Friday, December 2, 2011

Phenomenon Girl Bands & Boy Bands Indonesia (Part 3)

Let’s continue to another post and still talks about phenomenon boyband and girlband in Indonesia. I already talked about boyband In the last post and now I will talk about girlband. The girlband came up to Indonesia music industry after smash come, so in my opinion every girlband who rise now still the follower of smash hehehe…..
But the pioneer of the girlband is….. I can say 7 Icons, but not too long after 7 Icons show up, the competitor ready battle with them in the Indonesia music industry and they are Cherrybelle. 7 Icons release their first single called “Playboy” and that song like “I Heart You” really happening in many places. The catchy word and so easy to remember really similar like smash did with their first single. 7 Icons also play as actress in TV station in Indonesia and this is make the girlband more famous in Indonesia.

The real contender, Cherrybelle is not easy to beaten. Cherrybelle is ready to beat 7 Icons in the music industry. Cherybelle released their first single called “Dilema” and that single also really happening especial in teenager. The song is very cute, the words is so catchy and the style very memorable. They also made a nick for them called "Chibby".

Before I continue my post, I will share to you the video from 7 Icons and Cherrybelle

7 Icons - Playboy

Cherybelle - Dilema

How about the other girlband?? In my opinion 7 Icons and Cherrybelle still in top of the list, but there are Maskara, Princess, Super Geulis, and many more of girl bands in Indonesia. Wow there’s a plenty of them right, but the song just okay for me and still hard to beat the single “Playboy” and “Dilema”. Here they are with their first single….

 Maskara - Boys

5 Bidadari - Aku Atau Dia

Super Girlies - Malu Malu Mau

Princess - Jangan Pergi

Blink - Sendiri Lagi

What do you think? Who do you like? And who do you love? I will discuss about 5 potential boyband/girlband who can raise to the top of the game in Indonesia Music Industry based on my opinion. Just check it out in my next post.

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