Friday, January 21, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - New Orleans Audition

American Idol season 10 now already reach New Orleans audition

New Orleans Audition

Jordan Dorsey
He has a crazy vocal and I lovin’ it!!!!!...... The beat when he sang also very cool. Great, great and great!!!!! Love him audition….. Big “YES” for him!!!!!.... The best audition so far!!....

Sarah Sellers
I’m surprise by her voice, wow!!! She has a great voice and I crazy in love with her voice. I hope she true to her self, because if she do that she can really well in this competition. So I hope her way is smooth and can pass the Hollywood weeks. I put hope for her too…. Gud Luck girl!!!

Latino Guys
I forgot his name hahahaha…... He has a powerful voice, but I doubt if he could pass Hollywood weeks. Not my favorite….. and a little bit forgettable audition for me…

Jacquline (I’ll Stand By You)
I think she didn’t sing “I’ll Stand By You” with really well, there was shaky moment. I think she journey in Hollywood weeks will be difficult. Sorry!!...

Brett L
One of the audition that made me surprise. I think he will mess up the audition. Actually he has a great voice and has a big potential to be great, but still doubt that he can pass the Hollywood weeks.

Jacee Badeaux
Again!! A surprising audition…. A sweet voice came out from him and I like it. My big question, is he ready for this competition??? Because this competition is tough, I hope he’s mental ready for this competition. I can’t wait to see his journey in Hollywood weeks.

Paris Tassin
This is a really touching audition and I feel a lot of goosebumps when she sang “Temporary Home”. Jenifer Lopez made cry by her and that was awesome. The excess of her is that she can blend with the song so that it can convey a message of the song she sang. Based on technically she haven’t a best technique when sing, but I put a big hope of her because not many singer can connect

Top 3 ;
- Paris Tassin
- Jordan Dorsey
- Jacee Badeaux

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