Friday, February 11, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Hollywood Weeks 1st Round

American Idol Season 10 - Hollywood Weeks 1st Round

Wow!! do not feel it turns out American Idol has reached the round of Hollywood Weeks and this is the first round. 1st round is all about impress the judges one more time with sang song by acapella. In this round everything just all about do or die, if good they will make it and through to the group round, if bad they must immediately return to their home.

Huuuufff!! Hollywood weeks is an interesting round for me because this round very unpredictable and the pressure is really high. It's not very surprising if when there is a early favorite at the start of auditions that fell in this round (Hollywood Weeks). Last year many early favorite collapse in the Hollywood weeks.

What about this season 10???

Again!! and it happen that early favorites collapse in the first round Hollywood weeks and some of them is my favorites and some of them got a talent but maybe because not shine with the song they picked, they must out from the competition.

My favorites who collapse are Travis Orlando and Nick Fink. Nick Fink and Travis Orlando picks a bad song choice who make their voice not rally shine. Nick Fink picks a song talk about shoes (I don't know the title), and just make him looks so ordinary and forgettable, however the voice of him is so much interesting.

More surprising is Travis Orland got cut. Travis is one of my top favorite of this season and he got cut in first round Hollywood weeks, that's bad. I just wondering why he picked a song "This Love"?? can you pick another song, please??. When I knew Travis sang "This Love" by Maroon 5, I knew he will get cut because every contestant who sang this song in American Idol very rarely to be praised a got a positive comment from the judges, many of them got cut and many of them who got a negative comments because sing "This Love" song. So... don't sing this song in American Idol because it's only makes your performance bad, get eliminate and get a harsh comment.

The other early contestants that we knew who gut cot are Victoria Huggens, Sarah Sellers, Steve Beghun, Stormi Henley, and Courtney Penry.

Luckyly some of my favorite still compete to the next round in Hollywood weeks and they are Thia Megia, Rob Bolin, Scotty McCreery, Julie Zorrilla, Emily Anne, Molly DeWolf and the other else... go my faves!!!

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