Thursday, February 3, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Austin Audition

American Idol Season 10 - Austin Audition

American Idol Season 10 reach to city called Austin. There are some interesting contestant in here like Hollie Cavanagh who sang a little bit bad in the first song and almost not made it through to Hollywood, but give a second chance by J.lo to sang another song and she sang "The Climb" then BOOM! that was a bomb performance and she made it through!!...

Other than that, we will find a couple who through together to the next round that persons are Nick Fink and Jacqueline D. Both have a good voice and very interesting.

Here it is my opinion about them...

Corey Levoy
Nice and unique voice…

Hollie Cavanagh
When she sang “The Climb”, she makes me believe that she has a big potential and of course she took my heart and my attention.

John Wayne Schulz
I love the strong voice that he has, so powerful and tons of energy in that voice. Really nice voice and really tasty to my ears. Just pick a right song choice and I believe he can doing well in this competition. Hollywood weeks?? I believe he can pass it, I hope he not stuck in group round.

Courtney Penry
Strong and powerful voice in my opinion. I quite like her voice, not the best so far, but still good to compete the other contestants in Hollywood weeks. She has a chance to doing well in this competition, definitely if she can improve the weaknesses that J.Lo said to her.

Caleb Johnson
Rocker voice….

Jacqueline D
Wow… Love her voice

Nick Fink
He has unique voice and gave a nice touch to the song that he sang, feels different. He is also very commercial. I’m not huge fans of him, but he has a great chance to shine in this competition.

Janelle Arthur
Nice control and the best voice in this town for sure!!! My favorite in Austin town.

Casey Abrams
Tasty voice to heard, damned for sure!!! He is interesting man, he makes me remember to Taylor Hicks, awful appearance but have a great talent in music. If Mr. Hicks plays Harmonica, Mr. Abrams plays a tiny piano (I don't know how to describe that thing in English word, sorry...). Very interesting man and audition!...

My Top 3 Favorite :
1. Janelle Arthur
2. John Wayne Schulz
3. Hollie Cavanagh/Jacqueline D

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