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5 Promising Boyband/GIrlband Indonesia in 2011

Phenomenon Girl Bands & Boy Bands Indonesia (Part 4)

5 Promising Boyband/GIrlband Indonesia in 2011

This post still the continue from the last post with the title "Phenomenon Girl Bands & Boy Bands Indonesia".......

....... and this is the fourth part and final part of this topic. In the final part, I share about 5 promising boyband/girlband Indonesia in 2011. From many boyband and girlband, I pick five actually six who based on my analysis they are the most promising boyband/girlband in 2011. All of this just based on my analysis and my opinion. Without any more discussion, here they are the promising boyband/girlband Indonesia in 2011....


Between Dragon Boys and Hitz, I could not pick one who better because there are plus and minus of both boybands this.

Dragon Boys, I place them in fifth position because of the song. Their song is entitled "Love You No More" is quite famous in the music industry Indonesia, but something less than this boybands and seen as a weakness is in terms of commercial importance.

Inversely proportional to the Hitz. Hitz is a very commercial boybands, ranging from clothing used and coupled with the news that states one of its personnel in direct imports from Korea. My opinion says that the song popularized by Hitz entitled "Yes Yes Yes Yes" more disgusting belong to the song to be heard. We are sorry if have to talk like that because the more often heard the song instead of the more liked even more do not want to hear, but the beginning of the song good enough to be heard and the video clip its pretty good working on, but the chorus of the song is so awful, although very easy to remember the lyric of the chorus is so pathetic and the melody not really good to be heard also the dance of the chorus part not really good too. So in my mind the song not too good, but it is very commercial boybands. Although the song's disgusting, but because of that the song become so memorable and a scourge on society

Because of the differences that I describe above that make me difficult to choose which one is better because they have flaws and strengths that when the combine into the same value for both. My prediction if Hitz can release a better single than this they can be more successful than this and beat Dragon Boys

4. MAX 5

Max 5 has a pretty good boybands composition because in terms of their voice is not bad, in terms of their koreo can be given two thumbs up, and they are also sufficient for the commercial entertainment industry. Unfortunately the song is less good and less sell them placed in fourth position. In addition, Max 5 continues to commercialize their boybands by making a reality show which tells of their lives and also be hosted on a television show in Indonesia.

If they could make a song more and more selling okay, Max 5 is the boybands that must be taken into account in Indonesia.

3. 7 ICONS

Even though their songs have lyrics that are not so good and for some people sound cheap, but the melody of the song can make people forget about it and drifted into the melody in the song. If only the melody of the song is not too good then it will be like Hits the song will be sounded disgusting.

7 Icons are placed in third position because they have a nice composition. Their songs are so catchy with great melodies as well (although some people do not like because it was cheap and disgusting), but people who do not like the songs they learned their songs because their songs are so easy to remember. In addition, they are good enough to do the dance, their voices were quite OK, the fashion styles they were quite okay for this business, and quite commercial.

They also managed to toss their girlband name by making a TV series in one of the major television stations in Indonesia. Unfortunately they are too slow to release the next single after "Playboy" so as to make the toughest competitor 7 Icons can quickly match them and even surpass them.


Toughest competitor 7 Icons is Cherrybelle. Cherrybelle was born in Indonesia Music Industry over the back of the "7 Icons", but the characteristic that they offer to attract the attention of Indonesian society quickly.

They also have a very nice composition to offer. Starting from the physical beauty and interesting and cute, fashion is always compact and very girly, some of them have a good voice, they also have a dance that was decisive, powerful and compact, the first single of them were very popular in Indonesia, and of course make girlband is very commercial.

One other thing that indicates that Cherrybelle go beyond other girlband by taking one of the awards in the Inbox Award by winning the award in the category of Girlband Ter-Inbox in other words the best girlband.

Cherrybelle do not wait too long in issuing the next song and this is what makes 7 Icons increasingly unmatched by Cherrybelle. Not only the next song released quickly, but the mini-album from Cherrybelle was issued in a period not too long. 7 Icons released their second single almost at the same time with Cherrybelle released their second single and their mini album.

Now, Cherrybelle more crazy famous because they make not only one television program but more than that and also not in one TV station but more than one television station.


In position one of course is SMASH. This boyband no one can rival. they are the pioneers of the boyband and girlband are endemic in Indonesia. So far they have released four singles and a mini album of course they were already released and marketed through outlets KFC ("Laura Love" and "Agnes Monica" when marketing the album through KFC managed to sell up to 1 million copies).

SMASH also made many television programs and in various television stations. This makes them the name soared.

SMASH also increasingly leaving its rivals to snatch the award in Inobx award by winning the category Boyband Ter-Inbox (Boyband permirsa best choice).

In terms of composition, SMASH is not a boy band with the most amazing voice and not a boy band with the most riveting dance. It's just that they are able to combine the advantages of each of its personnel to become one and that's what they sell to many audiences in Indonesia. In addition, they are pioneers and they managed to maintain their existence in the world of Indonesian music in an appropriate manner and good, so that their names never recede and disappear from the world of entertainment universe in Indonesia.

Therefore, a lot of media that crowned SMASH is one of the most shining artist in 2011 and definitely I agree too!!!...

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