Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Begin!!

American Idol season 10 begin and start from New Jersey.... Here it is...

New Jersey Audition

this is my analysis with all contestants who through to the Hollywood rounds :

Rachel Zevita
She has a great voice, but “Hallelujah” is not a great audition for her. So if she not bring a best performance in Hollywood weeks, she journey will be end soon.

Caleb Hawley
I’m not a huge of him…… My feeling said he will be so hard to pass Hollywood weeks.

Kenzie Palmer
She has a great voice character, but in her audition she didn’t sing really well. I just love her voice, but if she not give the best in Hollywood weeks, the journey end soon.

Tiffany Rios
She likes Tatiana Del Toro in season 8. She has a horrible attitude for me, but she also has a great voice. When she sang a second song, Wow!!! That was great vocal performance. She will really well in this competition and can pass the Hollywood weeks, because she got a voice, she got a personality and an awkward attitude. Just let see her journey in Hollywood weeks. It will be so interesting.

Robbie Rosen
So far… this is my favorite. I love his voice, the tender moment in his voice so beautiful. I put a big hope for him, because I believe he will doing well in this competition.

Ashley Sullivan
Ashley’s audition will be so memorable. My opinion she can sing and also she has a great quirky personality. If I one of the judges American Idol, I will say “Yes” too for her like Jenifer and Tyler did. I can’t wait to see her performance in Hollywood weeks.

Victoria Huggens
I will say “No” for her because she didn’t sing “Midnight Train to Georgia” with really well, but I can’t deny that she has interesting personality.

Melinda Ademi
I love her performance when she sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. She definitely can sing, but can she be remembered?? Because I’m afraid she a little bit forgettable. Beside her interesting story the personality is not really shine, but this is singing competition the sad story can’t bring someone to win the competition. The vocal ability and the personality more help to bring someone get the title American Idol. I hope she can pull her voice to the maximum limit in the Hollywood weeks and make unforgettable moment in Hollywood weeks. I have a hope of her, I hope she can doing well in this competition because I like her voice.

Day 2

Devyn Rush
My favorite girl contestant so far!!!.... Although the way she look doesn’t interesting, but her voice is so interesting and really great. I hope she can pass Hollywood weeks and go to the next round after Hollywood weeks. You go girl!!!!

Brielle Von Hugel
She has a nice interesting story in her life, but she must work more in her voice. Overall not a bad audition, but can she through Hollywood Weeks??? I’m not sure 50-50 for her.

Travis Orlando
One of my favorite auditions too. I like when he sang “Eleanor Rigby”, but I more like and more crazy when he sang “I’m Yours” from Jason Mraz. I hope he will not screw up his chance in Hollywood weeks and not get a crazy group in group round, then he can through to the top 24. I hope he can pass the Hollywood weeks, because I put a big hope for him. I like his voice so much and I can see something from him who can shine in the future. Finger cross for him…..

My favorite top three audition :
- Travis Orlando
- Devyn Rush
- Robbie Rosen

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