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American Idol Season 10 : Top 4 Review

Americn Idol Season 10

Top 4

Inspirations - Leiber & Stoller's

James Durbin - Don't Stop Believing
James just gave it all in this performance. There's nothing wrong in this performance. It's great to see this kind of performance in the beginning of the show because the bar of the competition already set so high. Well done Mr. James that was great performance, very nice to watched and very enjoyable.

Haley Reinhart - Earth Song
Why Jennifer and Randy so rude and cruel to Haley?? I totally disagree with Jennifer and Randy. The theme is inspiration and Haley sang a song that bring inspiration to her life and she want to share the inspiration with the audience, she felt it and definitely delivered the message to the audience. I think this performance is good, James performance still better, but Haley performance is good and still one of strong performance of the night. When the choir came out to the stage, Haley performance is so majestic, there is a moment of Haley. Great performance!! with no doubt in my opinion

Scotty McCreery - When Were You
I love the song that picked by Scotty and the way Scotty sang this song also good. Scotty really put his uniqueness in this performance, but my worry is can this performance so memorable? because at somehow I felt this performance lack of moment and little bit forgettable, although at some part there are inspiring moments. This performance not really suit for top 4 competition, but I can't deny this type kind of song can be in Scotty album. I liked the performance and I gave a point plus for the inspiration and the song choice, but overall just okay and very safe performance for me.

Lauren Alaina - Anyway
This is the best performance by Lauren in this season. Lauren perform this song with fearless. She was pushing herself to the limit and she sang by her own style. Lauren voice is so pure and beauty, she just show that in this performance. She show when she must push with the high and tense emotion, but she also knew when she must sang with her own style and that is with a pure voice and beauty sweet tender voice. The dynamic of this performance is insanely great!!. Perfect song for Lauren, perfect song for the competition and the perfect way to sang this song. Well done!! That was awesome!! and very inspiring performance!!...

Haley Reinhart - I Who Have Nothing
Haley just gave it all and show what she can do in this competition in the maximum way. The result??? incredible great performance by Haley!!.. Haley just proved to the judges that she must be recognized in this competition. Haley definitely can win this competition and I hope hard critics from the judges not bring her got eliminated. Please fans vote for Haley... Haley is really deserve to win this competition. She so talented and she had it all for what it takes to be the champion of American Idol Season 10. I hope she win this competition... pray pray n pray

Scotty McCreery - Young Blood
This performance is really suit for Scotty. The voice, the attitude, the personality, everything were right in the pocket. I like this performance a lot. Scotty really ready to enter the music industry and make a record like this and the record like his first performance. In top 4, Scotty just show what kind of artist that he want to be, totally both different songs in top four, ballad with connectivity and emotion and up tempo with full of attitude and personality, and definitely the flavor of Scotty still can be tasted.

Lauren Alaina - Trouble
Lauren is fearless in top 4 competition!!!... She came out to the stage and just gave it all. She two performances are really strong in top four. I'm happy with Lauren because she got peaked in the right time when the competition more close to the end. Is she can win this competition?? hell yeah!!!.....

James Durbin - Love Potion
James always haves consistent performance, for sure in this genre. When James sing a song from genre like this, he always nails it. This performance was good and nice, but why I can't remember the part of he sang?? I just remember the scream and how good he is when he act in the stage. Overall good performance, but this performance can't beat the performances by the girls because the girls performances are rocks tonight!!!

My Superstar for Top 4


My rank for all performances in top 4 :
1. Lauren Alaina - Anyway
2. Hayley Reinhart - I Who Have Nothing
3. James Durbin - Don't Stop Believing
4. Scotty McCreery - Young Blood
5. Lauren Alaina - Trouble
6. Haley Reinhart - Earth Song
7. James Durbin - Love Potion
8. Scotty McCreery - When Were You

Who's out?? I don't have any idea..... I just hope that Haley safe and through to the top 3

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