Friday, January 28, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Nashville Audition

Nashville audition didn't great like Milwaukee audition, but still good because some contestant from here really have a strong voice like Lauren Alaina. Lauren is a bomb and just only 15, crazy voice!!!

Here it is my opinion about the people through Hollywood Weeks...

Rob Bolin
Wow… again my “Wow” is out from my word, because I didn’t expect the great voice coming from this man. I like his voice so much, it’s so tasty to my ears. What I worry about this man is the total package. Has he a total package?? I’m not sure… but just based on the voice, I’m a fan.

Chelsee Oaks
I quite like her voice, but I more like Rob Bolin voice. I think Rob Bolin journey will more far than this woman. If she can pick a right song in Hollywood weeks and nail it, I think she can arrive in live show, but I think her journey will stop in Hollywood weeks.

Stormi Henley
She has an interesting voice, but she must slow down a little bit while she sang because it feels she so hurry when sang. Honestly I’m not sure that her journey will far. Hollywood weeks are the maximum journey for her in my opinion, because she has a lot of to do with her voice.

Adrienne B
Wowwww… she has a strong voice, very powerful voice. I like her voice. She has a big chance to perform in live show. She reminds me to Vonzel Solomon in season 4. She really really a great star and I hope she can doing well in Hollywood weeks.

Jackie Wilson
She has a nice soft voice. Definitely she has a great talent and very likeable person. Although like that she seems easy to forget because not many personality or attitude brought to her audition. Honestly her audition easy to forget and that make me worry. I just can pray and hope she can doing well in Hollywood Weeks…. And also finger cross!!!!

Paul McDonald
He has unique voice. If he can pick a perfect song for his voice, he can stay in this competition more long and maybe he can pass the Hollywood weeks.

Jimmie Allen
R&B flavor is in his voice. This competition already rarely has a voice like this. This year many contestants have R&B flavor in their voice. So he must really work hard to be different than the other and R&B not an easy area to be succeed in real world, so…. Keepin’ work hard for you baby.

Danny P
I’m not huge fans of him. So…. Hollywood weeks is the end of his journey in my opinion. The audition very ordinary for me.

Matt Dillard
What he’s wearing to the audition?? Very rubbish, but he has a quite good voice. Why Randy stop he because I wanna hear when he hit the high notes. I’m not sure he will pass the Hollywood weeks because the audition is shaky. So… hard for him to be perform in Live Show.

Lauren Alaina
The best voice in Nashville and she only fifteen, OMG!!!!!..... When she sang “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” OMG!!! Crazy awesome!!!!. Definitely she can perform in live show. I believe in her that she can pass Hollywood weeks. I Can’t wait to see her perform in Hollywood weeks. My top favorite in Nashville audition.

Top 3:
1. Lauren Alaina
2. Adrienne B
3. Rob Bolin

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