early audition, I hope he can doing well in this competition. At least arrived in top five. So now my vote will goes to Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart.

Lauren is one of my favorite from early audition, but lately she disappointed me. I like Stefano too, but his not step up his game and make me bored with him performance because every week felt same. Now Casey, Paul and James is the least favorites for me. James Durbin has incredible talent, but he seems fake for me, so I put him in the very bottom in my list favorites.

This is my update rank for the rest contestant who still stay in this competition :
1. Jacob Lusk
2. Scotty McCreery
3. Haley Reinhart
4. Lauren Alaina
5. Stefano Langone
6. Casey Abrams
7. Paul McDonald
8. James Durbin

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