Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Album From Alumnus American Idol

American Idol has been reached 8 seasons and in the beginning year 2010 American Idol season 9 will play in Fox TV.

Some of alumnus American Idol have a great career in music industry like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jenifer Hudson, Chris D
aughtry with his band Daughtry, and many more. How about alumnus from season 8 or alumnus from this year (2009)?? like the winner Kris Allen, The runner up Adam Lambert, and any other else in the season 8??? I just said the battle is begin now.....

Yep! The battle is begin again, but now in the real world. Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta just finish their album. Now they album can be pre-order. They album not officially out, but soon they album will out in market place.

Name album of Kris Allen is name of himself "Kris Allen"
. Name album of Adam Lambert is "For Your Entertainment". Name Album of Allison Iraheta is "Just Like You". This is the cover album of them:

Kris Allen Cover Album : "Kris Allen"
Adam Lamber Cover Album : "For Your Entertainment"

Allison Iraheta Cover Album : "Just Like You"

Wow!! very exciting right?? because their album out just different in few days.
Kris Allen use "Live Like We're Dyin" as debut single from his album. Adam Lambert make an unbelievable debut, because he launch 2 single in the short time, first is 'Time For Miracles" (This is the soundtrack from 2012 movie) and second single is the name of the album "For Your Entertainment". The last but not least, Allison Iraheta use "Friday I'll Be Over You" as a single from her debut album. Till now, Only Kris and Adam already have music video, Kris for "Live Like We're Dyin" and Adam for "Time For Miracles".

"Live Like We're Dyin" also just in to billboard chart, #92 Hot 100 (Re-entry), #40 Pop songs (Debut), #49 Christian Songs (Re-entry), and #22 Adult Pop Song (3 Weeks in the chart).

"Time For Miracles" also just in billboard last week, but i'm not finding it now. I think this single just out of the chart. Wow! the cruel competition right??

other 2 single like "Friday I'll Be Over You" and "For Your Entertainment" not release yet, and of course not in to billboard chart yet. But soon this two single will be release.

This is the list my favorite of their single :
1. Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dyin (Good song n have a great lyric)
2. Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (Disco time baby!!)
3. Adam Lambert - Time For Miracles (Slow song... but not really really bad ^^)
4. Allison Iraheta - Friday I'll Be Over You (No offense for Allison fans, I'm not say this song bad but compare to another song... i must put in fourth place for Allison)

If u never heard the song from all of they.. i will give you the embed of the song
Video Clip From Adam Lambert - Time For Miracles

Video Clip From Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dyin

Allison Iraheta - Friday I'll Be over You

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

what do you think??? what your favorite?? please give me your comment okey?? ^^

Jus for your information, the battle will be more hot because the second runner up from season 8, Danny Gokey just make his new single call "it's only" and ready to release soon. For Danny Gokey album... i think in under construction.

Alumnus from season 8 not battle just with alumnus from season 8. In the real world, Alumnus from season 8 must battle with alumnus from season 4. Who is it?? i will talk in the next post. Just wait okey guys?? ^^

So who will the real winner in the real world?? Kris Allen?? Adam Lambert??? Allison Iraheta?? or the latest launching album Danny Gokey??? or alumnus from season 4 will KO all alumnus from AI season 8??? or all of them will win/success??? or all of them will get "lose" in music industry?? just time will answer that!! ^^

if u are the fans of Kris Allen, Adam Lambert or Allison Iraheta don't forget to buy the album in your music store, okey??? because the album will out soon. Stop piracy guys!! if u have money and u can buy the original album, u must buy the original album!! okey!! ^^

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