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American Idol Season 10 : Vegas Weeks... Before and After

American Idol Season 10 totally different than a previous season. Usually the Hollywood Weeks is too short to watched because there's only third round and after that we will know who made it to the live show. This season totally different, who knows that after the third round there is still another round and it called a Vegas Weeks. Vegas Weeks more tough than third round or we knew as final performance in Hollywood Weeks.

Vegas Weeks like a group round, but the maximum people in one group is third and the minimum is two people. This season in Vegas Weeks every contestant will sing a song from the Beatles. They can't choose the song because they must take a card from the box and that card will decide what song they gonna sing.

Before we talked about Vegas Weeks, let's take our ride to the moment before Vegas Weeks....

Before Vegas Weeks, it was a third round and usually this round is a final performance, but not with this season. In third some people shine, but some people failed to impress the judges.

Ashton Jones hit the stage with the song from Jenifer Hudson "And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going". She really showed the diva quality and really impress the judges. Although in my opinion the performance not great like Miss. Hudson did, but I can denied that her voice is unbelievable and really can handle that song. The lack of that performance is emotion like Jenifer Hudson did, but other than that she really took the attention and really impress the judges.

Some people forgot the lyrics and some people sang with a wrong lyric. It happen to Scotty Mcreery, Ta-Tynisa Wilson and Ashley Sullivan. Scotty McCreery really got a hard time in this round because he can't handle the song very well. It happen too Ta-Tynisa Wilson who took a song that same like Scotty, when she sang she stopped sang and repeat again from the beginning and still sang a wrong lyric. Ashley want impress the judges by acapella, but she didn't nail the performance. Ashley crumbling down and forgot the lyric so bad, so she can't finish the song.

The unlucky situation came to Chelsea Oaks and Jacqueline. They started the Hollywood Weeks with their boy. Chelsea with Rob Bolin and Jacqueline with Nick Fink. Jacqueline boyfriend got cut in first round and Rob Bolin got cut in group round. So from four best friends, just left two best friend in Hollywood Weeks AI 10. In third round, Jacquelin feels sick and can't continue her journey in American Idol. This situation affect Chelsea performance. Chelsea sang "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson and she didn't sing with well. Very unfortunate....

The other contestants who really impress the judges are Colton Dixon, Haley Reinhart, Clint Jun Gamboa, Robbie Rosen, Jullie Zorrilla, Jacob Lusk, Thia Megia, Kendra Chantelle and Casey Abrams. Colton Dixon hit the stage with his keyboard and sang a song from Daughtry called "What About Now" and he really nail the song. Robbie and Jullie take their keyboard and really impress the judges with their performance. "Georgia on My Mind" sang by Kendra Chantelle, Clint Jun Gamboa and Casey Abrams, all of them bring a great performance and Casey Abrams really took the attention with his instrument that really rarely used in American Idol and wherever singing competition was been held.

The fifteen years old Thia Megia still can shine with her unique voice by sang "What a Wonderful World". Haley Reinheart who really close to get cut in group round, really take her chance to impress the judges in this round with a song "God Bless The Child" and the result every judges happy with her performance. The insane and the most greatest performance in third round is Jacob Lusk performance. Jacob Lusk sang a same song like Haley "God Bless The Child", this was insane performance, he really show his range vocal and he hit the notes with right in the pocket from the low notes until the high nores. Unbelivable performance from Jacob Lusk.

Early favorite contestants who get cut in third round are :
- Brielle Von Hugel
- Chelsea Oaks
- Corey Levoy

Scotty, Ta-Tynisa, and Ashley still move forward although their performance was bad.


Vegas Weeks is a tough round for some contestant, but for some contestants this is the right time to shine.

Thia Megia who always shine in every round, got a trouble in Vegas Weeks. She duet with Melinda Ademi and they got a disaster vocal couch. The vocal couch was hard to Thia and Melinda (to see two beautiful young lady treat like that, I can't bear to see it). Thia and Melinda sang "Here Comes The Sun". When they hit the stage, Thia still can shine but Melinda gave a shaky performance. The result Melinda Ademi sent home.....

Scotty McCreery again got a trouble. Scotty from group round till Vegas round always got troubles. In group round he can't find the group and when he found, he must kick Jacee out from his group. In third round, he sang with a wrong lyric and can't handle the song with well. In Vegas, Scotty can perform the song with well. Scotty and his two partner Lauren Alaina and Denise Jackson must change the song because the produces didn't like the performance when Scotty, Lauren and Denise perform in front of the producers. When hit the stage Scotty, Lauren and Denise hit the stage with a song called "Hello, Goodbye". Honestly, I liked the performance so much, but the judges didn't like very much. Scotty and Lauren move to the next round, but Vegas Weeks is the end of journey of Denise Jackson. Very unfortunate....

Ashley Sullivan got cut in Vegas weeks because the judges didn't like her performance with Sophia Sorai when sang a song "We Can Work It Out". At least Ashley got married in Vegas hahahaha..... Very unfortunate for Sophia Sorai because she has a great and beautiful voice, but her journey must end in Vegas Weeks.

Jullie Zorrilla and Tim Halperin really give a memorable performance with a song "Something in The Way" and I believe this performance is the reason the judges put him in to top 24. Jullie still light the stage with her great performance.

The other contestants who really impress the judges are Stefano Langone and James Durbin, Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle, Chris Medina and Casey Abrams, Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez, and many more.....

Some journey must end in Vegas and they are :
- Ashley Sullivan
- Sophia Sorai
- Denise Jackson
- Molly DeWolf Swanson
- Caleb Hawley
- Carson Higgins
- Melinda Ademi

After the Vegas Weeks....

The contestants gave the last performance to impress the judges, this is the moment do or die to make it to the live show American Idol Season 10. After the performance finished, it's time for the judges to deliberate and top 24 will be revealed.

Who made it to top 24???

See you in next post.....

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