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Plan B - She Said

Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew (born 22 October 1983), primarily known as Plan B or Ben Drew, is a British rapper, singer-songwriter, actor and film director from Forest Gate, London. Plan B released his critically acclaimed debut album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words in 2006. His first top-ten single - as the featured artist - was on “End Credits” by Chase & Status.

Drew has also been successful as an actor, with supporting roles in Adulthood (2008), Harry Brown (2009) and (2010). His second studio album The Defamation of Strickland Banks (2010) went straight into the UK album chart at #1.

"She Said" is the second single from British rapper Plan B's second album The Defamation of Strickland Banks - a concept album whose songs tell the fictitious tale of a sharp-suited British soul singer who finds fame with bitter-sweet love songs, but then loses everything when he ends up in prison for a crime he didn't commit. The single was released as a digital download on 28 March 2010, with the CD release the following day.

Critical reception

Fraser McAlpine of BBC Chart Blog gave the song a very positive review stating:

Once upon a time, Plan B was a startling proposition, a sweary UK rapper with a penetrating stare, dragging an acoustic guitar behind him. That's right, an acoustic guitar. Here's this tough kid with tough rhymes and street-hardened scowl standing on stage with an instrument more commonly associated with weedy singer-songwriters and their endless tales of slightly-disappointing love.

No matter how many photoshoots he did with fake blood running down his hands, no matter how much brutal reality he hammered into his songs, there was always a faint air of suspicion, as if everyone was too afraid to admit that a rapper with a guitar is just a grumpy Jack Johnson 5/5 stars

Music video

The music video for "She Said" was directed by Daniel Wolfe and shows the soul singer Strickland Banks (played by Plan B) in court following the events of the "Stay Too Long" video. The video also stars actress Vicky McClure as Strickland Banks' girlfriend and Kaya Scodelario as the female lead.

Chart performance

On 4 April 2010, the single debuted on the UK Singles Chart at a current peak of number 3, making She Said, Plan B's most successful single to date. The single remained at number 3 for two consecutive weeks before falling to number 4 on 18 April 2010, where it remained for two weeks. The single then climbed back to the peak of number 3 on 2 May 2010, where it remained for yet another two weeks. On 16 May 2010, the single fell 3 places to number 6 before falling a further 2 places to number 8 on its eighth week in the Top 10.

The single also debuted on the Irish Singles Chart on 1 April 2010 at number 35, where it remained for two consecutive weeks. On 15 April 2010, the single climbed 15 places to number 20, before climbing a further 8 places to number 12 the following week. The single remained at number 12 for three consecutive weeks before climbing 3 places to number 9 on 13 May 2010, marking Plan B's first Top 10 hit in Ireland. On its second week in the Top 10, the single climbed 7 places to a current peak of number 2.

Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 75)
Peak Position = 9

Belgium (Ultratop Flanders)
Peak Position = 33

Belgium (Ultratop Wallonia)
Peak Position = 18

Denmark (Tracklisten)
Peak Position = 20

France (SNEP) Download Chart
Peak Position = 5

Germany (Media Control AG)
Peak Position = 10

Hungary (Rádiós Top 40)
Peak Position = 23

Ireland (IRMA)
Peak Position = 2

Switzerland (Media Control AG)
Peak Position = 16

UK Singles (The Official Charts Company)
Peak Position = 3

UK R&B (The Official Charts Company)
Peak Position = 1

My Opinion

I love this song a lot, therefore I put this song in top three of September and October Playlist. I think Plan B is a group singer, but I'm wrong. Plan B is a male individual singer. This song is unique and different, I like the beat of the song so much and also like the voice of the singer.

Bout the video.... very funny!!! That was a good moment when the models follow the beat of the song, hilarious. I liked the music video pretty much.... I will give a five stars too for the song and for the video I will give 4,5 Stars.

Rating for the video : 4,5 Stars.

She said i love you boy
i love your soul
she said i love you baby oh oh oh ohh

she said i love you more than words can say
she said i love you bayayayayaybayyyy

so i said, what you sayin girl it cant be right
how can you be in love with me
we only just met tonight
so she said.. boy i loved you from the start
when i first heard love goes down
something started burning in my heart
i said stop this crazy talk
and leave right now and close the door
she said but i love you boy i love you so
she said i love you baby oh oh oh oh
she said i love you more than words can say
she said i love you bayayayayby (yes you did)

so now up in the courts
pleading my case from the witness box
telling the judge and jur-
-y the same thing that i said to the cops
on the day that i got arrested
im innocent i contested
she just feels rejected
had her heart broken by someone shes obsessed with
cos she likes the sound of my music
which makes her a fan of my music
thats why love goes down makes her lose it
cos she cant seperate the man from the music
and im saying all this in the stand
as my girl cries tears from the galleries
got bigger than i ever could have planned
like that song by the Zutons Valerie
so the jury dont look like their buying it
and its making me nervous
arms crossed screw faced like im trying it
their eyes fixed on me like a murder's
they wanna lock me up
and throw away the key
they wanna send me down

even though i told them she...

she said i love you boy
i love your soul
she said i love you baby oh oh oh oh (yes you did)

she said i love you more than words can sing
she said i love you bayayayayby

so i said why the hell you gotta treat me this way
you dont know what love is
you wouldnt do this if you did
oh no no no noo

20.10 ArD September - October Playlist
Number 3 in International Playlist

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