Thursday, December 1, 2011

Phenomenon Girl Bands & Boy Bands Indonesia (Part 2)

In the few past months, I talked about boyband and girlband in Indonesia. This post continues from that post. In this post I will share and discuss about the boyband and the girlband who came out to the Indonesia Music Industry.

Let’s first talk about the boybands…..

The pioneer of make boyband trend comeback is Smash. Smash is the first boyband who rise in Indonesia music industry. When Indonesia music industry still happening about group band and melayu song, Smash came with a catchy song called “I Heart You”. That single make a boom shot in the Indonesia Music Industry. That song plays in many place like radio, television, mall, and other place. This is the song who make many boyband follow Smash to make Indonesia music industry more variety and colorful, but it's make a boyband fever like bieber fever.

SMASH - I Heart You

Many boyband come to Indonesia Music Industry, but only few of them who really have a potential to be great superstar. Before I talk about who great boyband and who didn’t, let me introduce the new boybands who coming to the Indonesia Music Industry.

Max 5 - Cinta Rahasia

Hits - Yes Yes Yes

XO-IX - Cukuplah Sudah

Dragon Boys - Love You No More


Treeji - Tak Mungkin

3in1 - Sexy

NSG Star - Di Samping Ku

and two below are the boy band that makes the song to be funny and more towards comedy... here they are

The Biang K-Rocks - Jempol Digoyang

Smosh - Bibirmu Dower

above are some of the boy band that I know, might be out there, there are still many boyband that which I do not know that I do not share it here....

Smash definitely is one of the great rising boyband in Indonesia and they totally have a total package to be a great superstar in Indonesia and also they are the pioneer of the trend boyband/girlband now. Hmmmm… and who else??  I will talk about this later because before I talked about that I will share my opinion about the Girlband……

But in the next post because you will open this page so heavy if I talk in here too….. See ya in the next post….

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