Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Milwaukee Audition

WoW!!!... I love this city because many auditions are great. I have many favorite in this city like Thia Megia, Molly DeWolf Swenson, and many more....

Here it is my opinion for the contestant made it to Hollywood Weeks...

Scotty McCreery
Wowwww…. I surprised by his voice. The weird voice like that can sing with good?? Unbelievable!!!... He must really wise in choose a song, pick a wrong song choice can be fatal damage for his journey. My prediction he will doing well in this competition…. See you Scott in live show!!! I have a big hope for you, man!!!.....

Emma Henry
She has a nice voice and very unique, but I think her voice not ready yet. There’s some home work to do. She must really work hard in her voice. if she not improve she will swallow by this competition. My opinion said her journey will end soon and maybe in round 1 Hollywood weeks.

Naima Adepapo
I like her style so much. The voice is unique and a little bit memorable although in somehow felt so old, but she has a chance to pass Hollywood weeks. I’m not a huge fans of her, but my opinion said she will doing well in this competition.

Jerome Bell
He looks so believable. The vocal is great, but I’m not so crazy in love with this audition. I love when he hit a high notes, that was great, beautiful and insanely love it!!! Yeah I think he will doing well too in this competition because he looks so believable. Not my favorite…. Haha… ;p

Thia Megia
I love her audition. She sang a song from Adele “Chasing Pavements”, but she not stuck by the image who built by Adele. She sang by her style and I liked it so much!!!.... Yeah!! definitely she one of my favorites. I hope she can pass the Hollywood weeks and rock the stage of American Idol.

Molly DeWolf Swenson
Worked in white house and now audition for American Idol??? Weird!! Hahaha…. She has a great voice, very unique, feels so different and wow… I amazed by her voice. If she can’t pass the Hollywood weeks, I will shock!!!!.... This kid is one that I will remember and I put a big hope for her. I hope she can pick a right song for her unique voice because that’s a little bit difficult, so finger cross for her…

Haley Reinhart
She really did a pretty well audition. She got a looks and she got a voice, but my doubt for her is she has a personality?? I really worry about her personality because personality who make a person more special and more memorable. I hope we can see the personality of her in Hollywood weeks, if she still didn’t show the interesting personality in Hollywood weeks, she still has a chance to pass Hollywood weeks because she got a talent and definitely she can sing.

Tiwan Strong
I like the beat when he sang. The groovy thing of his voice, I really like it!!!, but he didn’t get my attention. Although the beat of his voice I really liked it, but in a easy way I can forget this audition. Just let see what he would do in Hollywood weeks…. Have a chance to through the next round?? Definitely!!

Steve Beghun
Wow….. I really enjoyed with this audition. Like his audition a lot, so definitely a big “Yes” for him. If he can pick a right song and really show the superstar quality, definitely there’s a spot in American Idol live show.

Scott Dangerfield
Wow…. Wow and Wow… I like the moment when he hit with falsetto. That was a nice beauty moment. I like his voice kind like a blouse rock singer. Definitely like this audition. The journey will so far in this competition, there’s a big chance to pass the Hollywood weeks.

Alyson Jados
We’ve got a rock chick in this competition. She reminds me to Jackie Tohn in season 8. Nice personality, nice voice and she got a rock thing in her voice. I hope she can do a lot better than this in Hollywood weeks, so we can see her in live show. But I have a big doubt for her, so finger cross for her too especially in a group round, my mind think that she will get a lot of problem in group round. Finger cross!!

Chris Medina
When he started to sang, hhmmm a little bit rough, but goes to the end the way he sang is getting better and better. I like when he sang the refrain part and also when he sang with a falsetto that’s a beauty moment in his audition. The story of Chris also touch me, he has a great story. He has a true love to his lady, really a great man.

My Top 3 Favorite :
1. Thia Megia
2. Molly DeWolf Swenson
3. Scotty McCreery

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