Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super Junior - A-Cha

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Hey I’m back on this blog. It’s been a long time I didn’t write in this blog. After took a long holiday and I want change a little bit to this blog, the thing happen my blog goes error, crazy situation. I hope my blog is okay now and can operating by well by all of audience around the world.

Back to business, of course I will talk about music because this is a music site. In this post, I comeback to talk about good music and I really recommend to you to have it in your playlist or ipod. I have 3 song that really recommend for you. The three songs come from Indonesia, Korea and USA. From Indonesia we have Drive, in Korea we have Super Junior and from USA we have latino artist the sexy beautiful Jenifer Lopez.

 Super Junior - A-Cha

But I will break down one by one, starting from Korean artist, Super Junior. Super Junior first single from their fifth album already I shared in this blog. I still believe that you remind the SuJu first single, the first single is “Mr. Simple”. Now Super Junior have been released their second single called A-Cha. The beat is still the same, the style of Super Junior with genre based on pop but with influence R&B and hip hop.

Wanna watch the video? Just see in this bellow of the post…

Talk about the video, the video also Super Junior style because still dance video. The video really full of dance and that is the style of Super Junior. From Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, & Mr. Simple… every video full of dance and also every song have their own unique dance. Like Mr. Simple they call the dance is “Kepret Dance”.

For me this song not tasty like Mr. Simple, but still good to be in your playlist…. Enjoy

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