Monday, November 9, 2009

Owl City

Hi Guys!! if my recent post talk about music event. Now i will share to u about this artist......

U know this??

If u answer Owl City, Ur right. That picture is the album cover of Owl City called ocean eyes. This is the first legal album of Owl City. In this post, I'm not talking too much who is Owl City. So if u want to know Owl City better just click this link
in wikipedia website u can know better Owl City..

In this post i will talking the music of owl city with my perspective ^^

Just so you know, the single fireflies has been reached to number #1 in billboard chart Hot 100. In billboard Owl City also charted on #43 rock songs, #14 pop songs, #28 radio songs, #1 digital songs, and #8 ringtones.

In Asia Owl City not very famous. But sooner or later... Owl City will famous in Asia!! I believe it ^^ it's all about time.
I think MTV Asia also don't play music from Owl City very often, but in chart attack Owl City - Fireflies has been reached number #19 (New entry for this week, If u like Owl City u can vote "Owl City - fireflies" in chart attack and make Owl City number #1 in chart attack ^^)

However this artist have a good taste in music. If u listen the songs in album ocean eyes, your ear will be refreshing. The music so refreshing, unique n very different with usual song. If in billboard chart the single fireflies into rock n pop genre, but if we see in wikipedia the genres of this artist are synthpop, electronica n Indie pop (alternative).

I like the first single from Ocean Eyes album called Fireflies... very very like... In the scale 1 to 10, i will give Owl City 8 for the song fireflies... or 4 star from 5 star to Fireflies song ^^
If u never ever listen to the song of Owl City... i will give you link of the video Fireflies.. check this out (because i can't show video in my blog, uploading is take a long long time)

Owl City - Fireflies

What do you think about the song and the video??? do you like it?? or Don't like it?? please give your comment okey??? ^^

Jus for your information... this is all songs in album ocean eyes :
1 Cave In
2 The Bird and The Worm
3 Hello Seattle
4 Umbrella Beach
5 The Saltwater Room
6 Dental Care
7 Meteor Shower
8 On The Wing
9 Fireflies
10 The Tip Of The Iceberg
11 Vanilla Twilight
12 Tidal Wave
If u see title of the songs is very unique right?? and very unusual title... ^^
Owl City is different, so this artist will make music industries more color full

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Owl City Myspace

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