Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Andrew Garcia & Katie Stevens - Skyscraper (Cover)

Cover Video

Andrew Garcia & Katie Stevens - Skyscraper

Do you still remember Katie Stevens & Andrew Garcia? Both of them is alumni from American Idol Season 9. Andrew places in number 9 and Katie Stevens in number 8. Now they often sang together and upload their duet in you tube. Like this one.... Andrew and Katie duet in new song from Demi Lovato "Skyscraper".

They duet are really nice and recommended for you to listen to this cover. Two thumbs up for both of them because they sang more great than in American Idol stage. I never saw Andrew push his voice like this because in American Idol he just plays safe and never force his voice like in this cover. For Katie, Dammed! that voice is so beautiful and I really miss Katie voice, I hope she got a record label very soon and can release an album for worldwide. With this kind of performance Katie definitely deserve in top 5 in American Idol season 9 because the voice is so beautiful and when hit the high notes eemmmm very tasty to my ears and so pretty.

Good luck for both of you guys..... for now let's enjoy the cover "Skyscraper" original sang by Demi Lovato.

Here it is Andres Garcia & Katie Stevens with "Skyscraper"

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