Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mulan Jameela Feat. The Law - Abracadabra

Indonesian Song

Mulan Jameela Feat. The Law - Abracadabra

This song isn't a new song, but I shared this song because the video is awesome for standard music video in Indonesia. The animation not a smooth animation like Hollywood did, but for Indonesia this animation still alright and can say good, because not many video in Indonesia use animation like this.

In my opinion, the video and the music are disconnected. When I saw the video, my brain said that this video not really suit with the song, so give me weird moment. The video was nice if I just see it, but when the video and the music come together, for me not combine very well. So.... great video and great music, but when the video and the music mix together make me give a minus point for this whole thing, sorry....

The lyric was talked about the girl who met the genie and wish about the faithful guy in her life. We can see the story of the lyric in the video, but not really suit and appropriate because in the video we can saw that the girl wish the guy who can save her from the jail, where's the theme about faith/loyalty/faithfully?? I can't get it from the video....

The song : 4 Stars
The video : 4,5 Stars
The lyrics : 3 Stars

That's my opinion, how about your opinion?? let's share in the comment box, guys ^^

enjoy the video.....

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