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Vierra - Terlalu Lama

Indonesian Song

Vierra - Terlalu Lama

This is not a new song in Indonesia, but I forgot to talk about this song. This song is really tasty and really a nice song in Indonesia Musics. I can't deny that Vierra have a great sense of music because they can produce many great music since from the first album like their first single "Dengarkan Curhatku" who really took many attention of Indonesian People and their other singles like "Bersamamu", "Perih", "Rasa Ini" and "Seandainya".

Now they already released their second album called "Love Love Love". In second album, Vierra still talked about love like the name of their second album, yep Vierra still sharing about love in their new album. If I not wrong this is the second single from their second album and they first single is "Takut". I more fell in love with "Terlalu Lama" than "Takut". When I heard this song for the very first time, I just straightly fell in love with the song and can't wait to got the song.

Nice song!.... and the lyric is so true because at now many guys not give the real status to their partner in love, they just want to play and don't want to engage to their relationship and more badly many guys want live together with their girlfriend but not give the real status "Wife" in their relationship, luckyly I lived in Indonesia with eastern culture, so that kind of situation really forbidden in my country and I hope I can be a good guy, a nice guy and definitely be a gentleman. Because this kind of situation make girls right now not afraid to tell their feeling to make sure their status, yeahh emancipation hahahaa but as a guys we still and must brave to give the real status to our partner in love, don't make the girl make a move first than us (guys) to tell the feeling to make a clear status. Haha....

Bout the video... Not a wreck video, guys. Nice concept and good execution too. For Indonesian Video this is a good music video hahaha... because out there a lot of disaster music video in Indonesia. Although like that, I'm quite happy because lately Music Video in Indonesia more good, more fabulous and more artistry. Music Indonesia are on the move to be a great industries and I believe in the next next years music video Indonesia will be more more great and not cheap if compare to international music video.

Song : 5 Stars
Lyric : 3 Stars
Video : 3 Stars

sudah lama ku menanti dirimu
tak tahu sampai kapankah
sudah lama kita bersama-sama
tapi segini sajakah

*entah sampai kapan ooo
entah sampai kapan

hari ini ku akan menyatakan cinta, nyatakan cinta
aku tak mau menunggu terlalu lama, terlalu lama

sadarkah kau, ku adalah wanita
aku tak mungkin memulai
sadarkah kau, kau menggantung diriku
aku tak mau menunggu

repeat *
repeat reff

(hari ini ku akan menyatakan cinta, nyatakan cinta)
aku tak mau menunggu terlalu lama, terlalu lama

repeat reff

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