Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - San Fransisco Audition

American Idol Season 10 - San Fransisco Audition

Brittany Mazur
Unique voice and good looking

Lara Johnston
I like the voice

Matthew Nuss
Quite good performance, but my opinion said he will stop in Hollywood weeks.

Stefano Langone
He has a good audition, I like it!! And also has a nice story. When back to the performance, I don’t know that I can remember his performance in a long time?? I’m not sure, but also there’s a bright spot for him in this competition.

Clint Jun Gamboa
Wow… I never expect that he can sing like that. That was nice audition, although the face is nerd, but the voice is tasty. He can really nail it in this competition, but again worry about group round in Hollywood week, but big hope for him!!....

Julie Zorrilla
I like her skin, it’s so sexy. I’m not the huge fan of her voice, because too soft for me. I like the sweetness of her voice, but sometime she must show the swagger of her voice. She must really wisely to pick a song to make her performance more shine and memorable. There’s a bright spot in this competition.

Emily Anne Reed
Wow!!!.... The voice is so awesome. This audition will be so memorable in my head. Totally disagree with Steven, why he said no for this girl?? I hope she can pick a right song choice for her voice and then I can see her in live show.

James Durbin
Wow!!... this guy really similar with Adam Lambert. The voice is so awesome and can hit high notes, really same like Adam Lambert. Hard contender for the all contestants in season 10, watch out for this guy!!!!....

Top 3:
1. Emily Anne Reed
2. Clint Jun Gamboa
3. Julie Zorrila

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