Thursday, May 5, 2011

TOP 5 Performance : "Now and Then"

American Idol Season 10

Top 5 Performance

"Now and Then"

James Durbin - Closer To The Edge
Hhhmmm... I totally disagree with all judges. I think this performance is the worse performance by James Durbin. Pitchy all over the place and James just focus to the audience and forget about focus to his sing. This is singing competition and now the competition is getting hot and tight, but James give the worse vocal performance. It's good to connect with the audience, but please watch out to your pitch, James. It's bad performance....

Jacob Lusk - No Air
I disagree with Randy. Jacob definitely R&B singer with some gospel and soul in his voice, so it feels weird when I heard don't to be a R&B artist, oh c'mon Randy?? he is really fit for R&B genre. Yes, it's right if you said don't became like Usher or Chris Brown because Jacob not an artist like that, but Jacob totally must stay in R&B genre. The problem of this performance is Jacob can't handle this song with really well, it feels weird to see Jacob sing like there are two people who were singing that song. This is a duet song and duet song is hard to sing by alone. Jacob take a risk, but the risk is too high to paid off. I didn't get the climax in this performance. This performance lack of special moment. It feels good when Jacob sing into the reff 1, but after that everything just okay and forgettable. The song is great, but Jacob performance is bad....

Lauren Alaina - Flat On The Floor
Lauren is going forward!!! and this performance show that she make a progression in this competition. I like this performance a lot, Lauren show her swagger, she look so enjoy in the stage, very comfort to watch and the tune of her voice is awesome. Everything are great and nothing wrong with this performance. I'm happy to see Lauren back to the competition and ready to compete and win this competition. Lauren has a million dollar voice, her homework is how to use that voice to create a spectacular performance every week and make every people stun with her voice. I want her voice feels like Pia because when Pia sang, she totally can make people stun with her voice. I believe Lauren can do that too.

Scotty McCreery - Gone
What I liked about Scotty is Scotty really know himself. Scotty is never try to be another artist, Scotty is Scotty. This performance is great. Scotty brought A massive attitude and personality to the stage. I don't have a problem with the vocal because it feels effortless and nice!!. Scotty always sings with effortless because he is born to sing. Great job, Scotty!!!

Haley Reinhart - You and I
I disagree with Randy and Jennifer. Oh! C'mon what's wrong with this performance. Haley voice is great in this song and Haley not trying to be Gaga, but Haley perform as Haley. OMG!! I pissed off with the judges this season, They so easily praise their favorite contestants, but it seems Randy want throw Haley to the bus so make her can't win this competition. Haley is great with this song and nothing wrong with this performance. That was a high risk when someone sing a new song that everybody doesn't know because it will be so strange to hear and watch, the good point is the performance can't be compare, but the bad point the performance hard to remember. But.... this performance is great!! and I don't care about the judges says, this performance is definitely great!!!!!...

James Durbin - Without You
It's nice to see vulnerable side of James. Based on the vocal, there was pitchy in many moment. This night not belong to James because in first and second performance, the pitchy is awful. The emotion is great, but the vocal not good. So just okay performance for me... Maybe he will in to the bottom two.

Jacob Lusk - Love Hurts
This performance much better than the first one, but still not the best performance of him and hard to be the strongest performance of the night. I don't know what happen with Jacob because he doesn't look like in the beginning of the competition. He so strong in the beginning of the competition, but in last two weeks he weakened. This performance was good, but not memorable. Jacob will be in trouble because the two performances of him not really strong. Really worry about him....

Lauren Alaina - Unchained Melody
That was a beautiful performance and very tender performance. It's nice and good, but not the best version that I've ever heard. If someone nail this song, that performance will be so memorable and hard to forget (Ex : Clay Aiken). Lauren could more than this, very unfortunate that she not pushing more!!... Lauren is still move forward, but is the progression enough to bring her to win this competition?? I'm not sure....

Scotty McCreery - You Will Always On My Mind

Scotty, you are unique singer. Scotty doesn't have sing like the other singer who hit the high notes, sing with the scream and give a crazy falsetto. You just must be yourself and work with your unique voice, because you can win this competition just only by your unique voice. Scotty sings with effortless, always!. Scotty also very rare to sing with the high notes, but there's a lot of people love Scotty performance with just the way you are. The voice is crazy, very interesting and hard to boring with Scotty voice. Scotty always chilled me with his voice and like in this performance, Scotty gave me chill. The voice is ridiculous!!!.... Stay in your line Scotty!! and that is country. I'm not worrying about your career even if you not win this competition.

Haley Reinhart - House of Rising Sun
Haley is the superstar of the night. For me.. both of her performance are very strong!. She can win this competition and I will so much happy if see Haley win this competition, from the underdog become the superdog and win this competition, that's will be great. Haley in it to win it!!! Haley in it to win it!!! great, great, great and great awesome performance. The strongest performance of the night and this performance one of unforgettable performance of this season. The performance will be so memorable although this season is over, this performance will still be remembered and will be one of the epic performances of the entire season of American Idol. If Fantasia so memorable with "Summertime", David Cook with "Always Be My Baby", Carrie Underwood with "Alone", Kris Allen with "Heartless" and Haley with "House of Rising Sun".

Superstar of Top Five is....


My rank for top five performance :
1. Haley Reinhart - House of Rising Sun
2. Lauren Alaina - Flat on The Floor
3. Scotty McCreery - Gone
4. Haley Reinhart - You and I
5. Scotty McCrerry - You Will Always On My Mind
6. Lauren Alaina - Unchained Melody
7. Jacob Lusk - Love Hurts
8. James Durbin - Without You
9. Jacob Lusk - No Air
10. James Durbin - Closer To The Edge

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