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Phenomenon Girl Bands & Boy Bands Indonesia

Phenomenon Girl Bands & Boy Bands Indonesia

Lately in Indonesia very lot boy band and girl band. Everything started when boy bands named Smash really booming in Indonesia. When they came is a sign that Melayu song fever in Indonesia is over. In Indonesia not a strange thing if the world of Indonesian music leads to a certain direction, like some time ago Melayu song very adorn ear of Indonesia, and now it's time for the boy bands and girl bands.If

All of this happen because Smash. Smash make a boy bands thing happening again in this era. Smash really took an attention of Indonesian People especially young teenage girls with song "I Heart You". I also like that song very much because the song really tasty to my ears. But what I didn't expect that because Smash is so booming in Indonesia, it trigger to other record label and other people think to make a boy bands and girl bands. From that moment the phenomenon Boy Bands and Girl Bands in Indonesia is happening.

In other country let say Korea and Japan, Boy Bands and Girl Bands are not a new thing. It already happening a few year ago. Let say Super Junior, Big Bang, 2NE1, Girls Generation (SNSD) and many other boy bands and girl bands. The boy/girl bands thing are still happening until right now and still growing up in Korea and Japan especially in Korea. In Taiwan, this kinda thing also ever happening just say F4 and 5566, the boy bands from Taiwan who really took their success when they on the top, they released albums, have a role in some movies and many things.

In western, also Boy Bands and Girl Bands ever happening. In Asia, who don't know Backstreet Boys? or Spice Girls? or N'SYNC? I thought many people in Asia really recognize that named. Some another boy bands and girl bands who really succeed in their era are Boy Zone, Atomic Kitten, Sugababes, Code Red, 5ive, A1, S Club 7 and many other boy bands and girl bands in that era.

In Indonesia, the boy/girl bands ever happened, but unfortunately this issue never be on top, some of group can be on top, but not in the long time they gone and hard to comeback. Let say M.E, T5, Trio Libels, Lingua, AB Three and many other group. Are they have a success career?? of course I can say big Yes!!, but whether the successful career stand for a long time? in my opinion.... I say no!, because... now... where they are?? many of the group are separated and take personal career.

That thing also happening in the western, many boy/girl bands are break up, only Backstreet Boys can stand for a long time in career of Boy Bands and for the other only an instant career, they just get the famous thing after that break up and take a personal career and can guessed that the front runner of the group who can struggle and be succeed in music industry, just let's call it like Justin Timberlake from N'SYNC, and Ronan Keating from Boy Zone just for example.

Whether this phenomenon in Indonesia like the many history of boy bands and girl bands? just get the famous when this thing is happening, after that break up and the member of the group take a personal career? we can't answer that right now because I really believe two till three years from now, boy bands and girl bands in Indonesia will be very very lot, but I also believe just few of them who can be success and nail it in music industry and many of them just disappear. My hope some of boy bands and girls bands can struggle until ten years from now and not separated or break up, but let see my hope will be happen or just a dream.

In Korea and Japan, Boy Bands and Girl Bands are still happening and simply applaud because it has survived in recent years may be more or less been running for five years. Great job for them!! and keep up the good work!!.. and I believe the girl bands and boy bands from Korea and Japan especially from Korea can be struggle and have a great career in music industry until five years to come because the art work they gave to the music industry more great and more cool, also they more success not in their country, but they already target to conquer the world because they already go international. For example, Wonder Girls in USA, some people knew of this group, great job!.

I hope the phenomenon boy bands and girl bands in Indonesia not just a firework, who came out with big surprise and very beautiful career, but they disappear as time goes. I put a big hope that the pioneer like Smash can be struggle and have a bright career for a long time maybe 5 until 7 years if can until 10 - 20 years, I put a big hope.

In this post, I was just talking about Smash, yes they are a pioneer, but there are some and many boy bands and girl bands in Indonesia. Just call it like 7 Icons, Max 5, XOIX, Cherybelle, Dragon Boys, Maskara, and there are many still boy bands and girl bands in Indonesia. Some people say this happening because Indonesia follow K-pop, I can say that's true, Smash really similar with Super Junior but the number more less than Super Junior and 7 Icons really similar with SNSD (Girls Generation). But that's my country, if something is happening therefore it will greatly color the industry for several years. Like previous moment is Melayu song in the music industry and in the movie industry there are the moment of Ghost movie, the moment of religious movie, and the moment of sex comedy movie.

I will talk about the boy bands and girl band in Indonesia more than this because I will talk more personal (group by group), but in the next post.... catch up my next post talk about Smash, Max 5, 7 Icons, Cherybelle and the other boy bands and girls band in Indoensia too. See Ya!...

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