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Top 8 Performance Review - Movie Soundtrack Week

American Idol Season 10

Top 8 Round

Movie Soundtrack Week

Paul McDonald - Old Time Rock & Roll
(Didn’t watch)

Lauren Alaina – The Climb
This is such a great song and this song is one of my favorite songs. Based on the voice, if we compare to Miley Cyrus , Lauren won. However based on the connectivity with the song and deliver the message to the audiences, Lauren lose and failed, Miley is better in this area. Lauren just gave her all emotion in the end of the song and that was the best part of her performance. In the beginning, she too much act in the stage, so make her performance very obvious or ordinary from beginning till the middle. This song doesn’t need too much act in the stage. This song just need you to focus to the song, connect to the song, felt every word, deliver the message and just give it all your emotion burst out from your heart and if you sing this song with great and awesome, that performance will be great!!. For me Lauren performance just alright for this week.

Stefano Langone - End Of The Road
Although Stefano performance still same like previous week, but this week performance so much better because he sang with really well and he really well connect with the song. For me… wasn’t best performance from him, but the performance really strong. My question… is this enough for stay in the competition?? And win this competition?? I don’t think so. He must step up his game in the huge step, if not he will out as soon as possible, my prediction top 6 is the maximum journey of him.

Casey Abrams - Nature Boy
Casey is the best contestant in the artistry area. This week performance is the best artistry performance in this season. When I see this performance, big smile in my face because the judges not wasted their save card. Great, great and great performance of him. The best performance from him in this entire season. Great job, Casey!!! Keep up the good work….

Haley Reinhart -  Call Me
Haley definitely can handle this song with really well and the good thing she doesn’t look like a whore and cheap. That’s a good point because some singer sang this song with really cheap and looks like a whore. Agree with the judges, this song is not a singer song and not suit for this competition. This performance was alright and forgettable. Haley must pick a great song and a song that challenge her more. I hope she can save for another week because I don’t want to see more girl go home.

Scotty McCreery - I Cross My Heart
A little bit a boring song for me, but Scotty handled this song with really well. It’s nice to see him challenge his voice with different type of songs. This was a good performance, not spectacular, but I think it will save him for another week.

Jacob Lusk - Bridge Over Troubled Water
I got the goosy (goosebumps). Jacob proved that he doesn’t deserve to land in the bottom three. Jacob is in it to win it!!!... Jacob again! gave a great performance. He really deserve in top five and definitely in top three. C’mon Jacob you can win this whole thing, more grow up and give the stellar performance every week. Great job!!

James Durbin - Heavy Metal
Last week I complained about his scream in every song, but in this song the scream is perfectly fit and not to over the top. James must really wise use his scream, because not every song he can sing with the scream. At sometime the scream is annoying. Well done Mr. Durbin, that was a good performance.

My Superstar for this week is Casey Abrams. Casey performance is winning performance. He definitely can take the title of American Idol with this performance. Great Job Casey!!!.....



This is my full list of rank in top 8 performance :
1. Casey Abrams
2. Jacob Lusk
3. James Durbin
4. Stefano Langone
5. Scotty McCreery
6. Lauren Alaina
7. Haley Reinhart

*I can judge and put Paul in the list rank because I didn't see Paul performance... (I will update if I already see Paul performance)

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