Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Citra - Everybody Knew

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Runner Up Indonesian Idol 2010 has been Released Her Debut Single

Runner Up Indonesian Idol 2010 is back. She has been released her debut single. The single called "Everybody Knew". Did you know the singer?? if your answer is Citra, you definitely right!.

Citra is back and she ready to fight in music industry Indonesia. Citra still true to herself, she keeps stay in her line and that is jazz. She took a genre that still rare in Indonesia. This is good because she got that niche and she definitely will take an attention from a jazzy fans. The youngest contestant in Indonesian Idol 2010 is take a genre who pretty same like Andien (young female jazz contemporary singer) did, that is Jazz Contemporary, not pure jazz but mix with another genre, but this genre is really suit for Citra who really current, young and fresh.

Citra Skolastika Kirana Wulan definitely can survive in music industry Indonesia, I've got that feeling!!... I said this because her debut single is so tasty!!. It so nice to heard this song again and again. The song is so catchy and the lyrics in the reff really fast stuck in my head. I hope this song can be the number one in many Indonesian chart from radio or TV too.

I liked the song, I like the voice and I like the music. So... how about the video clip?? the video clip of this song has 2 version. One of the version is really crunchy because the video wants to be funny but it didn't, looks so cheap and very terrible video to watched. The another version more better, the video so simple, but still nice to watch also I liked the color of the video because it feels so warm.

I will give you the two versions of the video... check this out....

Version 1

Verion 2

For close this post, I will give you the lyric of the song... Enjoy..!! ^^


ketika ku lihat kau bersama dia
tak ada penyesalan dalam hidupku
dan apa yang ku rasakan saat ini
seperti dahulu ku tak mengenalmu

ketika ku lihat kau bersama dia
tak ada lagi hasrat dalam hidupku
kepada dirimu yang dulu tercinta
tak ada lagi kenangan, takkan lagi harapan

everybody knew you're a liar
everybody knew you're a player
everybody knew you're never serious
risk your love at me
and i tell you once again baby

serious risk your love at me
and i tell you once again oh baby

Support Citra to be one of the successful singers in Indonesia. Buy her original album and hope the album of her really succeed.

Thanks to : liriklaguindonesia.net for the lyrics and thanks to Youtube.com for the music video

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