Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol Season 10 : Result Show Top 4

American Idol Season 10

Result Show Top 4

The Rock n Roll Journey Must End

The result show start from the duet performance by the guys and the girls. Scotty take a song for duet with James and Haley partner is Lauren to rocks the AI stage. After that, the first result show of the night revealed and Lauren is the first person to celebrate her happiness because she made it into top 3.

Lady Gaga perform in American Idol with a video from her live show. Enrique also hit the stage with his new single called "Dirty Dancer", unfortunately the duet partner of the song can be join in American Idol stage and that is Usher. Enrique perform that song medley with sensational hit "I Like It".

The winner of season 6, Jordin Sparks also sing with fantastic in American Idol stage. Jordin brought her new single called "I am a Woman". Jordin performance is fantastic, she totally different when she in American Idol Season 6. She dropped weight very much and she dance all around the stage, Jordin never showed performance like this when she was in American Idol competition season 6. Jordin totally grown up, she's becoming a woman right now. I've got the feeling that she maybe lip-sync when sing this song hahaha... *I wish I'm wrong

After that, Mr. Seacrest announced that two girls will battle it out in top three, so.... Haley is safe and compete again in next round of top 3 and definitely she can go home and become a hometown hero. Left two guys James and Scotty, one of them must eliminated and that is James Durbin. Scotty very glad because Ryan told him that he can through to the final top three. So... James journey must end in top 4.

TOP 4 is fierce competition and one must go home because we build your top three. Unfortunately the one and only Rock n Roll artist in this season must go home. James Durbin got eliminated!.

James Durbin had a great performance last night. Definitely "Don't Stop Believing" performance is nice to remember, but this is a tight competition. Everybody has a big chance to go home even their performance is on the top.

James knew the right direction for his career. What else he must to do besides rock n metal genre. James can make a great record with rock/metal genre. He pure and totally born to sang with rock and metal influence. So go ahead buddy....

James also can be great as a performer because the act stage of him already great and very hilarious. I'm not worry about his career. I hope you get a record deal as soon as possible and see you in the real world, James. Gud Luk to you buddy!!!....

Now only 3 people left for the title of American Idol. Who will win this competition? who will be in the top 2 and the finale?? I love the all of final three American Idol Season 10, so whatever happens next... definitely! smile will written in all over my face. I hope the finale is all the girls competition because the girls are rocks this year... just wait and see till next week who will fight in the finale to take the title American Idol Season 10 ^^

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