Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 PM - Fly To Seoul (Boom Boom Boom)

5. 2 PM - Fly To Seoul (Boom Boom Boom)

I love this song song much!!!!!! when an artist create a song for his country, that was an excellent job!!!. It show that artist have a great nationalism and really love their (his) country. That was 2PM did for their lovely country South Korea or more specific the capital of the country Seoul. Great art (job) 2PM!!!

When I knew this song, think my mind just suppose there are Indonesian artist who did the same with a 2PM do is make songs that can be used also for the country's tourism promotion, but not the song is boring and suck to be heard. Songs from "2PM" very nice to listen to and than we can know closer to the city of Seoul with just listening to his songs, especially with video clip support is increasingly making clear it all about the personality of Seoul.

This song used to promote the city of Seoul, especially tourism. The slogan for the city of Seoul itself is "Infinitely yours, Seoul" and we can also use slogans or any other theme that is based on the title song sung by 2 PM "Fly To Seoul"

The song is great and the video is great too, both of that really explain the city of Seoul. The things that I got about Seoul from the song and the video are fashionable city, very youthful, a modern city, the perfect place for shopping and shopaholic person, in some places still show the history and looks so traditional, very awesome and cool city and make me want to go there and hang out in that place with Korean People. Ohhhh the video is so nice!!! and the song is really tasty to my ears!!!

Ohhh.... well... when I can come and visit South Korea especially Seoul?? I hope in my life before death ;p I can to go there and traveling around South Korea and also don't forget to visit Seoul hahahaha.... *Wondering someday I can visit South Korea especially Seoul ^^

Rating for the video : 5 Stars

20.10 ArD Playlist September - October
Number 5 in International Playlist

Especially thanks to Youtube.com

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